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In Topic: Noob question about writing dialogue in .d

28 September 2021 - 07:37 AM

2d one. ;)

In Topic: Spanish translation

28 July 2021 - 03:29 PM



File updated.

In Topic: Valygar Friendship available!

28 July 2021 - 03:27 PM

Valygar Friendship has been updated to v1.5 with Spanish translation (by Magis365).
  • Added dynamic install order syntax and global LABELS to support AL|EN's "Project Infinity".
  • Added Spanish translation by Magis365.
  • Proofread English strrefs.
  • Reformatted readme file and moved it into new "readme" folder.
  • Updated WeiDU installer to v247.

In Topic: SHS Suggestions and Problems Thread

25 July 2021 - 05:50 AM

Are you sure to have properly parameter your notification settings? I am using my modder Outlook account for SHS notifications, and always receive them.

In Topic: [MOD] Saradas Magic for BG2

23 July 2021 - 08:23 AM



Most credits go to Austin. ;)