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In Topic: 1pp v4.2.0 beta for testing

Today, 08:17 AM

Thanks a lot Sam. ;)


As you said, checking each file will take a long time. I am in favor of releasing the new version with the useless files. As I intend to release later a new package including 1pp HQ musics (and maybe 1pp IWD Fixpack), what about reserving the implementation of these checks for this next update?

In Topic: 1pp v4.2.0 beta for testing

11 August 2020 - 04:04 AM

No feedback? I take those modifications for granted. ;)
Last thing: there are many unused files in 1pp sub-folders I guess it's due to the way v4.1.0 gathers all v3 sub mods. I checked thousands lines of code and did not find anything installing the following subfolders files;

  • additions/obj_anim : D1, D2 and D3 sub-folders
  • additions/solars/superglowy/ maslg1bw, maslg1s1, maslg2bw and maslg2s1 bam files.
  • core/obj/act
  • core/1pp_iwd, core/1pp_iwd_thieves and core/1pp_thieves_galore/files/inv

I wonder if I keep ttem or not in the package. Any advice?

In Topic: 1pp v4.2.0 beta for testing

07 August 2020 - 07:48 PM

The bolt fired looks like fine (that's the projectile used), but the bolt on the actual paperdoll does not. Although I was incorrect about it being blue - it's just whatever major color the player is set to.




Normally, the color is set on the boltxx.itm itself, but because Firetooth fires its own (and is the only crossbow that does), it should be set on xbow15/16.itm as well.

I see. I was focused on sprites... :whistling:


In fact, by default, the bolt color is the main character color.

Attached File  xbow15.jpg   158.18K   0 downloads


I guess this one is better:

Attached File  xbow15new.jpg   158.22K   0 downloads

In Topic: 1pp v4.2.0 beta for testing

07 August 2020 - 04:30 AM

Core v4 component:
  • No support for IR's variants of throwing axes/daggers in this one - may want to add that, especially since you already did in the projectiles component. Also, IR hammer variants compatibility as well.
  • You are still letting 1pp patch dagg21 and dagg22 (Dagger of the Stars) for the Shadow Thief icon that you have disabled it from installing - the colors will be wrong as a result.


Done in master branch! I also included support for throwing hammers.



"2) not install some modifications that didn't seem relevant to me": I'm guessing you didn't much care for the weird, ridiculous, and useless sword that was added to the Planar Sphere either, then? :P

This is the whole difficulty of juggling between "not install some modifications that didn't seem relevant to me" and "Do not modify the content with "personal" designs". In this particular case, I wanted to keep Erephine's content, but with the idea of adding a configuration option (with a "No Install" default value) in next update when players have become accustomed to fine-tune their installation. ;)


As for xbow15 and 16, after testing them in game, the bolt fired looks like a fire bolt in my installation. So I guess there is no need to modify it.

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07 August 2020 - 04:04 AM

The only difference is the damage amount.