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Transition/ New Game issues

11 January 2007 - 06:02 AM

ok, i'm trying to collect all the situations where the BG2 transition/ BG2 new game fails - and that way, we can get them fixed :) .

as far as i can see, there are currently three cases:

where BG2 Fixpack minus the Super Happy Fun Lucky Modder pack, plus BGT is installed.

this is caused by BGT using a component of the Super Happy Fun Lucky Modder Pack (SHFLMP) as its conditional file to detect Fixpack installation, instead of a component of the core install.
solution: new release of BGT; workaround: install SHFLMP, or (via ronin):

Open your BGT.tp2 and go to line 5534 and replace ~music/G3Blank.mus~ with ~CDBEHBLA.PRO~

where BG2 Fixpack and RoT is installed.

this is caused by RoT not being updated since the release of the Fixpack. solution: new version of RoT. the problem is that RoT does an EXTEND_TOP that contains within it a
but the new game sequence is looking for
- and as the EXTEND_TOP gives RoT precedence over the new game routine, you never get a new game... there's an open question as to why this problem is only showing up now, but the workaround is pretty straightforward. either: open up RoTerror/SNIP/BAF/tAR0602.BAF and remove the line SetGlobal("NewGame","AR0602",1):

		SetGlobal("NewGame","AR0602",1) // <- delete this line here

or, download the attached tAR0602.BAF, and put it in yr RoTerror/SNIP/BAF folder (overwriting as necessary).

where FR/ROV is installed:

FR/ROV adds new items to AR0602.bcs by EXTEND_TOP, but misses a continue.
solution: release new version of FR/ROV - it's been done. a v4 should be up on the mirrors soon, until then you can find it here. workaround (from ronin):

prior to installing FR/ROV, open FR_ROV\bcs\patch\AR0602.baf and add a Continue(), such that it looks like this:

   RESPONSE #100
	  ActionOverride("Jailkeep Table",CreateItem("DeITM033",0,0,0)) // Dirk
	  ActionOverride("Jailkeep Table",CreateItem("DeITM068",0,0,0)) // Sabre
	  ActionOverride("Jailkeep Table",CreateItem("DeITM007",0,0,0)) // Hatchet
	  ActionOverride("Jailkeep Table",CreateItem("DeITM034",0,0,0)) // Horseman's Flail
	  Continue()  //  <- add this continue here

have i missed any other situations that cause the transition/ new game sequence to hang?

BGT-Fixpack Fix

06 October 2006 - 07:41 AM

i've coded up Asc64's workaround for the BGT-Fixpack incompatibility for ease of installation. i've attached the fix to the bottom of this post, and with any luck TheWizard will work his magic and the fix will show up on the iegmc mirrors shortly as well.

the problem: the BG2 Fixpack alters a script block in AR0602.BCS to prevent players exploiting a failing in the script to keep their equipment in SOA. BGT also alters this same script block in order to manage the transition from BG1 to BG2; as a result, any game with both the fixpack and BGT installed (which should be all games with BGT installed) will hang during the starting cutscene of BG2.

the fix: a replace_bcs_block, taking the block as modified post-Fixpack install, and replacing it with the script blocks BGT needs. the side-effect of this is, yes, to retain the equipment exploit for BGT users. however, anyone who is stupid enough to stop the game during this cutscene is liable to cause all sorts of funky problems, and won't be getting any sympathy.


1. this fix will be superceded in time by a new version of BGT that addresses this problem directly; until such time, you can use this to prevent the game-ending cutscene hang.

2. this fix is only for ppl who already have both the Fixpack and BGT installed. if yr doing a re-install or haven't yet installed BGT, you can download the attached BGT Fix files archive, and unzip it to yr BGT/Compat/BGT/Replace folder (overwriting files as necessary) and install BGT as per normal. in this case, you won't subsequently need to install the BGT-Fixpack Fix.

so, to repeat:

if you've got the BG2 Fixpack and BGT installed: download and install BGT_Fixpack.Fix.rar
if you haven't got BGT installed, or are re-installing: download BGT_fix_files.rar and unzip to yr BGT/Compat/BGT/Replace folder

TOB Trigger Fix

02 October 2006 - 10:26 AM

from the BPv177 TOB Trigger Fix Readme:

a hotfix to repair a broken entry in TRIGGER.IDS that prevents most doors and exits opening in TOB, rendering it unplayable.

the error: BPv177 unnecessarily adds a new WalkedToTrigger entry to TRIGGER.IDS; this new entry doesn't actually work, rendering any script that references WalkedToTrigger (most exits and doors in TOB, as it happens) nonfunctional.

the fix: thanks to CamDawg's generosity, the fix first replaces the broken trigger with a dummy trigger, then recompiles all scripts that use WalkedToTrigger, then replaces the dummy trigger with the correct entry: voila! functioning TOB game without requiring a BP reinstall.

note: 1. this hotfix will not be needed once BPv178 is actually released; just don't ask me *when* that'll be, yeah? it *was* meant to be before the end of august...
2. this is packaged with a very old version of weidu: it might tell you something about the handstitched nature of my own install that weidu v191 is the most recent one i've got.
3. this fix will take a bit of time to run: don't panic, it's just doing it's thing.


Horred the Plague - as always, for building BP in the first place
Miraz - for pointing out the problem
CamDawg - for kindly providing the code
ronin69hof - for coding up a separate version himself simultaneous to this version.
the BP/ BP Family/ Mega-Install community - it's because you lot keep playing it that i want to keep working on it.

Updated Worldmap v6.3

11 August 2006 - 01:56 AM

Worldmap v6.3 has now been fully updated and corrected, and is available, thanks to the hard work of KD and TheWizard, on the usual mirrors:


the update fixes a number of errors in the earlier release of v6.3, so if yr using worldmap v6.3 and haven't already done so, please download a new version from one of the links listed above. apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.