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In Topic: Almateria's IWD2 Fixpack

18 August 2014 - 01:28 AM

Hi, I see version 4 is out! Nice! :) I was comparing the list of fixes with those in Gimble's old IWD 2 item and spell fixes, it seems that the Winged Blight fix has not been included:


"16 May, 2003: 
Changed the item Winged Blight ( ZZR6WB.ITM & EFFUHC3.SPL ). Previously, the item was giving only +2d6 bonus damage against humans ( not +2d6+3 ) and no attack bonus against humans ( should be +3 ). 
I changed the item to provide the correct damage bonus ( +2d6+3 ) against humans, and on a successful hit against a human, provide an additional +3 to attack bonus for one round. This was the closest approximation I could figure out to match the item description."

In Topic: Almateria's IWD2 Fixpack

07 August 2014 - 03:18 AM

By the way, Almateria, want to thank you for this, it's awesome that IWD2 finally has a fixpack, it's by far the most underappreciated of the IE games. Will definitely be playing through the game once some of Redrake's fixes have been integrated. Super looking forward to it, can't wait!!!