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1ppv4.1.0 release - Download & discussion

05 August 2012 - 04:20 AM

Good morning, afternoon, or whatever time it may be where you rest :)

Are you feeling excited? With the impending release of BG:EE news have circulated about 1pp's inclusion. I am not only happy to confirm these reports, but also to be in a position where I can give you a taste of what is to come, just in case you should not be suitably excited as yet. How about... oh, I don't know, a release candidate for 1ppv4?

(yes, let us pretend v3 happened in an orderly fashion)

Without further ado, have a gander at this component list:

Game engine and core related content
  • 1ppv4: Core paperdolls
  • 1ppv4: Extended palette entries
  • 1ppv4: GUI additions for BGII
  • 1ppv4: Avatar fixes
  • 1ppv4: Female Dwarves
  • 1ppv4: Thieves Galore
  • 1ppv4: Smart Avatar & Armour Switching
  • 1ppv4: Softer Spell Effects
Item patches, additions and implementation
  • 1ppv4: Core content patches
  • 1ppv4: Consistent spell and scroll icons
  • 1ppv4: Spell tweaks
  • 1ppv4: Restored flame sword animations
  • 1ppv4: Colourable Quarterstaves
  • 1ppv4: Legacy Shields v2
  • 1ppv4: Additional Shield Animations (core)
  • 1ppv4: Wizards' Staves (core)
  • 1ppv4: Additional Helmet Animations (core)
  • 1ppv4: Attachable wings (core)
  • 1ppv4: Increased paperdoll object variety (core)
  • 1ppv4: Core updates and item patches    «««« [main 1ppv4 update component]
  • 1ppv4: Improved projectile effects
Extras and non-character related fixes
  • 1ppv4: Fixed animations for solars and elementals
  • 1ppv4: Miscellaneous content fixes
Now take a look at those three screenshots:
(and see if you notice anything different. here is a hint: the vast majority of content has never been publically released before ;) )

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

But I kid you.

Screenshots are inadequate in light of this eight-years-in-coming monstrosity of moddidity and I would never dream of insulting you.

So sit back while you download and head over here for the one time chance to... see me click a bunch of stuff on screen? But also the mod. Whichever you prefer. All you need to do is answer the following riddle and type in the one-word answer (to prove your desert). It goes thusly:

What must one gather before venturing forth?

And just in case you were too excited by the prospect of seeing a poorly recorded screen capture to notice the link above, here it is again:

»  Download 1ppv4.1.0 «

Known issues:

- Possible incompatibilities between the spell tweaks component (individualised armour effects) and some other mods? (if in doubt/causing issues, remove or skip the component for now)


New in 4.1.0:

- Scale shields now have their own animations
- Fixed GUI overlap on low resolutions
- Improved carried/description images

*awkward  emotional wave to all of you*

Can't believe it. Eight years since v1, and here we are. Thank you for sticking with BG, and me.

now go forth and enjoy let me know what is broken