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In Topic: NeJ3 v7.02 New Release

05 October 2018 - 08:10 AM

Hi Caserius,


It is fully compatible with BGT and can be installed with or without BGT. Please take a look here for possible installations:




As you see, NeJ3 must be installed on the original ToB game, and VC v2.0 (my compilation) is required.


The supported version of BGT is here:


BGT v1.18


There is no current support for the beamdog's version of the game ("enhanced" editions). You must have the original game (CDs or GOG version). You may wish to install the widescreen mod to enable high resolutions. I'm playing the game at my 24'' monitor with a high resolution, and it looks great when scaled across the entire screen.


Regarding support in BWS/BWP, the guys here will update you when it is done.


Please let me know if you have more questions.


[EDIT] Just my comment (please don't throw anything at me): The original version of the game is not "out of date" and is not "replaced" with the beamdog's version in any way. It is a marketing policy of beamdogs to advertise everywhere that the original version is outdated and their version replaces the original. In my opinion, these are lies just to increase their sales. The original version is still here and in many aspects is much better than the beamdog's version of the game. If you play at your PC, then you may consider to install both versions and compare them. To fully enjoy the original version, it is better to have the widescreen mod installed to enable high resolutions, as I said above. When I compared both versions, I came to conclusion that the beamdog's version is worse. Again, this is my personal opinion. Of course, if you prefer to play with an Android tablet, then you don't have much choice.

Thank you for clarifying that Vlad, that really sheds some light on things for me.  I honestly thought the EE games just replaced the old games, now I know better.  Funny enough I'm an old guy, and I still have the original CD's for the entire series, somehow I haven't lost them over these many years.  I still have the Versus Walk through guides!  Anyway, I will take your advice and install the Original Game, along with BGT and NeJ on my drive that I use for all things Baldur's Gate.  And thank you for the links to the additional information I greatly appreciate it.

In Topic: NeJ3 v7.02 New Release

29 September 2018 - 07:40 PM

Sergio, thanks for your questions. All info is available at our forum boards for the last 13 years:


Forum boards


You can take a look at some screenshots here:


Mod site


It's a very long mod which incorporates all the IWD game inside, but only technically. The plot is different. The IWD is split between the first and third parts of the mod. The second part of the mod takes place in a completely different environment, in the Academy of Halruaa. There are several new joinable NPCs with their stories, quests, banters. In the second part of the mod (if you don't install BGT), there will be several BG1 areas on the map available for re-visiting and initiating or completing the quests of the new NPCs. There are also several new areas made from scratch by Gorion for the NPCs quests.


Regarding Tortured Souls, please see the corresponding forum boards. The link to the mod site is above. It is now part of the compilation.


Keldorn's Romance is a new mod written by Senka. One of the best mods, in my opinion, with a lot of material, very well-written plot, quests, new areas, banters etc. There will be a completely new chapter of the war with Riatavin.


Hopefully, the above answers your questions, but please ask if you need additional clarifications. I'm not writing a walkthrough, but I'd be happy if someone would write it for the entirely new adventure.

Vlad thank you for the info and links.  I will definitley check out the forum boards and info for this.  I am only familiar with some of the more current trilogy things from a couple of the other sites, so please let me ask a couple of questions just so I can try and clarify in my mind best practices for me.

Is BGT still a viable and maintained Mod?  I was under the impression ( and this may be just my misunderstanding) that the EET Mod kind of made BGT sort of out of date and replaced it, is that not the case?  If I understand this info Nej and tortured soul only work on BGT? or is it something that can be installed through BWS or the BWP program?  Thanks for any info you provide, and I will check out the other stuff at the BwLair Forum.  Thanks.

In Topic: BWP Clarity

28 July 2018 - 05:28 PM

I would suggest to investigate my tool first before you advise against it. It can do anything around the installation except (yet) download the mods.
After several checks (most of them you won't notice except something is missing) you can select between various kinds of installation. You can choose to install unattended in one go without any interruption or to select the components during installation. You can filter the mods on the basis of several parameters (for example only voiced NPCs with content for BG1 and SoA and ToB). If some mods or components are not compatible there is a conflict resolution.

The installer checks the disc place and calculates the required size. It also checks the OS and offers a solution for Stratagems if needed. It will convert some EE-mods to the classic game and makes other modifications as wished. You can backup and restore a clean BG2 folder and many things more that are not mentioned yet.

The user guidance is self-explaining and you cannot do something wrong. If you accidentally close the DOS window the installer will continue at that point where the installation was interrupted.

When starting the installation all mods will be extracted out of the download folder into the game folder. Then all mods will be installed according to your configuration and some corrections will be done during installation. Most important: The installation runs without any error!
Additionally you can trafy, list components, make a change-log and much more.
I query that the BWS is such versatile.

@Leonardo, thank you for that very comprehensive explanation.  I have a much better understanding of what the two tools are all about now that I didn't have before because you and @The Imp explained it very well.

I have played the games since their first incarnations in 1998, but it has only been the last year that I have discovered all of the great tools and Mods that have been developed.  Being a newbie I didn't really understand alot of the differences on things in getting Mods put together so getting a better understanding of the tools is a big help.  The forums here and Beamdog, Plus G3 have alot of info but it's not always clear about how to avoid problems with Mod installation.  I just recently started using BWS for a couple big installs, and now that I understand what BWP is I will definitly give it a try.


EDIT:  For those of you that have been around these forums for a long time, just understand that the new guy looking around only see's BWP and BWS, much like we see TuTu, BGT, and now EET.  It's not always clear that these are all different sides of what is the same coin in the end.  I honestly assumed that BWP was just something that handled the older game, and BWS was the newer version, it's not real clear.

In Topic: [MOD] Sandrah Saga For EET

25 April 2018 - 02:55 PM

First post of this here topic, last line.

Got it Thanks!

Quick question for my education.  I downloaded the Alt Port for Sandrah into my overdrive folder.  In the past when I had portraits i put them into the portrait folder and they were available, is there a specific reason to extract these into overdrive instead of the portrait folder like the others?  What is the overdrive folder main purpose, I see it used to fix various things, I was just wondering.  Thanks.

In Topic: [MOD] Sandrah Saga For EET

25 April 2018 - 12:33 PM

There is a kind of guide written by some EET fans but I do not know how far they advanced with it. I made a link on the mod download page to it.

Maybe I'm looking at the wrong download page or something but I can't find the link to this guide your talking about.  I'm looking at the SHS Download page that has all of your instructions, the download, file history, links to the readme, etc.  What am I not seeing here, or am I on the wrong site/page?