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In Topic: Bug Report for 0.53

13 October 2011 - 05:43 AM

Thanks for info guys. Now for other strange things I noticed: when I massacred kobold clan ( poor Meepo ) I get my hands on key for barred door. Behind it I encountered Jot ( very nice xp ) and Dragon priest. After each blow I delivered to priest there was message in blue: Dragon priest use a scroll. After he goes down I pelted him with six or seven acid arrows before he finally goes for good. Then I went second route and I finished Silver princess quest. No journal entry, I refused to take gem and let go of Chaarna ( she goes of her own ), no xp reward, nothing. Is it supossed to be like this or I missed something important?

I encountered the same issue with the Dragon Priest. In addition I got ".... uses a potion" over and over in many different parts of the game. For example, I kicked Paraway out of the party when he was injured (told him to wait so he didn't go anywhere). I think he still had the healing potion he starts the game with. Every time I was on the same screen as Paraway I kept getting "Paraway uses a potion" until I finally took him back into the party .... and hey, waddayano, he still had the healing potion and was still injured.

The priest has a scroll of healing. He will attempt to use it, and usually does.

Being a jerk to the ghost and not helping gives you no experience. Hey, you didn't do anything, why get XP for it? There are several cases of this throughout the game. Deciding not to do something doesn't mean it won't get done, but it also means you may not get any XP. Your decision.

Potion/scroll bugs seem to be a problem with the game engine. Usually, an NPC will consume a potion if their HP is below a percentage. It should not happen otherwise. However, for some strange reason, they use it but the potion doesn't go away. Therefore, they think they can use it again and again. It doesn't happen all the time but when it does, it will continuously. Also, there are some potions that actors will try to use even though they don't meet the requirements to use it. You may find some orcs will try to use potions of Intelligence even though the requirement is that they must have INT > 14. Orc don't but they try to use it anyway. It is as if the game engine runs through scripts for some creatures and not for others, or ignores conditions for some and not for others.

In Topic: Bug Report for 0.53

13 October 2011 - 05:35 AM

Captain Girana (TCSLGIR.dlg) in area TC1007 - tavern in Westgate docks will never turn hostile if you have
certain persons in your party. Can't remember exactly who those people are, but it surely is a bug.
You need to fix blocks 36, 37, and 38

I also ran into this problem, and I don't see anything in Sir B's reply addressing it. In TCSLGIR.D, I see:

IF ~~ THEN BEGIN FinalScenePara1.1
  SAY ~We shall see about that, wild elf!~

IF ~~ THEN BEGIN FinalSceneAesd1.1
  SAY ~*smirks* Blame it on your foolishness in following a dumb leader.~

IF ~~ THEN BEGIN FinalSceneRiv1.1
  SAY ~Your pathetic blade skill is no match against mine.  I shall show you what true sword fighting is!~

Note that the statements "SetGlobal("TCSlaverTalk","TC1007",2) SHOUT(ALERT_79) Enemy()" which occur with other characters are missing for these three.


In Topic: Bug Report for 0.53

19 September 2011 - 04:57 AM

Depending on other globals, you may be successfully setting TellCouncil to 1, but something else then sets it to 2. To verify, use the console to GetGlobal("TCLizTellCouncil","GLOBAL") and this should show you what the global is currently at or if it even exists.

Lu -
IDS file corrected. Never noticed this before but since I don't use that command, never had a problem. Corrected now just in case. Thanks.

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22 May 2011 - 04:49 PM

You didn't do a full install of SoA or ToB. Both have to be fully installed because we use some area graphics from the original game.

In Topic: Bug Report for 0.53

16 May 2011 - 04:41 AM

The Glab is actually that way in the original game, nothing we have changed. In fact, of the three versions of the Glabrezu, only the summoned version has XP. Which is reverse of logic because usually summoned creatures don't have XP and regular creatures do. So I may have to fix all of them.

In the original mod, Elmo dies. We added an option to save him if Candella is in the party. She will beg for Rurik or Blush to heal him. We may expand it later but for now, she needs to be in the party for you to continue that story line.