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Secret of BoneHill v2.75b

05 October 2011 - 04:05 PM

Graoumf and his coworkers have updated this mod to include a French translation. They have also included a few bug fixes based on issues reported here. I have uploaded for everyone, however, I am not the person to contact for support. Sorry folks but I still need to get the next CA version.

Here is the link : SOBH v.275b

Here are some of the updates they included:

Apart from the French translation, here are the change we made:
1. inclusion of fixes provided in the BiG Fixpack v10.1 various fixes to tra files (invalid keywords and stuff) fixes for three small problems mentioned in the Bonehill v275 bug report thread
2. a complete rewrite of the readme (english and spanish), using the latest SHS model.
3. BH0111.ARE, both for BGT and Tutu: changed the charge of RNDTRE01.ITM in the container to 0 (it seems this value is used elsewhere for random items)
4. BHQUENEX.d: added a text reply before EXIT in the unconditionnal reply of the first state. The text used is not optimal but avoids adding a new text (reused text for the exit case in state 12)
5. BHMARTIN.d, both for BGT and Tutu: added a reply when "BHGnollQuest" is 1. I reused a reply for when it is 0, which is not optimal either (but the ogre mage is not dead yet anywhere, so the task is not finished).
6. Finally, I changed the readme handling in the tp2 file, aside from adding the French language. They used to be copies of the English readme in other directories, so that the AT_EXIT command would work with the %LANGUAGE% variable. Instead I used the README command, which allows to set a name with %LANGUAGE%, with a fallback if the file is not found, in this case it will display the English version. Additionally, this means the readme will be proposed at the beginning of the installation. I checked the behaviour will all languages.

1/2 Orc mage paperdoll

17 December 2010 - 05:36 PM

I am trying out a half-orc mage and I noticed that I can't see the paperdoll for this one. Did I miss something in IA or do I need to pull this from 1PP or some other source?

CA patch 0.53a

13 December 2010 - 04:26 PM

We have a new patch for Classic Adventures. This is a patch for the 0.53 mod. You must install the full mod before you can install this patch. We have tried to include as many fixes as you good players have found and pointed out to us. More complicated corrections will be found in the 0.54 version once it is ready but this should help you with problems around the Westgate area.