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Who is your Dragonborn?

30 January 2012 - 09:40 AM

Has anyone played skyrim yet? well that's a dumb question cause if your a fan of oblivion you will probably play skyrim and forget about oblivion. Any way I wnat to know Who is your Dragonborn and where did he come from and what class is he? and what is his/her weaopn. here is mine..

Name: Durin Blacksteele

Race: Nord

Gender: male

Age: 35

Class: Warrior (two handed battle axe and heavy armor)

Weapon: Wuuthrad (frost enchanted)

Durin is originally from Skyrim but left to fight in the great war. At the battle of Bruma He got knocked out and was declared missing, 10 years later he became friends with a hunter living in the woods outside of Cheydinhal. 3 months later a band of Khajiit merchants were stranded on the road outside the hunters cabin. They saw his valuble amulet and murdered him and fled. Durin chased after them. For about 20 years he tracked them to skyrim but he was arrested for being a stormcloak along with Ulfric Stormcloak. He escaped with Ralof and joined the Compainions after they went their seperate ways. While avenging the death of Skor(a member of the Compainions) he found the band of Khajiits who murdered is friend outside riften and slew them all. A week later he became harbinger of the Compainions....


06 September 2011 - 06:41 AM

Here's something to think about. Who is your character? where is he from? why is he in jail? tell me a little history about you character and who he is. and have your class description (for example here's mine feel free to use him if you wish)

Name: Robin Longstride (aka:robin of the hood)
race: Imperial
class: Rebel
favoured attributes: strength,speed
favoured skills: blade, athletics, marksman, light armor, sneak, speechcraft, security

Robin was born on heartfire 23 3E406 to the steed which makes him 27 years old. From being born to the steed he is a natural runner. At the age of 18 he witnessed his parents unfair execution by the tyrant who controlled his village known as Naterac. After his parents death he worked hard and rebelled against the tyrant known and Black Brugo. Unfortunatly Black Brugo escapes and Robin Longstride persues him. Robin soon learned that Black Brugo fled to the province of Cyrodiil and made home in Tamerial at the Aylied ruin known as Telepe. Robin destroyed his rebel armor and shaved his head and died his head band. He then made his way to the Imerial City. When he got there he was astonished to find the state people were living in,so he snuck into the guard tower on the waterfront and stole two sacks of gold and gave them to the poor people. Unfortunaly he was caught trying it again the next night and was imperisoned. When the emperor and his body guards allowed him to escape with them he instantly set off for telepe to avenge his parents. After he pulled the amulet of kings from his pocket and set off for Weynon Priory...

playing realistic

22 August 2011 - 06:49 AM

what are ways you can think of so you can play oblivion as realistic as possible?