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In Topic: Planar Sphere Mod v2.6a

02 January 2023 - 07:22 AM

is there a way to play this mod in EE ??

I tried the arcanecoast version but it will not install.


Never heard of that version. Share the link.

In Topic: Expanded Thief Stronghold updated to v3.0.0 (EE compatible)

06 March 2022 - 11:28 AM

I'll add to the love-- thanks Gwendolyne (and all other contributors) who keep these little works-or-art alive & Kickin'!


I do have one reservation... just want to confirm: "Replaced old portraits with PPE"


I'm always leery of original creators' content being 'updated'; worse, if we see 'Replaced'!


Are the originals images still in the package? Are the new ones a component option?

In Topic: Shed's Mods

30 January 2022 - 03:59 PM

Direct download link broken on SHS: http://downloads.spe...s Mods 1.03.exe (Possible due to spaces in filename, which are usually replaced in links with %20 codes)

Working link from dev's site:

http://shedplant.net...s Mods 1.03.exe

The EXE goes 404 for me.


And why are both of your urls pointing to different links?? (even if legitimate ones)


Wait... are you Shed?!