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Fairly normal merc NPC

23 August 2004 - 11:53 PM

I was reading the "overused ideas" topic, and it dawned on me how true it is that so many NPCs, especially modded NPCs, have such a dramatic and/or convoluted background that it becomes hard to suspend one's disbelief long enough to enjoy their company.

*Note: I'm not criticizing the work of any modders out there, especially when you take into consideration how many mods I've written*

Anyway, I'd kinda like to see an NPC who was really just out there to make a buck (which is easy to believe... he'd be more like most real-life people than just about anything) and decided that adventuring was the best way to do it.

I know it would be hard not to make such an NPC seem dry and lifeless, but he'd still have a background and a personality, right?

Maybe he comes from a nameless old run-down farm run by his nameless old run-down dad who died a nameless old run-down death, poor and unknown. This might've made NPC decide that he'd not let that happen to him, no matter what it took, and thus set out to make a name for himself... or if not that, at least a good many golders.

I'd picture said NPC as a human in above-average condition, though not amazingly strong. Pretty darn smart (always figures out how to make a buck) though not necessarily all that wise (I mean, adventurers make a lot of money sometimes, but more often than not end up dead... not the safest career path to take just to make some cash). Probably quite adept in the use of whatever weapon he chooses, since that's how he earns his living (and his skill would make up for his not-terrifyingly-awesome strength, etc.). He's a hired hand, not a leader, so his charisma wouldn't win over the hearts of all he meets.. but maybe a dry, cynical sense of humour appealing to some?

Not a bad guy, just greedy. And perhaps by the end of his stay with CHARNAME he could even have learned that a little altruism feels good every now and then, too.

I'd think:

STR: 15-16
DEX: 12-13
CON: 15-16
INT: 14-16

And let's just say Grand Mastery in... oh... bastard swords. Or flails. Or whatever.

For a touch of uniqueness (and in the interest of staying in-character), he could ask for payment to join the party initially (although Korgan does the same if you pick him up then drop him only to ask him back again, right?), then perhaps when the party 'scored' a big reward (i.e. after freeing Nalia's keep), he could demand a percentage of the pay for himself. Take take take, but what does he give?

Like, say, Hubelpot, I'd play this guy more for his personality, etc. than his sheer usefulness. Although a fighter's nice to have around sometimes.

I guess that long-winded spiel was meant to say: I really just want an NPC who's enjoyable and very believable, if not remarkable.