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In Topic: Beta Testers Needed

20 July 2005 - 05:28 PM

Count me in for testing....

In Topic: Confused you will be and held and scared

13 July 2005 - 02:57 PM

Oh, I planned to beef things up. IWD was for starting 1st level characters as well, and Vlad had to beef it up for a BG2 party for NeJ. I'd have to do no different. But that makes it paramount to decide an a point of insertion before proceeding, to make sure that it's challenging without providing a ludicrous XP level for what comes later. If I set it for pre Chateau Irenicus, it certainly doesn't need to be a mod that give 3 million XP!

So I'll need to decide on a point of insertion, develop an appropriate level of additional difficulty, and keep the plot as vague as I can with regard to tie-ins to IWD1, so as not to muck with what Vlad's doing.

In Topic: Confused you will be and held and scared

12 July 2005 - 09:01 PM

kinda irrelevant, given the imminent changes.

However, my last run-through, I got through the VoS, with no CLUA action, on INSANE difficulty.

How, you may ask?

Well, first, my party was, IIRC, about 800K XP (at least, my FMT, Imoen, Jaheira, and Minsc were). They'd played through almost all BGT-DSotSC-NTotSC-SoBH content.

Second, they had all their gear from before their capture. In my version, while the thieves get to keep all my money (no small sum!), they turn over my gear to Irenicus. Being a busy mage, Irenicus stashes it in the alarmed bedroom for later examination, wherein I find it before going through the portal. Not canon, but a reasonable interpretation, no worse than being able to recover your stuff at Spellhold.

Third, I had the Vale of Shadows nerf included in, I think, the S & H patch, installed.

Better weapons and armor make a huge difference. Imoen's Invis 10'r.and a Protection from Undead scroll make the tombs themselves a cakewalk.

FWIW, I'm greatly pleased to hear that NeJ2 will in all likelihood be compatible with the BP platform after all.

Now, if I can just figure out how to use DLTCEP. And wait for the Bestial Animations project to wrap up.

If someone (perhaps, even, me) were to decide to import IWDII content into the BP platform, where would you like to see it?

A). Prior to the transition to BGII. After all, you're more or less at loose ends after killing Sarevok, no set amount of time has to pass before you go to Athkatla, this is an easy insert. While it would probably majorly screw with difficulty of BGII content, that's already an issue--a PC who's done all the BG1+mods, +NeJ1, +CI, content, may well hit Waukeen's Promenade with over a million XP.

B). At some point in Chapter 2/3. Easy enough to run into an NPC who begs you for help and dispatches you to the Frozen North.

C). The Portal in Spellhold. Kinda screws with going direct to the Underdark, but how many people really bypass the Sahuagin city, anyway?

D). After killing Irenicus. Either at the point in TDD when you go to Easthaven, or after the final battle, or at some point thereabouts.

E). Something else.

Obviously, the later in the game it happens, the more work necessary to make it challenging, but the earlier it happens, the more likely it makes everything later too easy.

In Topic: Testing Edwin & Kivan

04 June 2005 - 01:48 PM

NI version is 1.32. Java is Java 2, Version 1.5.0, build 02.b09.

Haven't managed to progress real far. The TDD areas don't work on my map, and I've had trouble identifying the area codes. For that matter, CtB areas are on my map, and I don't have it installed (I tried, unsuccessfully, to add it to this game).

I may just cut the extras and head for Spellhold.

In Topic: Crash on Rest

09 April 2005 - 03:04 PM

We recently found a copy of Heavy Fog, and Edwin had it in his spell book. Erasing it fixed the problem. Thanks very much!