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Killing Bone Golems in MegaMod v18.1.2

14 April 2019 - 05:23 AM

Question: how to kill them?


Bone golems from DSotSC are immune to:

- fire 100%

- cold 100%

- frost 100%

- acid 100%

- magic damage 100%

- poison 100%

- normal weapons

- magical weapons with enchantment up to +3 (including that).


I have just one idea that I'll try to check. But question is following: somehow from DSocSC 2.3.0 were removed some items that (probably) claimed as owerpowered. For example, removed two stat manuals and Daystar +4. But it seems that this Daystar +4 was the only weapon able to scratch those Bone Golems.


Question: is there some +4 weapons (except one bard only sword - I have no bards in my group) in BG1 part of the MegaMod?

P.S.: my idea with arrows of slaying is failed. They cannot hit and cannot slay.

Cosmetic bugs of the DSotSC (icon BAMs)

12 April 2019 - 01:25 PM


I can see a lot of minor but a bit annoying cosmetic bugs in DSotSC. Problem is in icons that are too big for BGT and player can see their fragments. I can describe by example.


Spell scroll: Thunderslap


Scroll icon: DSSPW21A.BAM


Problem: in game user can see right bottom corner of this icon.

Reason: wrong/inconsistent BAM file (?)


DSSPW21A.BAM contains 2 different frames.


1. 32x32 with center at (0; 0) - suggested for BGT

2. 40x31 with center at (17; 17) (this is for EE ? )


Frame 1 is normal for IE icon that is suggested to be displayed, but instead displayed Frame 2 that is too big and shifted start. 

So there are two problems:

1) We can see generic scroll for a lot of spells instead of normal icons that are present

2) All DS spell scrolls look the same: generic and wrong.


Also similar bug is present in several items, but it looks just like icon that is too big and cropped.