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In Topic: Can you get high charisma Orcs?

12 September 2004 - 11:23 PM

I know atleast five girls in real life (off the top of my head) with bigger breasts and more 'exaggerated' bodies than that (seriously!). I wouldn't know if their backs ached though. One of the girls used to tell me about her sex-life too during Maths and she had the biggest boobs ever, yeah that was a good time in my life. Uhhhh... not to sound pervy or anything :P

Plus Half-Orcs are usually stronger so she could handle it, I'd wager ;)

In Topic: Coupla portraits

11 September 2004 - 11:29 PM

On the second one, I would make the background lighter but then it'd look weird with a light background and dark character.

I could play with levels and curves though, as you suggested. I think I actually need to make her look less '3D model'-like.

The thing that bugs me about the first one is the nose, argh it looks so weird! But that's a problem with the original portrait too, you just notice it more on my recolouring, lol :P

In Topic: Can you get high charisma Orcs?

10 September 2004 - 11:20 PM


Whoever smelt it, dealt it

Notice that the Orc there is wearing high heels? How's that work if you're going adventuring?

Might make a portrait outta this face, course it ain't better than Ace. But I gotta go, I'm late for a race, at the military base.

In Topic: Can you get high charisma Orcs?

10 September 2004 - 12:30 PM

Cheers big ears

In Topic: Who looks cooler?

05 September 2004 - 06:00 AM

Revan 8 - 7 Vader

Oh, how the tables have turned!