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Coupla portraits

11 September 2004 - 10:30 AM

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Well the first one is not finished and I can't really be arsed to do anything to it so whoever wants to can edit it willy nilly. It was just a vampire from NWN. I saw someone say they wanted an unvamped Bodhi so I just quickly changed a few colours and crap like that. Oh, I did something with the ear too to make it more Elf-like but I think it was a bit shittily done.

The Orc thing is from Lineage 2, I just sharpened it and adjusted the gamma so it wasn't so dark, still seems a bit crappy to me though. Oh yeah, I also made that strap smoother.

Feel free to edit, yada yada yada.

Can you get high charisma Orcs?

10 September 2004 - 10:24 AM

As in, it'd look like THIS:

Posted Image

Well, that's from Lineage 2, the land of fit Orcs and big-breasted Dark Elves (those damn dwarf 'women' look like children though, urgh). Is it possible for a Half-Orc to look like that or are they all ugly?

I think it deserves a bit of a sch-wing.

Just wondering incase I make a mod in the future, I notice a distinct lack of Half-Orcs :P

DOH! I meant Half-Orcs in the title! That's JPS' fault even though I don't know him.