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In Topic: Sandrah Saga for EET (Bug and Support Forum)

Yesterday, 08:44 PM

well, its new game, I got Sandrah to party, was waiting like 10 mins in each zone, outside of candlekeep, then Friendly Arm Inn and zone in between.


Look for C:GetGlobal("HaiassJoinSan","GLOBAL") and C:GetGlobal("HaiassLevel","GLOBAL"). If any of them is other than 1, something was missed in Sandrah's script.


You can go to the area of Gorion's death and

C:SetGlobal("HaiassMiss","LOCALS",1) and C:SetGlobal("HaiassMissTime","LOCALS",1) with having Sandrah selected (your cursor being on her portrait), as these are locals, not globals.


If that does not help, do these in sequence while in the Gorion area (BG2700)



PS - if it is a new game, does it mean it is a new install? I would be cautious if things go wrong already that early in the game - maybe something went wrong with the install.

In Topic: Sandrah Saga for EET (Bug and Support Forum)

Yesterday, 03:35 AM

hey, not sure if its a bug or not, but Haiass dont pop around, made lil reinstal added/changed some stuff around instal, trying some new things~


is there a command to use to force his apperance outside of Candlekeep? 


thanks in advance

Not very clear what your situation is...

Is it a new game and you just leave Candlekeep and he does not appear?


For other situations you need to be more specific.

In Topic: [Mod] All Things Mazzy, v: 1.034. Temples know if you steal for Mae

22 May 2017 - 11:13 AM

The author's own assessment confirms what I had anticipated when playing the mod - it was more or less intended as a joke or exercise (maybe later to be made into something better?).

From my memory - I have not played this in a long while as I never again took Mazzy into my party:



PS - a more interesting source may be the relationship between Mazzy and Sheena (from her own mod).

In Topic: [MOD] Sandrah Saga For EET

21 May 2017 - 08:50 PM

Thanks Roxanne!  ^_^ I'm still in Chapter 2, exploring up and down the Sword Coast, doing pretty much all the side quests before the main one. 


I have another question - I'm trying to hunt down the bandit in Waterdeep, and can't find the entrance to the sewers. I saw your response to this question in another thread, where you said it's




and I've combed that entire area for ages, but can't find any entrances. What am I looking for, exactly?


In Topic: Current version(s) of NTotSC?

21 May 2017 - 12:52 AM

There is not a ONE version of NTotSC compatible with all the games at this time. K4thos long ago announced a new version that would do that, but until today it has not happened.


For BGT there is version v1.70a which requires a patch called v171. (I do not know if this is also for BG1 alone, but I know no reason why it should not). It works perfect in BGT. Both parts are hosted here on SHS.


For BGEE there is none (this should have been covered by the K4thos one mentioned above).


For EET there is an interim version (I made to support my Sandrah mod - this is why it is not backwards useable for BGEE) created because of the K4thos delay - it is not a *full* version as it does not support additional language item descriptions or journals in EET format. Contents-wise it is fully playable and as far as I know bug-free in EET. It also has the PRVZ mos areas and omits some tweaks from the old mod. (links for it are on the G3 EET mod list.)