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Today, 01:02 PM

Hey Rox, I was wondering if u could say few things: does Sandrah have like extra lines for certain classes? for example cleric of helm/ilma/talos or bard or like PLD or something else? or some other gems hidden like that? :o

Those exist in large numbers, either for the PC or for certain NPCs representing some aspects. There are examples for classes/alignement/gender etc. It all happens in the normal cause of events, i.e some events/response options/quests etc will only appear if the conditions are met. Sandrah adapts herself to the PC and the party members. Most likely this will go unnoticed (it is supposed to be only visible if you play the game with her more than once and you see different options under different circumstances).

It is pretty unlikely that you find each and every *hidden gem* or *junk* in a single playthrough.

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23 April 2017 - 06:52 AM




Yes CtB must be installed at the very beginning


and the kits and rule change (in RoT) are now optionnal component that should better be skipped on the EE,

The chores also are not recommanded, or you must know that with "chores fast forward" you can speak with Gorion again and be teleported back too the future (skipping the chores)

I have installed this (and also RoT) successfully in my EET, however I have not yet reached the part of the game yet where I can provide feedback on its useability. But, yes, it can be installed. To do this, I paused my BWS install after EET_Core, installed those mods (and some others I like to test in EET) and then let BWS continue. All fine until now.

Here is a log of what I didAttached File  WeiDU.log   47.58K   6 downloads

In Topic: Sandrah Saga for EET (Bug and Support Forum)

23 April 2017 - 03:13 AM



I've replaced my bgdialog with the one you've provided and it seems to have solved the problem, Sandrah is now initiating conversations and PID is working too!


Curiously after checking the other dialogue files it seems that only pdialog has the correct entries though. In the interest of avoiding any future issues would you be able to provide the correct BDDialog.2da, and 25Dialog.2da files? 


I very much appreciate your assistance and I want to thank you for creating a mod with so much content! Revived a game I've played to death!

Attached File  Joined2da.zip   7.82K   3 downloads


Anyway, I would be expecting that other things may be broken as well in your install. My experience is that a lot of people report issues for Sandrah which are actually bugs that go deeper and have nothing to do with my mod simply because she is often the first indicator of any issue in a newly started EET game.

In Topic: Sandrah Saga for EET (Bug and Support Forum)

23 April 2017 - 02:01 AM

Wow! Amazing response time! 


After checking the bgdialog I'm not seeing any of the entries for the Sandrah Saga so I'm guessing its grabbing from another mod or something (Probably aught to have checked that first before my trawl through Near infinity  :doh:). It seems all of her dialogue is assigned correctly i.e. CVSandJ.dlg and Imoen/Haiass seem to be working properly too so hopefully its just Sandrah who's dialogue is screwy...


PID with Sandrah gets the same 'hello there' response. It was a BWS setup but I am somewhat new to mega modding with BWS so it's quite likely I made a mistake somewhere along the installation.



Can you provide a  copy of your bgdialog.2da so I can compare it to mine?

The issue is this - when a new NPC joins the party, the initial dialogue (CVSandr.dlg stored in the cre-file switches to the *joined dialogue. The file reference for this in EET can change in the course of the game and is defined in a number of 2da files for each part, i.e. bgdialog.2da for BG1, BDDialog.2da for SoD, PDialog.2da for SoA, and 25Dialog.2da for ToB.

The Imoen/Sandrah banters are using the B-files, so that is another set of dialogues defined in another set of lookup tables - this is why the one may work and the other ones not.

I am not the ultimate expert for EET, but I understand that the EET_end component does the above assignment for the EET game (logic, since the component needs to know all the dialogues of all the joinable NPCs in order to do it)


Here is my version of it

Attached File  BGDIALOG.2DA.txt   7.93K   4 downloads


I suggest that you simply remove the txt extension (needed to be added in order to post the 2da here) and just copy the BGDIALOG.2DA into your EET/BG2EE override folder and see if that fixes the issue (nothing will be corrupted by this, there may just be more NPC entries in my file than you have installed but the unused stuff will not hurt you).


Also, you may want to check if any other NPCs are missing in your file, it is strange that it should only affect Sandrah (she is most likely just the fiirst one you recruit after Imoen). Do Imoen's PIDs work?

In Topic: Sandrah Saga for EET (Bug and Support Forum)

22 April 2017 - 09:00 PM

Hello Roxanne


I've recently discovered the Sandrah saga and I'm going for a mega mod installation, I started a new game and everything seemed to be working fine, Candlekeep was a breeze and I've recruited Sandrah without a hitch.


The problem I encountered was after picking up the belt of opposite gender, straight away Sandrah perks up and approaches the PC to initiate a dialogue. 


Problem is that the only thing she says is 'Hello there' and then the dialogue ends. As I understand it she is supposed to say something along the lines of 'watch out it's cursed'. Anyway, after the dialogue is ended she immediately approaches again and repeats the 'hello there', this happens constantly and presumably because the 'sanbeltgen' variable is not being altered by the cursed dialogue she is constantly trying to initiate dialogue without actually saying what she is supposed to.


I chalked this up to a mega mod error and edited the sanbeltgen variable to 2 and carried on. Now I've come across a second instance of the 'Hello there' error after speaking to a child in Beregost. At this point I'm assuming that it isn't just a one off occurrence and I don't want to miss out on any of the dialogue the mod has to offer.


Is this a known problem at all or are you able to suggest a fix?



*Hello there* is not even a line from her repertoire (Multig.dlg state3 InParty(Myself) Gender(Myself,FEMALE), so I have to assume (like you did already) that it is an installation error.


A quick check could be to initiate PID with all of your NPCs and see if they have anything (correct) to say, at least Imoen and Sandrah should have dialogues at this time already.


(Most likely Sandrah has Multig.dlg instead of CVSandrJ.dlg for whatever reason - this can be checked in her entries for BGDialog.2da



If you have Near Infinity or EE keeper you may look up what is her assigned dialogue, otherwise you may post a savegame here for analysis.

Did you do manual install or BWS? Do other party members act *weird*?


Are both  EET_end and SandrahEET_PID_Repair installed correctly? (look into Weidu.log)