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In Topic: Sandrah Saga for EET (Bug and Support Forum)

Yesterday, 09:49 PM

Unfortunately that did not help, tried it a couple of times :( she is still the only character (at least on the stats sheet) who misses the entire section of weapon proficiencies.

I did some further testing and I think I found that we need an extra step if we want to repair it in a running game (This would not be required for Imoen joining in a normal way with the current mod's version.)


It looks like the proficiency menu is only updated on certain events (Joining party, level up, maybe others).


1. Put this file txt.gif  CVIMOD.SPL   346bytes   2 downloads into BG2EE/override

2. Make sure you have this block of code in your Imoen_,BCS

Make sure you are not yet in Chapter 3 or later, otherwise you need to delete the respective line from the code.

3. Kick Imoen out of the party but keep her in sight!!!

4. Via console do C:SetGlobal("profs","LOCALS",0) you must have your cursor over Imoen when doing the input

5. Let her rejoin and check the result.


I tested it with mage Imoen and mage/thief Imoen and it works for me.

In Topic: BG2EE Chloe!

Yesterday, 03:15 AM

...the quest giver for the "Gain the Services of Sir Sarles for the Temple" quest.


Maybe it is a good idea to make this quest as well available if Chloe is in party (as a disciple of Lathander)?


Just by adding to bottom of ar0902.bcs

    RESPONSE #100
        CreateCreature("SCSAIN",[642.627],S) // Dawnbringer Sain


In Topic: The 'official' BWP Fixpack thread

Yesterday, 02:53 AM

Is this a candidate for fixpack?


In Topic: [BGT][Big World Fixpack] Install warning

Yesterday, 02:50 AM

oops wrong topic

In Topic: BG2EE Chloe!

Yesterday, 02:29 AM



I'm still testing Chloe on BG2:EE. From your 1.6 announcement:


Chloe works for Lathander against the beholder cult and may gain the temple stronghold on behalf of the party.


This does happen. What's missing is the quest giver for the "Gain the Services of Sir Sarles for the Temple" quest. The quest giver is normally the second cleric and he is simply not there, neither before the unseeing eye quest is given nor after its completion.

I am sure that this is not part of the stronghold quest at all but a quest everyone (Good aligned) can get after defeating the cult.


I think I found something - not related to Chloe at all - looks like a bug in the vanilla game (at least in my install).



    OR(6 //THIS SHOULD BE 7 otherwise Player is Good is not checked
    RESPONSE #100
        CreateCreature("SCSAIN",[642.627],S) // Dawnbringer Sain


This means, if your player is good, the Dawnbringer should spawn even if you are not a cleric of any type - but the code is wrong.

You should check that in your game, eventually correct it - and if you find the same bug report it to the bean dogs.


Alternatively you may just console C:CreateCreature(""SCSAIN")