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Longer Road for EE

25 February 2017 - 02:09 PM

ALIEN Posted Yesterday, 06:32 PM

Well, I've got permission from Janetta (dorotea) to host mod at github.com

... So how about we leave old BG2 version alone and use all new EE engine features to atleast make it properly working for EE/EET/linux/osx?

Continued from this discussion http://www.shsforums...-16#entry593261



I started working on this. I have now a testable first version.


LREE Version 1.6 EE (Changelog based on v1.5.1)
- incorporated known issues from BWFixpack
- removed tiz/tis conversion and use PVRZ
- updated portraits for EE
- updated journal entries for EE
- updated item descriptions and useability
- use now wav instead ogg and remove conversion
- adapted scripts to EE functions
- inserted all of the above in the TP2
- LREE now requires Ascension


Installed it on BG2EE - no errors

Started ToB campaign, with initial scenes and beginning of Saradush and having recruited Irenicus.

Looks quite promising. I will take him to WK pretty soon to see how his quest works and then probably deliver the revised mod to github for others to try.

[MOD] Chloe NPC for EET

08 January 2017 - 03:38 AM

Posted Image

File Name: Chloe NPC for EET
File Submitter: Roxanne
File Submitted: 08 Jan 2017
File Category: BG:EE Mods

Original Mod Description


Chloe is a female kensai NPC. She is romanceable by human, elven, and half-elven females (although Imoen must be in the party for the romance to succeed). If the PC is male or not interested in a romance or Chloe is not interested in a romance with the PC and Imoen is in the party, she will romance Imoen. Yes, as you may be pleased or shocked to hear, Chloe is a lesbian romance mod!

Chloe is found in the Air Pocket-Plane in Irenicus' Dungeon (and is not compatible with Dungeon-Be-Gone). She has a big added quest, special abilities, flirts and lovetalks. She banters with every Bioware NPC at least twice. Unlike the Bioware romances, Chloe does not push herself onto you, in absence of rejection. Chloe will only romance a PC that interests her, and the dialogue choice to increase her interest might not always be apparent. She is not guaranteed to remain with the player at the Tree of Life, and may decide that her life is more important than yours!


EET Version

- Revised personal items useable only by Chloe
- New portrait for Chloe
- Journal adaptation for EE
- Kit adapted to EE
- Personal weapons repaired, - minor bug fixes + removal of unused code, - Imoen banters fixed for EET


New Contents

- additional SoA banters
- Chloe works for Lathander against the beholder cult and may gain the temple stronghold on behalf of the party (if Player does not qualify in the first place)
- Chloe stays in male party at tree of life if Imoen or Sandrah is with you

ToB contents
- Chloe cannot be summoned into ToB by fate spirit but has higher chance to stay at SoA end
- several ToB banters (to be expanded)
- Volo recognises Chloe
- Gorion wraith recognises Chloe
- Chloe finds her father and her final set of swords
- Reactions on Charname's decision at ToB final


Note: This version may as well be useable in BG2EE, this however has not been tested yet.

Click here to download this file

[MOD] Sandrah Saga For EET

23 November 2016 - 01:24 AM

Posted Image

File Name: Sandrah Saga For EET
File Submitter: Roxanne
File Submitted: 23 Nov 2016
File Category: BG:EE Mods

The Idea
With the EET possibility to play the Baldur’s Gate once again as one continuous game, the Sandrah Saga tries to create a character with her very own storyline spanning the complete saga (and more) who can accompany the player throughout the game. Her story is connected in many ways to the Bhaalspawn’s own quests.
Sandrah is a young priestess of Mystra (fighter/cleric) from Waterdeep, the daughter of a famous character of the Realms, who steps out of her father’s mighty shadow to make herself an own name and also to discover the hidden part of her family history. This plot runs along the PC’s own discovery of who he/she is. Sandrah is a specialized healer, on the battlefield but also for those companions that suffer in heart and soul.

The Sandrah Saga consists of three parts
 - Sandrah NPC adds a joinable NPC and her story to the original game plot from Candlekeep to ToB  SandrahNPC
 - Sandrah RtF (Return to Faerun) continues the Saga of the bhaalspawn PC and Sandrah with a new plot, old and new companions, old and new areas, old and new enemies, etc  SandrahRtF
 - Sandrah ToT (Time of Troubles Revisited) is an option to continue the game after RtF while storywise it takes you back into the time before the other events and you become the witness of the events that led to your birth in Baldur's Gate.  SandrahToT

Sandrah NPC requires a full installation of EET (including SoD) with all the “big mods” installed. Optional contents covers IWD in EET as well.
All three parts must be installed before you start a new game in Candlekeep. BP-BGT worldmap must be installed after Sandrah mod to access all new areas.

1.Install BGEE/SoD with (as a minimum) Drizzt Saga, BG1NPC Project - all other contents mods for BGEE/EET are compatible with Sandrah and will enhance the mod, a full list with all mods for which Sandrah contains crossmod content is in the readme
2.Install BG2EE plus EET 1.0 RC7 or higher using Weidu 2.40 (or better) with (as a minimum) DSotSC, Ascension, TDDz, NTotSC, Grey Clan, Siren's Call - all other contents mods for BG2EE/EET are compatible with Sandrah and will enhance the mod
   Use this interim for NTotSC https://github.com/R...hive/master.zip until a proper   one is released (Both parts to be installed)
3.Install Sandrah, all three parts
4.Install BP-BGT Worldmap
5.Install other non-contents mods to your liking and at your own risk
6.Install EET_end
7.Start a new BG1 campaign to enjoy

(8. the use of huge BP-BGT Worldmap required by the mod sometimes may cause CPU issues depending on your hardware, in this case install this Attached File  setup-bp-bgt_worldmap_pvrz.7z   21.85MB   24 downloads (can be installed anytime after BP-BGT Worldmap and even in an ongoing game)

- General mega mod warning is applicable. Sandrah IS a mega mod.

- The mod was designed for seasoned players who want to experience the game a bit different this time, not recommended if you play EET for the first time
- Sandrah considers the game and the Forgotten Realms represented within as an independent issue, consistent only in itself. Every time a player starts a new game, the Realms' history is written anew. The mod does not try to be aligned with outside sources, fantasy novels etc dealing with similar issues.
- The game is adult stuff per se, respectively Sandrah's contents.

Sandrah Saga is hosted and continuously updated at Github


Downloads will be extracted into a folder called *master*. Thus extraction should be done outside of your Baldur game directory. For installation, the respective mod folder and the corresponding setup.exe must be copied into your BG2EE game directory.


Attached File  Sandrah NPC for EET_Readme.pdf   231.78K   472 downloads

Known Issues of V2.03b (and workarounds)
- Sandrah is not feasible for multi-player games (no workaround for this).
- Some warnings and errors may still occur during installation due to mods expected but not yet available for EET (warnings that do not stop the installation can be ignored - errors preventing the installation of a component should be reported. Sandrah Bugs Support Forum)


Optional Installs

Sandrah Alternative Portraits Just extract into override

Move (some) SoD items to SoA

Click here to download this file

Sandrah Saga for EET (Bug and Support Forum)

23 November 2016 - 01:18 AM

This forum is started to report bugs and provide support for the new mod trilogy *Sandrah Saga for EET*.

The mod itself can be found here
Sandrah Saga download page


READ THE README Attached File  Sandrah NPC for EET_Readme.pdf   231.78K   479 downloads

and follow the install instructions

Essential details about EET are found here
EET Main Page
EET Compatible Mods
You will also find a lot of interesting details about current and future EET version, issues, mods etc. in that forum.

(Solved) MOS file for the ToB NPC End bios?

21 October 2016 - 02:36 AM

The 2da files triggering the display of the NPC stories/bios at the end of ToB are constructed like this


2DA V1.0
*NIMOENL  //In this special case, the reference to the Large portrait BMP file to be used (instead of MOS file name used normally in text screens)
                        0           1
SWITCH                  DEFAULT     DEFAULT
DEFAULT                 71020       324750  //The string text to be displayed


All other text screens make a direct reference to the mos file that is used while those endscreens use a template to which the portrait is added with *BMPFile.


Does anyone know what is the MOS file into which the portrait and text are inserted?