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Forum Search Function (+ workaround)

15 May 2017 - 02:30 AM

It appears that the SHS search function (since a couple of days) defaults to this setting

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which does...nothing.


To search you need to click on it to open a pulldown menu and select a category

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Search in any of the categories works.

[MOD] Expanded Thief Stronghold for EET

26 April 2017 - 09:46 AM

File Name: Expanded Thief Stronghold for EET
File Submitter: Roxanne
File Submitted: 26 Apr 2017
File Category: BG:EE Mods




I have made the Expanded Thief Stronghold mod (originally by Gebhard Blucher) available for EET.

The mod adds some further quests to the thief stronghold in BG2 and imports Narlen and Black Lilly from the BG1 Shadow Thieves to Amn.

The conversion includes
- All fixes from BWFixpack for the mod
- Updated portraits
- An option to select the improved Mae'Var component directly during install
- An option to make the stronghold available for any PC.
(Note - the two options existed in the mod but where not selectable in the install - you had to extract and overwrite files instead, I adjusted this to up-to-date practice as optional components.)



    Reminds me that I should probably make a note somewhere prominent on that site to let people know that they have permission to do whatever they want with any of the old BG mods that I have.



Click here to download this file

[MOD] SoD Banter Restoration (for EET)

19 March 2017 - 02:36 PM

File Name: SoD Banter Restoration (for EET)
File Submitter: Roxanne
File Submitted: 19 Mar 2017
File Category: BG:EE Mods




SoD uses the new (new does not mean improved) concept to display banters between your NPCs in stringhead texts instead of conventional dialogues. These pseudo-banters can be easily overlooked and they are not stopping the game like normal dialogues (often they appear in between battles or mixed with other information).

Within the EET context, this approach separates SoD from the rest of the game where banters are done traditionally via dialogues. It disrupts the EET idea of a continuos game with continuos creatures and features.

This mod converts the major banters of the continuous NPCs during SoD into *old-style* dialogues that interrupt the game and require player interaction. About 80 longer conversations during SoD are thus restored and maybe recognised by players for the first time. Many of them deserve larger attention.

I excluded banters that were labelled *insults* (files BDIns001 - 030), they really contain only NPCs calling each other names. I also excluded banters that are only between pure SoD characters and do not involve any of the continuos NPCs.


In addition, the mod contains revised triggers for the banter dialogues.


Installation guidance:

Install the mod after all other mods which add banters to the game, i.e. right before installing EET_end.

This mod is only available for EET - only this modification allows the definition of banter files for the SoD campaign.

Click here to download this file

[MOD] Deep Gnomes on the Sword Coast (EET)

16 March 2017 - 03:18 AM

Posted Image

File Name: Deep Gnomes on the Sword Coast (EET)
File Submitter: Roxanne
File Submitted: 16 Mar 2017
File Category: BG:EE Mods


(standard download button has only redme file)


This mini-mod actually is an extract from a larger mod still in the making for (EE)/EET, however well-known to old BGT-adventurers. So, consider this a teaser for the "Aurora's Shoes and Boots" mod. It restores part of the basic Aurora by Bookwyrme.

The full mod will add animations, tweaks and more to the game, including choices to balance xp gain, store prices or quest rewards. It is under development by another modder.

This teaser just contains Tomthal and Karaea, Aurora's assistants, and a number of items that can be found randomly throughout the game. In addition, you can encounter some other svirfneblin who made it to the surface. And, of course, Aurora the merchant herself.

Svirfneblin or deep gnomes, are a sub-race of gnome. They live underground, usually in the Underdark and closely resemble their surface-dwelling brethren, save for their paler complexions and the fact that they have little or no hair. Svirfneblin are usually of neutral alignment. In EET you meet some near Ust Natha, the drow city.

This is a quote from the original readme:

"Have you ever wished that Athkatla were a little livelier? Ever wanted to know just what Lord and Lady Ophal got up to in their spare time? Wished that the shopkeepers had more than two lines apiece? Had lives of their own?

Ever wished you could buy some Boots of Speed looked a bit more, well, dashing? Thought about buying Imoen some pink boots of stealth? (Note - this was not really added to the mod by the author later on) Wanted to use the Stinking Cloud that must form around your travelers for some truly *useful* purpose?

Aurora's Shoe Shop introduces more than a dozen new pairs of boots that are both useful and stylish. In addition, Aurora herself is there to add a bit of spice to Athkatlan life. She'll chat with you about nobles and commoners alike, providing exciting (if not always accurate) information about their daily lives."


The mod adds to all three parts of the game, therefore it is for EET only.


Click here to download this file

[MOD] Longer Road EE

02 March 2017 - 01:03 PM

Posted Image

File Name: Longer Road EE
File Submitter: Roxanne
File Submitted: 02 Mar 2017
File Category: BG:EE Mods

NOTE This is the download link (Download button not used)


The mod requires Ascension to be installed first.


"The rumors of my demise were slightly exaggerated."

So says the man himself about his return in ToB in his typical arrogant grandeur.

The Longer Road mod allows you to restore your main adversary from the SoA portion of the game back to life, and take him into the party to fight on your side. There are strings attached though... so be careful how you conduct your negotiations with Irenicus, and what exactly you promise him. Each version of the contract has its negative sides.

Your PC must have both INT and WIS of at least 10 with minimum 11 for one of them in order for Ellesime to start the mod in the Ancient Grove.

The LR mod has 4 possible outcomes for both Irenicus and the PC.

The highlights of the mod, itself, besides the banters and interjections are:

* Volo conversation, new forced talks with Cespenar, Nyalee, Machine of L.t.M., and many Saradush dwellers if you send Irenicus to talk to them. Basically, try talking to every npc you can think of, to see if Irenicus has anything to say.

* Extensive New Quest in the WK. It starts in the demon maze layer as soon as you enter. You have to have Irenicus in the party when you first enter the maze to start the quest.

* A few neat custom items... not much, but some.

* Many of the original in-game npcs have gained portraits.

* Books of the Elven Lore. Learn more about elves of Toril - the books have new unique bams and there are 7 of them altogether. All info in the books was taken from reliable FR/Ad&D sources.

* 4 different epilogues for Irenicus. Try to get them all - hopefully they are different enough to be worth the effort.

 FOR BG2EE or EET only

(For old game use V1.5.1 of the mod)


This is a pure technical adaptation of the original mod by ladydorotea. No contents has been altered.


(There may be an optional component be added in the future to reflect Irenicus role during SoD which could not have been in the original mod, of course)

Click here to download this file