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In Topic: [REQUEST][TRANSLATION (RUSSIAN)] Cursed Items Revision

12 December 2015 - 12:38 AM

Okay, but asking me was-is a very bad idea, because I generally don't know which Russian terms people use for translating general stuff; never played the game in Russian at all, actually. But here we go:


@10205 = ~Идентификация
Уровень: 1
Школа: Ясновидение
Расстояние: Личное
Длительность: Немедленно
Время произношения: Особое
Зона действия: 1 предмет
Спасбросок: Нет

Когда произносится это заклинание, имя и чары (но не проклятия) одного предмета, к которому прикасается волшебник, безошибочно открываются. Многие предметы можно использовать и неопознанными, но с огромным риском.~


(This is normal Windows encoding, btw). Good luck!

In Topic: Dragon Age Fanfic recommendations

09 September 2015 - 05:23 AM

Now that Trespasser DLC is out, I may want to add some more Solavellan fics; will be adding them to this post, since it's been quite a while since the last time. There'll probably only be a few.


A Suitable Replacement (NSFW, Solas doesn't like that she keeps having sex with various elves) http://dragonage-kin...34006#t57834006

All Things In Moderation (NQSFW, they explore their relationship, and Lavellan likes to lead) http://dragonage-kin...16054#t57516054

Poke the Beast to Cure Boredom (messing with Solas' views) http://archiveofouro...apters/10582113

What We've Lost (miscarriage) http://dragonage-kin...22326#t57122326

A Name By Any Other (sweet Rumple story retelling) http://dragonage-kin...19362#t56119362

This Fire Will Bring Us Both Down (smut, + all other stories of the same author) http://archiveofouro...hapters/9148525

Imperito (dom Solas, smut) http://archiveofouro...hapters/9403332

Heavy In Your Arms ( +sequel, same author, noncon, pregnancy) http://archiveofouro...g/works/4722176 http://archiveofouro...apters/10900010

Fit to be Tied (smut! and knotting) http://archiveofouro...g/works/4286967

Come to Season (nsfw, smut, noncon, female Adaar is agressive) http://archiveofouro...g/works/4009912 http://archiveofouro...hapters/9426606

Scarred For Life (Inquisitor - blood mage) http://archiveofouro...apters/10816136

Wherever You Go Today (au, elves rule the world, Trev as a slave/offering) http://archiveofouro...apters/10827674

Every Dalish Curse (beloved and precious scene, telling the truth) http://archiveofouro...hapters/7821860

Protective http://dragonage-kin...56578#t56256578

Star Girl (AU, Solas has cancer; second half of the story is better) http://archiveofouro...g/works/4009813

Hold Onto Yourself (noncon, forced to watch) http://dragonage-kin...42914#t56942914

Not That Way (stumbles upon Solas doing That; long prelude) http://archiveofouro...hapters/8846464

all of my pieces are jagged (sentinels and Abelas come to serve the Inq) http://archiveofouro...apters/10572591

Pride, standing tall (Solas is Lavellan's father) http://dragonage-kin...407#t54897407 


Message Sent (AU, great) http://archiveofouro...hapters/7585658


Please (just a short Trespasser retelling) http://archiveofouro...g/works/4779725

Look Back (Solas dreams of her. A beautiful dream) http://archiveofouro...g/works/4781300 and all others, like Tandem http://archiveofouro...apters/10544946

A Wealth of Sorrows (first chapters might be a bit boring, after Cory, Inquisitor is not herself) http://archiveofouro...hapters/7995447

Blue with Frenzy (sex pollen) http://dragonage-kin...48447#t55048447 http://archiveofouro...g/works/4063999

Catharsis (closing the rifts results in Big Pleasure each time) http://archiveofouro...hapters/9016690

By the Still Waters ( looking for Hawke in the Fade, Solas helping) http://archiveofouro...hapters/7819667

Too High, Can't Come Down (magic wild during sex, nsfw) http://dragonage-kin...40863#t55140863

Lamentation (hurt, Solas crying, comfort) http://archiveofouro...g/works/4141032

Vir Bor'Assan: Bend but Never Break (non-con templars and Solas! nsfw!) : http://archiveofouro...hapters/8699503

Ar Lath Ma, Vhenan (slowly forgetting Solas for Cullen) http://dragonage-kin...26615#t58226615

Not By (Solas realizes they're people) http://dragonage-kin...39159#t58239159

Lavellanized (hilarious! Kid with Solas) http://dragonage-kin...10839#t58310839

Compassion (she dies before reaching Solas, Cole brings her to him) http://dragonage-kin...71159#t58271159

Promises to Keep (she follows him through the mirror) http://dragonage-kin...35735#t58135735

and all my armor falling down in a pile at my feet  (sex at the crossroads) http://dragonage-kin...65943#t58165943

Alterity and Unity (smut, Solas a virgin) http://dragonage-kin...27007#t55627007

The lands they trekked in dreams (immortality, happy ending) http://dragonage-kin...38111#t55738111

As You Are (nsfw, period sex) http://dragonage-kin...71839#t55971839

On the Other Side of the Veil (AU, Professor Solas) http://archiveofouro...hapters/8583910

Something for the Nerves ( very simple, Inquisitor is overwhelmed at Skyhold and runs away) http://archiveofouro...hapters/9947306

Antique Dreams (beautiful smut) http://archiveofouro...hapters/9216403

Without Words (wardens find Solas) http://archiveofouro...apters/10576749 http://dragonage-kin...51661#t54151661

gotta piss sometime (yup, waterworks, nsfw, all amazingly written, trashbin's over here) http://dragonage-kin...83405#t54183405

Fool's Errand (inferiority complex) http://dragonage-kin...03629#t54203629

Maker's Child (she has a kid with him, pregnancy) http://dragonage-kin...06637#t54406637

Burn and Beg (Evelyn with Bull, Solas pines, nsfw) http://archiveofouro...hapters/9552396

In Topic: [HELP WANTED] Writer for 2 NPC mods

11 August 2015 - 09:21 PM

What you're trying to do is "quenting" the characters. (In my language, at least): you have a short "quent"(backstory, biography), and you offer it to anyone who'd agree to develop the character fully for you.

That's usually a fun challenge, if the quent is interesting enough(for example, I'm participating in a quent-based story contest right now, and there're all types of characters: a zombie Watson with a mechanical arm in a steampunk world; a 90-year old Rapuncel who became a leader of a bandit gang, a girl who worked in a brothel to get gills - and many others). Thing is, a good mod takes a good part of a year(unlike a short story that takes a week or two), and it's far more interesting to write for one's own characters.


I mean, can you imagine taking a few months to flesh out someone's character based on four or five lines? Especially if the character is of a "very special" race(which is usually a bad sign, google the Mary-Sue list) and possesses no intriguing character traits, just a race and a deity.


(I'm just explaining why you may not receive any proposals on this one, unfortunately. Even if your backstories are good).

In Topic: General discussion

06 July 2015 - 05:44 AM

Hey, must be a great mod! *downloads mod*


(reads mod)



In Topic: Did CHARNAME and Imoen Step Outside of Candlekeep as Children?

09 June 2015 - 12:07 AM

Domi wrote a mini-mod inside Coran's Friendship(or Romance?) like that.


Coran: "Let's run away!"

PC: "Yay, let's do it!"

(screen, endgame)


Best ending ever.


In my headcanon, neither Imoen nor PC ever left Candlekeep. I recall the game isn't saying anything certain, and mods' authors interpret it however they like.