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In Topic: TobEx AfterLife

25 August 2021 - 08:56 PM

Thanks a lot for the continuous improvements to ToBEx, Insomniator!  :cheers:

In Topic: TobEx AfterLife

02 August 2021 - 08:56 PM

Thanks for fixing the haste problem, Insomniator.


Much appreciated!  :cheers:

In Topic: Nostalgia Pack - putting the BG back in BG:EE

31 July 2021 - 12:19 AM

I can see why the sprite mirroring is a huge minus, Andrea C.


I sympathize. 

In Topic: TobEx AfterLife

22 July 2021 - 03:36 AM

Duplicate. Please ignore.


It appears that ToBEX Afterlife is messing up with the engine somehow.


There is a report of the disruption of the initial BG2 (SoA) cutscene in which the assassin getting disintegrated doesn't scream AHHHHHHHHHH!" and the overhead text doesn't appear. Both the voiceover and disintegration sound effects don't play.

In Topic: TobEx AfterLife

21 July 2021 - 09:16 PM

There is a serious bug with ToBEx Afterlife.


If I load a saved game (tried at the beginning of BGT in Candlekeep), the protagonist the part member occupying the last slot is somewhat hasted (goes too fast).

This causes critical issues all through the game. The problem disappears if I open any game the inventory menu.

I am surprised nobody has ever reported this before I learned that Andrea C. has reported exactly the same problem and that you said you could not duplicate it?


But duplicating it should be really easy: just install BG2 + ToB Afterlife + BG2 Fixpack + BGT and check.