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In Topic: Infinity Sounds v2

12 June 2024 - 02:30 AM

Congratulations, skellytz!

And thanks for this new official version.

In Topic: BP-BGT-Worldmap v13.0.0 Released!

29 February 2024 - 11:08 PM

Congratulations on the new release!

In Topic: NearInfinity

21 February 2024 - 12:59 AM

Alright, thanks!


I did choose Monokai color scheme for BCS scripts. But I never had any visibility issues before.


I switched to Default and now all's good.

In Topic: NearInfinity

20 February 2024 - 11:23 PM



in the last version I noticed there must have been a color change for the highlight syntax (?) which makes some of it practically unreadable against the default, light Metal UI.


I attach a picture here to show what I mean.



In Topic: BG2 Improved GUI

19 February 2024 - 03:14 AM

Let's just hope Insomniator will be back to us in a near future to address your bug report, colo.


I'm also using the Multiplayer start in order to play a solo game with 6 generated characters so that was useful info in my case.