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[TRANSLATION] Four lines in spanish

20 May 2021 - 11:59 PM

Could someone please provide translation for the following lines?
"Not compatible with the Enhanced Edition versions of the game.
Installing this modification for Baldur's Gate 2 or Baldur's Gate Trilogy REQUIRES the installation of Gibberlings3's Baldur's Gate 2 Fixpack.
Fixed issue with the modification not installing correctly on Baldur's Gate 2
Added two important compatibility warnings in the Read Me file"
Thanks!  :cheers:

Request: BG1 Helmet Animations

11 May 2021 - 02:05 AM



I am well aware of how unlikely to happen what I am requesting is but for the record I thought it was still the right thing to open a topic about what I believe would be a great addition to the current 1PP beautification attempt.


I am talking about importing as many BG1 helmet animation as possible into BG2 and make this part of component 208: Additional Helmet Animations (core). While looking at the various BG2 helmets, I couldn't help being reminded again about how ugly practically all of the BG2 Helmet Items look like (not surprising, the same can be said for most of the BG2 art including shields and armors). 


Unfortunately, unlike for other items and animations (armors, shields...) it seems 1PP didn't import any of the original BG1 Helmet Animations. I checked the BG1 animations codes using Near Infinity. They range from H0 to H6. BG2 with 1PP's component 208 has instead two sets: H0-H7 (with H7 crashing the game) and J0-JC. Some of them are duplicates: H0=J0, H1=J2, H3=J3, H4=J4, H5=J5 and H6=J7 and among the rest I didn't find a single BG1 Animation, although in one case (BG1 H4 animation) we get very close to it.


I have no idea how hard importing the original BG1 Helmet Animations would be or even if it is possible at all but I think it'd be great (especially having back BG1 animations H3 and H5).


We'll see if something is ever going to happen.  :cheers: