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Split from the BGT/TuTu/BG1 Thread

05 November 2005 - 12:39 PM

I voted "no" yesterday. I think original NPC portraits to be of good quality, and I am rather opposed to the thought of changing them, especially if the resulting change, as I have seen from existing portraits, suffers a serious drop in quality.

My personal preferences, however, are not the only reason. Considering that many players play with mods these days, there is no way the mod will work, unless you obtain permission from all mod authors. Keto, Kelsey, Saerileth, Tashia, Jon Irenicus... a long list.

Since Dorotea said "uzhas"(horror), and I rather share her feelings, I believe some or, perhaps, more than some mod authors would withhold their permission. This way, your mod will cease to be fully functional.

This, the hurt feelings of the mod creators, and the fact that your work has just begun - these facts make me believe that it is not too late, and I may yet ask you to abandon this mod.

If you are determined to go on, of course, I can do nothing about it, but I still believe it will benefit you much more in the end, if you invest your time and energy in a more serious modding project.

Please don't let your personal opinions of the Goth Genre get in the way of a modder's dream. I think it is silly and in poor taste to insult a new mod, even if it is behind your hand. I wonder what mods you have made? I can assure you as an assistant on this mod that I will be MORE than happy to keep anything you did out. We wouldn't want to hurt your feelings.
Now if you don't mind, I have to take my Gothiness and make more poor quality pictures.