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BWP/BWS bugs, anomalies, notes, and weirdies

08 December 2014 - 12:58 PM

I have always done a topic like this whenever I played a major BG install, because I've been told it's actually helpful for the modders. So I will do it this time as well.


I don't expect anyone's help with issues that aren't gamebreaking, I'm not complaining, I know it can't work flawlessly. I'm just letting you guys know what sort of issues still appear.


~ My WeiDU log is attached at the bottom of the post.

~ Alongside it a note from AreaTest file. I don't know if it matters at all, but since it spewed something out, I'll let it be.


My installation does not contain Stratagems v28 Fix, because it was unavailable (still no clue where to download it, but I have a copy now). I removed it manually from the BWS mods file, because otherwise it wouldn't install. Just saying, in case it was a root of some problem I might list.





1. Gibberlings3 was up at the time of my install, and it still couldn't find the Stratagems v28 Fix. I don't know where it's placed at, but if it's G3 maybe the link needs updating.

2. BG1 Unfinished Business won't install due to wrong file size. Forcing BWS to accept provided file results in successful installation (and it all works in game so far).

3. BG1 Romantic Encounters lack 1 option to choose in customization, and so gives and error and requires manual install.



I've only just begun the game, so this is where I'm at. As time allows, I'll progress to BG2.


1. [crash] Can't use TeamBG's weapon/armor mods. Crash in Waukeen's Promenade when Kurtz tries to spawn. Found and confirmed through the AreaTest utility.

2. [NPC/AI] Elka and Natalka follow the team after leaving Nashkel mine, but don't attack. Both are visible, both fight (including invisiblity potions) after being attacked.

3. [balance] Creatures drop too many (20-40 range) enchanted arrows, on rare occasion also strong (buyable for 3k in store) potions, 3 on one kobold 3 kobolds in a row or something like that. Gnoll Slashers, for example, seem to always drop 3 potions of Vocalize.


4. [dialogue] In Feldepost Inn, there's a dude who attacks the party (name starts with M, sorry can't remember). If he's not killed, afterwards he says some weird, long thing about evil, that seems to belong to another NPC. I'm not sure though. It just seemed too poetic and out of place for him.


5. [event] Same guy as above - I fought him by fist (after reload and being taken to the judge in Beregost... wow this game is different with mods), and even though he lived, the fight was broken by his buddy, and everyone ended up fine, the guardsman still arrested me. ALTHOUGH, I used a heal. If healing is also considered as evil action there, ignore this point.


6. [language] I'm not sure which mod it is, but one that adds a werewolf and his wife in the High Hedge has weird English translation. I got what it was about, but more from the context than text itself. It's not game-breaking, but it's immersion-breaking. From what I found, the mod is originally in German. I would've actually installed it in original language had I known and pretended they were from faraway lands :D If nobody feels like fixing it (understandable), maybe marking the translation as beta would help some people.



I'll edit this post later if I come across anything, but so far, I have to say, the game is working great. Best, most bug-free playthrough I've ever had. Huge respect to everyone who worked on it.


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Big World SCS fix issue/objcreature.cpp bug

04 December 2014 - 04:11 PM

I don't want to spam on the forum, so I'm reusing this thread for the error continuation. Renamed it appropriately. Please check post #5 if you can help me. Thank you.



~EDIT~ I guess I'm going to try going with BWS completely and see what happens with the components... Hmmm. MAJESTIC fixes haha. Looking through those I wonder if they'd apply to some of the bugs I had in my last playthrough. They sound like they might squash a few, by name at least :3


Still, I'm curious why the below happens...


<<the below starts here>>


Hello, I'm back to Baldur's Gate, I think it's been 2 or 3 years since I last played, I see some things have changed, but I've just encountered the strangest thing yet, and I haven't a clue how to even look for solution. I've been using BiG world for like, I don't know, 4 years now? 5? 6? Many times, but it never did this.


I ran the BWS first, with the selection of Big World Installer (I want to pick components of my mods by hand, I heard it's possible now. Did I misread?). So I made the selection, downloaded all the mods (aside of the Improved Asylum 101, I can't find it aaanywhere, Stratagems Fix, also cannot find it, and supposedly Unfinished Business [even though I actually downloaded it manually, BWS still didn't see it]).


So then, after everything was set, I clicked "exit", and it took me to cmd of the Installer. I picked options, install this, install that (only skipped the beta, kits and unstable, selected Y for everything else since it's just the mods I want anyway in my folder), and then it ran some patcher, patched the files, did some creature offset thingie, popped a black-and-green window that said it was installing components and...


...finished. "Installation complete"

"Do you want to list all not installed mods?"




<list of all of my mods>


All the stickies here are rather old, so I don't know what gives. In the times that those stickies were made, I never has this issue. Yes, there were dozens of problems in-game, but not with the install. Guess I got onto a new level of borkage. I probably did some stupid thing wrong, but even though I'm familiar with what BWP is, I'm still a n00b and could've easily missed something amongst all the other things. Please be gentle :D

Improved Asylum anywhere to be found?

04 December 2014 - 10:48 AM

Hi guys,


Since the rpgdungeon site seems to be down, I cannot find a place harboring it. Every other site only has links directing back to the dead site :(