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Near Infinity, Replacing Creatures in Spawn Scripts.

03 June 2017 - 10:16 AM

So in some past questions I have learned and mastered creating new creatures and renaming them using the "create copy" function in Near Infinity.


Now that I have a pallet of creatures I thought replacing them in scripts would be as simple as earasing the name and replacing it with the new creature script name.


    RESPONSE #100
        CreateCreature("BANDIC",[4354.2466],0) // Deke
        CreateCreature("BANDCAP",[4278.2608],0) // Bandit
        CreateCreature("BANDCAP",[4207.2585],0) // Bandit
        CreateCreature("BANDCAP",[4149.2498],0) // Bandit
        CreateCreature("BANDCAP",[4421.2472],0) // Bandit
        CreateCreature("BANDCAP",[4417.2605],0) // Bandit



Above is just a copy/paste....I attempted to replace "BANDCAP" with "NEWXXXXX".  When I compile I get errors.  The only thing I noticed was the original "BANDCAP" has ........... *Dots* underlining the name in the script, but when I copy and paste from the override section it doesnt.



Is replacing static or spawn creatures possible using NI?

2 Game Crashers BWS Tactics

14 May 2017 - 10:43 AM

Badurs Gate Trilogy BG1+BG2


1st- When ever my party dies, ( I have "no game over" installed) game crashed just before deathhand movie starts.  I tried adding Disable Movies=1 under Programs in the Baldur.ini file.  Added it to both the BG1 and BG2 ini.files.  Not a big problem as instead of having the Load Save screen to look at I have to start the game back up and load last save.


2nd- Naskill Mines, Tactics Encounter Deurgars on level 3.  After some experimenting I have found the Deurgar Thief is causing the game to crash.  Encounter lasts through the conversation with Gorken and on round one when the thief takes his first action it crashes, Ive tried to see what he does and I am unable.  Couple things Ive tried using Near Infinity.  I replaced his Bolt of Biting with 20 +2 Bolts because when I ctrl-Y him before he turns red the bolt of biting isnt showing up on corpse.  I also experimented with his profs.  I really dont know what I am looking for when I use Near Infinity to look at his file.


This is a fairly fresh Tactics install, 2 weeks ago.

BG1 BG2 BWT Download Errors.

31 March 2017 - 08:14 AM

I used a strait Tacitics Installation from BWS, no editting the mods at all. (checking or unchecking)


Most of these Mods I dont need anyway.  I think the latest Worldmap is only available with Drop Box, I use winXP so thats out.  All links are either in Japanese or broken anyway.  Can I use a older version?


Im more worried about the dependence.  If I try a install anyway?  Or is there older versions I can use?  Suggestions please.



The following mod(s) could not be downloaded:

** Huple NPC: The Mod itself (Huple_NPC_1.4.rar)

Download site not English

   Improved Anvil Lite: The Mod itself (Improve__Anvil_Lite.zip)

Broken Link, unable to find another using Google.

   Item Randomiser: The Mod itself (randomiser-170206.zip)

Uses DropBox, Win XP cannot access.

   Umbra of TROW - Arena: The Mod itself (UoT_v1.0.rar)

Website not English

   Tsuki NPC for BG2: The Mod itself (TsukiBG2 v.BETA1.zip)
          http://dl.dropbox.co...BG2 v.BETA1.zip

Website not English

** Sentrizeal's Alternate Avatar Pack: The Mod itself (SentrizealAvatarPack.zip)

Manually downloaded into BWS download folder, BWS still says it's missing.

   Tomoyo and the Underground City: The Mod itself (DNTv0.9.rar)

Website not English

   Keldorn Romance: The Mod itself (KeldornRomance_v1-0.zip)

Broken Link

   Macholy's Living-Mod: The Mod itself (NML-V0.6.zip)

Website not English

   Rogue Rebalancing: The Mod itself (rr-v490b1.7z)

Says "File Not Found"

   aTweaks: The Mod itself (atweaks-v450.zip)

Says "File Not Found"

   Almateria's Quest 2: The Mod itself (AlmaQuest2v3_WIN.zip)

Says "File Not Found"

   Edwin Romance: The Mod itself (edwinromance-v207.zip)

Says "File Not Found"

   Worldmap: The Mod itself (bp-bgt_worldmap-v1021.zip)

Says "File Not Found"

   Gavin NPC for BG2:ToB: The Mod itself (gavin_tob-20111125.exe)

Says "File Not Found"

The following mods cannot be installed because of missing dependence:

Gavin NPC for BG2 (BGT Hotfix)

Dark Side of the Sword Coast

Northern Tales of the Sword Coast (Dialog-Patch)

Northern Tales of the Sword Coast

** Loading from the website requires manual interaction.

Some files could not be downloaded with the "BiG World Setup". Do you want
the BWS to try to load the mods again, provide the files yourself (see remarks)
or just continue?
Enter [r]etry, [p]rovide or [c]ontinue.

BGTEE Play testing bug list.

14 March 2017 - 08:18 AM

I read somewhere in these vasts posts you modders were looking for people to play test and report bugs for BGTEE.  I started a game about 10 days ago.   But between work and fiddleing around with other stuff I realized Im falling behind with the lightning speed you modders fix stuff.   This is a list of jibberish I wrote in notepad then pasted here.  Some could be bugs, some could be the way it was supposed to be, some could be my ignorance on game mechanics. 


I didnt comment on installation errors because I dont know about that stuff and I see others did already.  I only comment on game play.  I am about 1/6th through the game.  About to explore the bandit camp areas.  The lower half of the BG1 map area is explored, Gnoll Fort, Nashkil, Cloud Peaks, Bear River, Bragg Area, ect...


Also I have not read every single post in these forums, so some of this stuff might of already been talked about.


STARTS HERE..................................................


BG2EE Folder Start Icon starts the game.

In "Tactics" I changed a few NPCs to multi class..like Xar and Imoen, they dont have spells even though they are listed as being level one in each class.  When they level up to level 2 they get spells.

When I select NONE for character information script, it changes back to advanced.  

Sarahs mod didn't work with 3 of my installations...After she joined party my inventory was messed up, about half my items were bugged in a way when I selected them to pick them up it would pause for 2 seconds.  The other half behaved normally.  When I left Gorions death site, game crashed.  When I re-installed without Sarahs mod, niether of these were an issue.

Lions way bandits. 1 female 3 males, they just looted a caravan.  Woman talks, saying something like "we'll just have to kill you now", only her and one male bandit (male just north of her) turn red.  The other 2 just stand there (2 south of her).  They can still be attacked and killed without penalty.

Potion Seller at Carnival, the one in the tent selling the red and violet potions.  His opening text is so big it only shows the 1st response your allowed to make.  I knew what the other response was so I just pressed 2 on my keyboard, but there was no scroll down option to access it with the mouse.  Also when I lockpick the east chest no guards are called, west chest was too hard to pick, but when I returned later with a potion of thievery it opened and guards were called.

Marl and Dunkin at the Fieldpost Inn.  I walk in, they give a warning.  Montaron say something, I tell him to back down.  Marl and Dunkin go red without warning or 2nd conversation.

Kolbold Mines, Nashkil.  Duergar Encounter Level 3, Duergar Fighter shouts something that belongs to a different NPC, "Lies all if it!  We're your friends here, come into the tent and we'll talk about it"

Valley of the Tombs.  I emerged here from the Nashkil Mines.  Two women, Natalka who attacks me, and Elka who remains blue and follows Xar of all people.  I can only assume she is scripted to take out mages first but never turned red.  Also no conversation with either.  One attacks and about 5 rounds later the other one appears and follows me.  I attacked her just to get her stuff, no rep penalty when I did so.

Officer Via, Flaming Fist woman who buys scalps, buys anything now.

Reforming party, I just dropped Imoen, Khalid, Jaheira, Xzar, Montaron....all left the party with no ending conversation.  They just turned blue and stood there.  Thought nothing of it, just thought it was a new feature to prevent some of them leaving forever.  Went and picked up Vyn, Gavin, Kagian, Garrick, and Tiax.  Went back to where a dropped other 4, in front of Morning Lord Temple, and dropped all but Vyn, these 4 all gave departing conversations, told them all I would be back.  So now Im like...what the?  I talk to Jaheira and she gives me what should of been her departing conversation....so I tell her to wait.  Then I go talk to her again and she gives me her "want me back" conversation.  1st Option- take her back  2nd- Option leave her be  3rd Option-  Doppleganger Mage.  Option 3 was new...so I click on it
I say: Doppleganger Mage
Khalid says: Doppleganger Assassin
Jaheira says: Kolbold Cheiftan
Jareira is then in the party, Kahlid remains blue.
So now Im thinking about the other 3, Imoen, Xzar, Montaron.  Imoen behaves normally, I first get her departing conversation, then a normal "want me back" conversation.
Xzar and Montaron both have the 3rd option, like Jaheira, but the both ramble something about undead knights and ulcaster school...but also both join seperatly leaving the other standing blue.  Im guessing option 3 was supposed to be having one memeber of a duo join without the other, which is working, but the conversation part is messed up.

Shar Teel, when first met, I accept challange and she just stands there blue.  I have to attack her first.  Normally after one hit she gives in.  I took me 2 hits and she had 1 hp left.  Then she joins.

Enemy NPC's all have text they display as conversation that doesnt match up.  SO far it's only been in combat.  So if the NPC has something to say before they attack, nothing is wrong.  Once the attacking begins, durring combat, they shout weird things that look like they are conversations for BG2.

While resting on Dryad Falls screen, I have yet to explore the west half of the map.  Durring my rest, the Ogre Mage (westside center of map still unexplored and Ogre Mage still way out of sight) spams out some sort of countdown..."It seems we have been deceived, Kaishas remains on the island.  We must confront Selaad....ect...expires in 120 seconds." then the counter goes off 6 or 7 more times..

Ok, well I just visited the Gnoll Fortress...I've pretty much come to the conclusion that everyone I meet and fight has dialog errors, including a few that I dont fight....so Im not going to comment on the indviduals bugs reffering to these anymore.

Borda, false potion seller outside of Xzart Village doesnt have the bag the produces a random magic item once a day.   Not sure...if this is a bug, but it was a cool item to have.

Arrows from Magic Ammo Belt.  I put them in there unidentified.  When Im ready to ID them I selected 64 Unidentified Fire Arrows and hit the "to backpack" and it makes two stacks of 64 Fire Arrows, so double.  One is IDed the other stack remains non-IDed.  Same with arrows of biting, but not detination arrows.

Gem bags are doing same thing ammo belt is doing, but only certain items.

When I was using EEKeeper I was changing some spells for a enemy spell caster.  In the 5th level wizzard section some of the spell names are replaced by talk text.

Bandit scalps wont go into bags of holding.

Lagg?  Well, there is something I've not complained about in a BG game in a long time.  Xvart Village, hoard of Xvarts coming at me, lagg appears.  I cast a fireball on what looked to be 25 or so and the fireball made everything lagg even worse, the whole killing part was skipped, except sound.  When the lagg reduced they were all dead...but it was still laggy.  Not until I went around killing the last of them and picking everything up did it go away.

Laurel, Paladin waiting for Gibberling Hoard at Bear River map, wont talk after I killed off all the Gibberlings.  I search whole map again looking for any strays that might of ran off in a random direction and could not find any.

Cant put Braggs body in a bag of holding, but I am able to put the rotten bodies from Ghouls.

At the inn IDing stuff.  I open potion bag and have a red skinny potion bottle...fake healing.. When I select it to move it to the inventory it also selects one in the bag that is already IDed and wont let me only select the unidentified one.  So I have to move both of them to the inventory.

I have 2 daggers, Both "Heart of Golems".  Both were not IDed.  I IDed the first one and the other was automatically IDed.  First, Im not entirely sure I had two of them.  It might be the same bug I reported with the arrows, where it made a duplicate when I transfered it to my inventory.  Second, the second one might of been a duplicate I already had IDed and was selected as per the potion bug I wrote above.  Maybe the arrow/gem ID bug is doing the samething as well, selecting a equal amount of already IDed arrows and moving them, instead of creating new ones.  I'll try to remember to take better notice.

Attached File  WeiDU-BGEE - Notepad.pdf   21.05K   89 downloads


I plan on playing the game all the way through the trilogy and posting these "bugs" as I play...but it could take a month or more depending...and if there is some major fixes or new content added I may just re-instal and start over if what Im doing seems to be outdated or not helpful.

8 Big Questions using Near Infinity to modify my Mega Install.

02 March 2017 - 03:44 PM


  I want to go through the 14,000 creatures in my mega mod using Near Infinity. I'm looking to edit them to make them harder as I progress through the game. Once I am finnished, in about 1-2 weeks, I see there is a mass export option.  

So lets say I finnish modifying all of them.  I export a copy of all 14,000+ using the mass export option, then I decide to re-install my entire Mega Mod.

  (I always use Big World Setup and always pick the Tactics option...changing a few mods Im not interested in.)

 Lets say that in between installs someone has added new content to the BWS Tactics list that includes new creatures.  With my fresh up to date install....Do I simply import my previously exported modified creatures?

I guess what Im wondering is... will they try to overwrite the CRE file slot or will they overwrite based on the CRE script name.

So for example...

Lets say in my current installation, I open the CRE list with Near Infinity and the very first creature listed is #aa1gob.  A 4hp goblin with 1gp.  I change it to 9hp with 2gp, save and then export.

6 Months later new mods are availible, but it requires me to re-install my entire Mega Mod.

I re-install, open Near Infinity and see the first creature in the list is now #aa2orc and the second creature in the list is #aa1gob (4hp with 1gp).  I import my modified #aa1gob (9hp with 2gp), formerly in slot 1 now in slot two, will it overwrite #aa2orc? or #aa1gob?


I see there is a option to load a creature for editing and then save it under a different CRE script name.  So I was thinking of making some new creatures and adding them inplace of current creatures in some of the mods where the same creature is used twice.

For example the Mod "Bone Hill" uses some of the same Hobgoblins you encounter outside of the Friendly Arms Inn.  However by the time I get to "Bone Hill" I am like 3rd level with some really cool stuff.  Which means I blow through a awesome mod with very few hard fights.

If I modify the Hobgoblins using Near Infinity then when I replay the game my party will get squished outside the F-Arms Inn.  

So how do I do this?  

Is this method correct?
1- Find CRE file I want to modify, modify it, save under anyname I pick.
2- Open the Bone Hill areas with Near Infinity that have the creatures I want to replace.  Open the spawn script and simply replace the CRE script name with my new one?



In relation to the first two questions.  Now my Near Infinity is modified the way I "wish". I have adjusted original CRE files.  I have made new CRE files using exsisting ones (modified stats) and saving them under a new CRE script name to make a new CRE file,so the originals were still untouched.

Finnally I have gone through some of the areas replacing spawns with the new CRE script names.

I have exported the entire CRE files to easially add it back to a newer "up to date" Mega Mod, using BWS "tactics".

a- Assuming my modified CRE files that didn't change the script name will just overwrite.

b- My modified CRE files that I made a new copy and saved using a "made up" script name brought my total creature count up.  

So in other words, if I originally had 14,000 creatures and made 100 modified copies to bring it up to 14,100 total.  Then I re-install and look and find new content has added 200 more creatures.  When I import my former 14,100 Near Infinity CRE, will it automatically adjust to make it 14,300?



Is there a easier way to do this?

I love this game, and I dont want what Im saying to come across insulting to modders.  In fact you Modders have given me hours and hours of awesome memories from when BG first came out.  I cannot believe how awesome this game is now with all these mods. 


But I would like to change the following.

1st- I want random encounters with be a little more diverse.  For example, Im not happy with a random encounter that is 9 Hobgoblins that 4 are captains, 2 spell casters, 3 Elite/Slayers.

I would like to change it to 1 Captain (who I beef up), 1 Cleric, 1 Wizzard, 2 Archers, 4 Foot Soldiers, and then ad 4 war dogs/or goblins to be used as disrupting skirmishers.

Let me use AR3200 Tradeway South for my example.

So the easiest way that my, non-modding self, can think of is to use Near Infinity to bring up AR3200.  Then look at the Points of Interest box and pick the random encounter trigger FW43000.  I double click it and it brings up its stat page.  Toward the bottom of the list is Script - FW43000.BCS, so I click once and in a box below it lists a bunch of .BCS scripts with FW3000 highlighted.  Next to the box is a edit button.  I click it and it brings up a huge script that lists all creatures that will spawn with that trigger mostly depending on two things...party size and time of day.  A spawning creature script looks like this...

        CreateCreature("HOBCAP01",[1037.450],0) // Hobgoblin Captain
        CreateCreature("HOBCAP01",[1037.450],0) // Hobgoblin Captain
        CreateCreature("HOBCAP01",[1037.450],0) // Hobgoblin Captain
        CreateCreature("HOBCAP01",[1037.450],0) // Hobgoblin Captain
        CreateCreature("HOBELITE",[1037.450],0) // Hobgoblin Elite
        CreateCreature("HOBELITE",[1037.450],0) // Hobgoblin Elite
        CreateCreature("SHOBSL01",[1037.450],0) // Hobgoblin Slayer
        CreateCreature("HOBSHA01",[1037.450],0) // Hobgoblin Shaman
        CreateCreature("HOBWIZ01",[1037.450],0) // Hobgoblin Wizard

So to change out the hobgoblins would I just change the CRE script names  (example "HOBCAP01")?

And to add the disrupting skirmishers would I have to manually type and add to the list?

Like this......

"CreateCreature("MyGoblin", ect....

2ND- I want to change the creatures that are used too often in various mods to be different.  But Im thinking creating a new creature from scratch is beyond my abilities.  So is creating a copy and modifying it and then saving it under a new "made up name" the easiest way to do this?


I see when I modify a creature there is a color palette to change clothing, leather, metal, ect....but when Ive tried to use it in the past it doesnt change them on the creature until the creature is a corpse.  Does this actually work?


Adding or changing spells....Ive tried this and can't seem to get it to work...

Adding items...seems something is broke...maybe I'm broke.  Can't get the creature to save with the items.


Protection from Undead Items.  I wanted to change these, as I found like 3 of these items which makes undead a non-factor from that point on.  I was thinking instead of the Undead ignoring me, where even the most vile of Liches I can walk right up to and slaughter, I could just get them to still attack me but I would have a +8 to AC.

Undead Disruption Weapons...again too easy..would like to change it to +10 to hit +20 damage.  Still nasty to undead but gives them at least a chance to fight back.