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Full compatibility with BGEE

18 March 2023 - 09:30 AM



I have seen that several components are not yet compatible with BGEE but they work with BG2EE (PnP Fey creatures for example).


aTweaks has always been my favorite mod and now that I have switched to EE, I can't fully use it.


As it seems that nobody is seriously working on this mod, I will make a fork and see if I can make them work with BGEE. My modding knowledge is limited but I really want those components and it would be great to revive aTweaks anyway. I have also seen disabled code about PnP Spiders, snakes, ettercaps, ooze. Refering files don't exist in repository. Is there some material about them ? 


I'm also concerned with a full compatibility with SCS (I have read SCS readme about aTweaks).