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In Topic: Wild Mage changes to Mage

17 December 2012 - 11:43 PM

Thanks for that fix, I may not need it now but I'll drop it in anyway.

I fixed it by reinstalling BWP and excising Revised Battles (or just Blade Master, can't remember which) and anything that changes the Dual Class mechanics. I still couldn't fix not having any proficency slots at character creation, but I just decided to use Shadow Keeper to add those in.

Now I've got another problem. In the area south of Berengost my cursor began to flicker when giving individual characters orders. It would flicker between the regular "hand" cursor, the "sword," and other context sensitive cursors. I could make it stop by going to a menu tab but if I try do do anything more than select a target it would flicker rapidly again. And I could rarely cast spells because the spell button would not register my clicks. When it did work it would immediatly change to a "sword" icon if I so much as brushed past any interactable object.

I tried to search for similar problems to mine but I got nothing.