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In Topic: Comments on the Rogue Rebalancing releases

Today, 11:16 AM

...but even with these it's worth it to decide what do you want to do first :)

Yes, "and then ask from people where to find specific help, or help with specific things", that's what the smiley means ... to me. :lol: Yeah, that'5 just laughthingoutaloud.

That's good advice. My own experience started when I ran into a mod I wanted to IMProveTM, and so I tried things ... studied the actual long guide on how to do stuff in weidu, and failed a lot, until I one day kinda succeeded, and then failed a lot of times there after... while I am kinda still at it, time to time.

In Topic: Comments on the Rogue Rebalancing releases

Yesterday, 06:42 PM

So I cannot figure how to create the setup-rr.exe file.

Any other mod's setup-modname.exe will work. Say, setup-eet.exe or setup-DjinniCompanion.exe ... yeah, the v4.91's .exe is older than the v4.92 and thu7s might contain code the older .exe can't use, so it's unlikely to work. But the two examples are made this year, so ...

In Topic: Comments on the Rogue Rebalancing releases

Yesterday, 01:50 PM

Windows Defender always complains about rr-v492.exe and tries to delete.

Like I said here, that's because it's a stupid program made by amateurs ... not a trustworthy program made by professionals, with experience of 25 30 years in the cyber security business. Just to throw an example.

In Topic: Comments on the Rogue Rebalancing releases

Yesterday, 11:20 AM

Hi All:
Date is 8/13/18.
Trying to download Rouge Rebalancing v4.92.  Followed the path from SHS and got a mod file.  When I extracted the mod, I expected to find a Setup-..........exe file.  There was none.  Is this file missing?
It's there, if you open up the file with winrar for example, just look:
Many virus scanners throw false positives on WeiDU.
Rather, all badly made virus scanner programs do this, as they look a portion of code and detect "security alert" suspects, because it's hash value matches with any number of other files that are known viruses, but then allow some suspects to be removed by a flag from the suspect list because they have been cleared by people that know something about coding... while all the other files don't get to have the flag.
I would bet that Windows 10 get to be detected as a virus by a antivirus programs from 1999, too.

In Topic: NTotSC for EET (and BGT and BG:EE) - Bugthread

Yesterday, 08:56 AM

How is it relying on an old, unsupported version of NTotSC? Jatsey just made the split in July so the Sandrah mod is relying on the most up to date version of the mod. Regardless, Crosaith, all you need to do to get the install going is select the "Fighting Encounters" component. The error would then be resolved.

Is it the version by K4thos, or the original by erebusant ? Cause only one of those is the "latest", while the other might not have the component at all...