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In Topic: BWPV18, ar3800(Carnival) map error,program shut d

Yesterday, 01:22 PM

"change-log" ... no such thing. Yeah, the BWP features a tool that ... but that's besides the point. The command is NOT change-log, it's --change-log, as in it's a weidu command-line argument and here's the FULL explanation of it. And nope, the wrong file name is not the most common mistake, it's that you do not read the instructions and rewrite the weidu.exe with the one in the archive, which will result in a bad output as your weidu.exe is inferior version to the one used to install the mods into the game. And if you know things about weidu moding, you know why that's bad. 


Secondly, you don't need to uninstall a mod to try making the game to work without a mods content, as one can make a --change-log from a file and then use the backups -that it's making- fishes from the mods folders into the new folder, to then use without the excessive numbers in the files names copied into the override folder and then just running the game. And finding the file that crashes the game. Althought this way can result in mixed messages as reverting a file that includes the failure fixes the problem, while it won't give the explanation for it, as that's a subtextual.

In Topic: Sarevok battle - when was it changed?

15 September 2019 - 08:09 AM

Have you --change-log'ed the file ? In BG2... and have you looked EXACTLY what those spells are that are protected against ? As they can be a level 3 spells that are not assigned to be a level 3 spells cause of various things. 

In Topic: Sarevok battle - when was it changed?

15 September 2019 - 03:26 AM

I think chuft is just seeing things...


Well, it actually sounds like chuft installed the regular BGT-weidu. This is how the original battle was in BG1.

Angelo has an amulet that makes him immune to spells of 1 - 3 levels. Probably because he doesn't want to fireball his ass to hell.

"modifications that make the group much touher." Like what ? Cause this is straight from data/Creature.bif and data/items.bif from BG1(+TotSC).


If memory serves, the henchmen aren't exatly invisible... they just aren't there in the first place before the dialog/battle starts. And they have a caster that can use mass invisibility. That get applied to everyone else exept to Sarevok ... cause he is immune to magicTM. TM, cause that included friendly spells too in BG1, but not so in BG2.


"But the timestamps of the files in my Override folder make it obvious BGT is the mod that made these changes." I wonder, if it's that ... or just that the data got converted from one game directory to another so you won't need the BG1 install anymore to play that part of the game. 


... as they were in the first place.

In Topic: Sarevok keeps initiating PID every five seconds

14 September 2019 - 06:19 AM

Also, it's funny that I've played this game 764027018708 times, and only now I find out there's this special tool to deal with this apparently common problem. Heh.

Well, that tool is not even the first of it's kind, as I can say that I partially made the second one to then cover all the scripts, the first being the bigg's tool for one script.


What comes to the Near Infinity, now you should make sure you have a Java RunTime installed on your computer, as the Near Infinity needs that... then you run the .jar file which opens the tool(as a Java Runtime application), go into the BCS folder and open the SAREV25.bcs -file and scroll down to where you see the text in question "running block 40 of SAREV25.BCS" and copy paste the script block text from the IF before it to the END after it to a post, this will jastey to find this bug and fix it. 

In Topic: Are you supposed to start a new game with every BG

11 September 2019 - 09:13 AM

What's BG:T? :rolleyes:

But yes, you should start the 2 games(BG1 & BG2) at least once, to install your BGT-weidu... this is to add in the game configuration file to each game, which in BG2's case is the baldur.ini... if memory serves, and the USB connection didn't get eaten by a heretic.

Now, of course if you extract the game from a .rar archive that already had that done before it was packaged into an archive file, then you don't need to do that of course... you just need to check that the the files directories direct the game into the correct .bif folders. As the folder structure is sure to have changed for C drive... cause updated Windows freakouts. And if you have used other drives in the past, that's no guarantee of anything when it comes to new and old machines.

Why use archive instead of pure copy ? Cause it's faster to extract that to copy the game data.