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In Topic: Been a while since I last did this, some questions.

Yesterday, 05:46 PM

The EET Install Tool is the BWS(in EE), just controlled by Roxanne.

So yeah, user preferred as usual.

In Topic: Issues finding/downloading a few mods

Yesterday, 12:48 PM

Well, selecting the correct forum to post and then typing what tool you used to get the above printout would help a bit.
I would do this ... my way: Extract all mods you have made research with and know what they entail and want to install(and presumably downloaded)... and generalized biffing & widescreen mod, then use the BiG World Fixpack's .bat to install it(the link is a direct download link), and then install the mods like they are said in the latest BiG World Project's .pdf file (minus the version tags), and then install the named last two mods.

It doesn't matter what happens ... it's always the same way no matter what versions are up down and there abouts.

In Topic: BWPv18 released

13 March 2019 - 11:35 AM

You simply have installed a mod component that does that for you.

In Topic: Looking for a WeiDU code to find in which language ToB is installed

05 March 2019 - 01:20 PM

And you can't do this in any other way... like asking which language the installer(yes, the person) wants to install the mod with ? Is that not just too obvious ?
How about a player has a Finnish translation and in no matter what you input in that, it's always false. Cause there's no official nor a non-official translation, except the one dinamically created in my brain, in addition, it's also contains my very own dialect&slang.

In Topic: Looking for a WeiDU code to find in which language ToB is installed

04 March 2019 - 07:40 AM

But what is the best and easiest way to know in which language classical ToB is installed? I mean a more convenient way than reading a stringref and comparing it with predefined ones.
To not give a damn about it. It's not like it matters a bit.