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In Topic: Secret of BoneHill & EasyTuTu

21 November 2013 - 01:36 PM

I have now solved the problem. Apparently first the baldur.ini file had the references to my BG2 folder wrong, so I fixed that. It still didn't work, but now the error message was that it tried to run a compressed biff file from the cd and that I should check the hard disk space.

I then uncompressed the biff files in question (with DLTCEP). That solved the problem for some of the areas, but not all of them.

For the rest, I extracted the mos, wed, tis, and bmp files for each area from the biff (with DLTCEP), and copied them to the override folder in the EasyTuTu folder.

Now all the areas are working, and I can continue gaming.

Just wanted to let you know.