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Secret of BoneHill & EasyTuTu

20 November 2013 - 04:08 PM

I have installed this mod with a lot of other mods in EasyTuTu. I finally found Peltar in the Lathander temple, and got teleported to Restenford. Now the problems started. Whenever I got to an area transition the world map would show it as I was still at the temple area. I finally through these forums found out that I needed to install the Worldmap. I then did this and solved that problem.
Then problem number 2 appeared. I entered the store area (the Smyth guy) and then I tried to go down the stairs to the next level, a screen appeared saying that I needed to put in Baldur's Gate disk 2. I have looked at the game files via NI and have found the reason for this error. The area file references a wed file, that then has a tis file attached.
Now the area in question (BH0122), references an AR0334.wed and of course the tis file is also a 0334 file. This file of course doesn't exist in my EasyTuTu installation.
All the other areas in EasyTuTu either has a FW instead of AR or it gets a _ before its number. I now looked through all the BH area files, and found that more than one area had this problem. Apparently this mod isn't installed correctly is my guess. Now the solution could be to start all over from scratch and reinstall everything again. I don't really want to do that since I have already played a lot.
I figured that another solution would be to somehow get the original wed and tis files from the mod installation, and put them in the override folder, but I don't know how to do that. I have tried to look in the BoneHill folder in my EasyTuTu folder but couldn't find the files there. So now I ask here what to do.
Here is my weidu.log file.