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NPCs and Quests changed in Elven Woods/Bear River/Ogre something

01 March 2014 - 11:42 AM

I've no idea if this is a bug from one of the megamods or even if this is the correct forum, but I've searched and searched and find nothing that helps.


In Elven Woods/Bear River/Ogre something (sorry, can't remember the full title), one of the modifications changed Jared and Laurel to wood elves and changed the Ogre to a wood elf named Fey doch, who simply tells me to be on my way quickly and offers no quest no matter which comment I choose. 


Neville is the only original quest still there and his cohorts are hobgoblins...no idea if they are supposed to be hobgoblins.  Jared's bear is still there but no Jared so no quest.  No Laurel, so no quest.  No Ogre so no quest.


I've reloaded several times and, occasionally, a frightened dog named Cooshee shows up but no idea what to do with him either.


So, can anyone tell me which, if any, of the mods is creating this change?  If it is a mod and not a glitch of sorts, what am I supposed to do with Jared's bear, the wood elves calling for good berries, Fey doch, and if anything of equal value replaced the quests that were traded out.


I'm sorry if this seems confusing and appreciate any help that can be offered.