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Yesterday, 05:05 PM

High Sergio:


I tried VCv10  with Section 1 and a few other mods.  It played but with errors.  I tried VCv20 with Section 1 and Section 2 and a few other mods.  VCv20 did not install.



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17 May 2019 - 04:29 PM

Hi semaj577:


Thanks for the reply.  Your explanation is great.  It covers all of the details.  On of the best I have seen.  I had some minor surgery and need anther days rest.  I will read it now and then use the information to fix aTweaks v4.53.  BWPv18.1 uses WeiDU 244.  I already deleted v246 so I do not expect to have any trouble.


Thanks again,


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08 May 2019 - 01:23 PM

Hello Leonardo:


I was working on making a megamod yesterday with the WeiDU.log that is in Big World Project v18.1.  I noticed many mods have different version numbers in the WeiDU.log than they have in the mod instructions section.  Here is a list:


Mod ID                                               Version in WeiDU.log                                       Version in Mod section


NTotSC                                               v2.2.2                                                                v2.3.0
BGQE                                                 v9 (typo ?)                                                         v18
Sirines Call                                         v15                                                                     v14
BG1UB                                               v15.1                                                                  v14.0 Beta
EMAD                                                 v6                                                                       v8
TotDS                                                  v12.2                                                                  v12.4
Eilistraee                                             v6.5                                                                    v6.6
Vampire Tales                                     v1.03                                                                  v1.04
Shards of Ice                                      v5                                                                        v6
Lucy                                                    v4                                                                        v4a
Arestorationp                                      v8.2.8                                                                 v8.2.9
Wheels                                                v6                                                                        v7
Celestials                                            v6                                                                        v7
NPC_Tweak                                       v5                                                                         v7
SPSTUFF                                           v10                                                                       v11
1PP                                                     v4.1.0                                                                   v4
Song and Silence                                v8                                                                         v9
Cursed Items                                       v3.7                                                                      v3.5
IWDIFICATION                                   vBeta4                                                                  vBeta5
G3Anniversary                                    v9                                                                          v10
CDTWEAKS                                        v4                                                                          v6
Refinements                                        vbeta4.15                                                              v4.22
Stratagems                                          v30                                                                        v31
Djinncompanion                                  v2.4                                                                        v2.6
Level1PCS                                          v1.9                                                                        v2
BG1NPCBEG                                      v2.1                                                                        ?
I know you are very busy, but if you have some time, please identify the correct versions for BiG World Project v18.1.  I assume some could just be typos.
I read v19 may soon be released.  I know that this is a lot to ask, but it be a great help if the URLs with the address of the mods you use were listed in the BiG World Project pdf file.I hope this has not been previously posted.  My apologies if it has.
Sorry I could not put the data in a spoiler.  I have problems saving that to the post.

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06 May 2019 - 07:45 AM

Hi Azazello:  You are correct.  My apologies for taking valuable space.  I will start another thread to get the answers I seek.



In Topic: BWPv18 released

05 May 2019 - 11:15 AM

Hi Sergio:


I understand the frustration with mods.  I forgot if it is DSotSC or NTotSC, but the steps you take for one of them is critical.  Take one out of order and you miss some part of the mod.


I just check the old mods I saved.  I have been playing BWP since v7 and maybe earlier.  The earliest I saved was v7.  I think I got through from Baldur's Gate to Tales of the Sword Coast to Shadows of Amn to Throne of Bhaal only three times.  The rest of the times it was just frustration with faulty mods or not being able to find critical mods.  There are many walkthroughs that were more than useful. But new versions often make the early walkthroughs less than useful.


I usually get through Baldur's Gate/Tales of the Sword Coast before I crash.  I have that part loaded with all the mods thus I now the paths by heart.  Or at least I did till my memory started to fail.  The reason I play  Baldur's Gate/Tales of the Sword Coast is that I found out my characters get wiped out if I have not used  Baldur's Gate/Tales of the Sword Coast to build them up.  I assume this because some mod makers make the mods very difficult.  Other crashes are instantaneous and I am not an expert in fixing mod problems.


Leonardo's BWP is great for making megamods even those with only a few extra mods.  But since V16 I have major problems in making a workable megamod.  With versions 17 and 18, I can only get through  Baldur's Gate/Tales of the Sword Coast.  With playing a megamod only for Shadows of Amn/Throne of Bhaal I usually crash somewhere in Irenicus' dungeon.  Once I made it to Athkatla but crashed when I tried to go to another area.  I am not blaming Leonardo.  I go to the WeiDU.log he has in the BWP book (with that many pages it is a book).  I am amazed at the number of mods he has in his games and the fact they do not crash.  I try to make sure the only mods and components I use are the mods and components in his WeiDu.log.  I will correct components that are listed in the Weidu.log but are listed in the BWP book as being in two mods and being conflicts.  So far that does not work. One thing I would like to see added to Leonardo's BWP book is the URLs for the mods he uses.  I know some are no longer available.  I do not know how legal it is to post mods that are no longer supported by the author or the URL in which they were posted no longer exists.


Leonardo work has inspired authors to also make "tools" to create megamods.  There is BWS and Project Infinity.  I think there are different versions of BWS.  When I toyed with it, I had problems with mods that contained bugs. I think there is a version that support BGT games.  I need to search out information about that.  


I have looked at Project Infinity and I think it claims that it corrects all bugs.  Sounds to go to be true. I feel its instructions are week and so far I have trouble understanding them.  I have no trouble extracting the mods even the ones that do not follow a standard method of compacting them.


I have not kept up with the EE and EET mods and the tools to play them.  I think the graphics are great, but the number of mods that have been create or updated is limiting.


As I stated in an earlier post I am not very familiar with Beamdog and GitHub. I also have not kept up with these programs(?).


Now for Check the Bodies, Dark Side of the Sword Coast, Northern Tales of the Sword Coast, Shadows Over Soubar, The Darkest Day and The Vault.  I think the best way to tackle Dark Side of the Sword Coast and Northern Tales of the Sword Coast is to read the walkthroughs.  I have not seen any later versions of walkthroughs but the older versions will still give you the order of some of  the steps to take.  Usually enough to get you through the mod. I remember there were some that I did not understand why the order was so critical, but it was needed.  The other place to get information is the Readme files.  But I found some totally a waste of space.  What I appreciate in a Readme file is mod title, file name to extract, version number, install tool that the mod is compatible with and a good Readme.  Mods that have this are a pleasure to play.


Now I will search out Project Infinity.  Maybe Leonardo will make a BWP v19, than I will switch back to BWP.