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In Topic: Help with BiG World Project v18.1

05 July 2019 - 05:23 PM

Hi semaj577, thanks for the comment.


I tried all ways to control the mods I did not want.  The REMs was the only way that worked for me.  I probably will go back and try that not using all the REMs again some time in the future.  But for now I will stick with the REMs.  I still am exploring that it could be something in my main computer that is my problem.



In Topic: Help with BiG World Project v18.1

05 July 2019 - 05:15 PM

Hi All:


I have a spoiler in #15 above.  I got messed up trying to explain what it is.  So hear is the explanation.


The spoiler is a copy of my modified individual.bat that I made for my current game.  Up until now, all my megamod games were mess up and crashed so I could I could not play a megamod game.  Then I tried what is in the Spoiler above, and the megamod game works fine.  I started with 220 files.  Most of the mods installed including Auroras Shoes and Boots, atweaks, and some others.  In a test version where I skipped lots and killed tough characters with CTRL-Y, I was able to finish Baldur's Gate and start Shadows of Amn. At the present time I have finished Nashkel Mines and lots of almost all the areas around Beregost.  Some very minor problems which got corrected by restarting the game.  A major area with Lighthouse (The Lure of the Sirine's Call) because I forgot to leave out component #2 from version 15.


There are lots of NPCs I have skipped as I am saving that for another day.  I give no guarantees, but nafter over 25 tries to make a megamod game this is the first success I have had. Perhaps the instructions meant to do this and I misread them.


Now for some problems not related to how individual.bat was edited, but missing components.


I use ITEM_REV, #12 [Items of Protection Can Be Worn with Magical Armor]?.  I still get limited to one magic item.  Maybe I should use CDTWEAKS,  ”Wear Multiple Protection Items” 2151 #2] No Restrictions.  If anyone know how to fix it so I can use multiple magical protection items at the same time. I would appreciate that information.


I skipped Big Picture because I read comments that said not to mix Big Picture and Stratagems.  If you have mixed these two, please tell me the secret to doing that.


Right now I am running the same megamod game on two computers.  I found I can swap a game from one computer to another by just moving the BGII - SoA file.  This way a can continue to play the game while I am trying out new new mods and components or fixing my mistakes.


I apologise for the way I mess the Spoiler by putting it on top above.  You can find all the mods and components I used in that Spoiler.


Hope this information helps someone,



In Topic: Help with BiG World Project v18.1

05 July 2019 - 04:16 PM


In Topic: BWPv18 released

19 June 2019 - 11:30 AM

High All:


My sincere apologies.  In my post above, I said CCleaner was OK to use.  I just spent an hour with a Microsoft representative and she found out that some of my problems was due to CCleaner deleting the wrong registry keys in some computers.  This may be a result of the BIOS.  I am to ignorant about computers so that I fully do not understand what happened.  I have an Asus A78M-A with a 1801 BIOS and an Asus A78M-E with a 1002 BIOS.  All the programs are exactly the same. The A78M-E is not affected by CCleaner registry deletions, but the A78M-A crashes due to CCleaner's registry deletions.  The strange thing is that this began happening with BiG World Project v17.


I wasted lots of time.  I hope no one else was inconvenienced by my suggection about CCleaner.  I guess the better advice is not to mess with the registry.


I sorry for the bad recomendation;


In Topic: BWPv18 released

14 June 2019 - 12:46 PM

Hi Leonardo:


I was very sorry to hear about your misfortune with your computer and the other problems with mod authors not fully testing their mods and using what appears to be non standard methods to create their mods.


I have some information about computers and Windows 7 PRO 64 bit.  I you are aware of this, please forgive me for repeating the information.  I bought two DELL Latitude 5580 laptops. One for me and one for my step-daughter.  They come with Windows 7 PRO 64 bit and 250 GB SSD.  Even though Windows 7 were no longer being sold commercially , Dell and others were selling  them to businesses which still use them.  This may be no longer true.  Another option, which is expensive, is to buy an iMAC and install Windows 7 on it.  I did this and I works well.  Both these options are expensive.  But used computers can often be found at discounted prices.


My versions of Windows 7 PRO 64 bit are old.  I again had problems with one computer crashing all the time when installing Microsoft updates. Also had problems with installing megamod games which installed on another computer.  I called Microsoft.  Microsoft will still help with Windows 7 PRO 64 bit problems for a few more months. The number is 1-800-642-7676 in the USA.  After checking out my computer, Microsoft sent me an updated Windows 7 PRO 64 bit file.  I was not an official Windows 7 file with it's own key but just the file.  I copied it to a DL DVD and installed it with the key from my old Windows 7.  The results were surprising.  I no longer had to install the 300+ updates.  It only takes about 30 updates.  I assume the remainder updates are either already installed or Windows 7 was rewritten to included the fixes.  I have not installed BG1 and BG2 yet.  Hope to get that done next week.  I will post results then.  I have a URL for that file, but I cannot open it.


I too have had Kaspersky antivirus problems.  Windows Defender came with Windows 7.  I switched to Microsoft Security Essentials.  When MSE installs, it turns off Windows Defender and maybe other AVs so they can not be a problem.  Also, it is easy to turn MSE on and off.  I keep it off when I am trying to make and play a megamod  game. I do not know how good MSE is.  I use CCleaner (the old Crap Cleaner) because I read some strong positive comments about it and you can save the registry changes it make.  I have not had a problem with the registry since I used it and it seems to do a good job cleaning up my registries.


I am very limited in writing and/or correcting mods.  But I would like to help you in any way I can.  If there is some help you need with editing or testing mods, I have lots of spare time.  Just let me know.


For what it is worth.  I did try WeiDU 244 and WeiDU 246 on some earlier test games.  The tests were identical and limited, but I found no difference in the partial games.


Thanks for all the effort you have put into BiG World Project.  I have spent months playing previous megamod games with great enjoyment.  With BWP v18.1.2, I am having lots of trouble.  I think I found some mistakes I had made, mainly by not paying more attention to your instructions. So I am hoping to finish the game I started with a little bit of help using cheats to work around the errors and poor mod writing.


Thanks again for all your efforts,