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In Topic: Multiclassed Multikit Builder Mod [experimental]

13 November 2019 - 09:13 AM

Here is a little bug when I try to make a custom HLA.

The message tells me that I have to decrease the HLA table to 24 max but when I have 25 it tells :

The HLA table has 25 entries, and is within the maximum size limit.
You can either enter -1 to finish editing it, or you can continue editing it by entering the number corresponding to the ability you want to remove from, or add back to, the HLA table.


I don't know if 25 is OK or not, but I think there is a little error in the test ;)

If you're on an EE game, it's not an issue, since the EEs support up to 25 HLAs as opposed to the vanilla 24. If you're on vanilla then yes I definitely made a mistake somewhere  :D

In Topic: Multiclassed Multikit Builder Mod [experimental]

22 July 2019 - 07:19 PM

Hi, I'm very new to modding BG II EE. After hours of research and multiple downloads and reinstalls, I finally managed to get to the point where you choose an AI script, but when I press K, nothing happens. Any ideas and what should I post to assist?

I originally tried downloading the mod through the EE Mod Setup Master, but that version wouldn't generate an AI script for me to choose from. Then, I downloaded the version of the mod on the first page of this topic, not realizing it was outdated and started having issues with installing because it required the G3 fix pack that doesn't install on the EE version of BG II. Then I found and downloaded the 27.11 version and tried that and got as far as the previously mentioned AI Script point. I do have other mods installed through EE Mod Setup Master, and that may have something to do with it.

Hello, sorry for not replying earlier, I rarely check SHS. Because of how the EE works, you might not see that much of a change because custom titles don't work for multiclassed characters, which means that even with the multikit your record screen will still read "Fighter/Cleric" or whatever you've picked. Also the script might not have worked, but I'm not going to investigate that for EE games since it's obsolete now.


I've been working on this mod today and I think I've probably fixed your issue since I removed the need for the AI script in the EE, since you can pick the multikit at character creation now. It won't show the kit's title past the "pick your kit" screen, but your abilities and such will update correctly.


Link to the newest version, 0.28.

In Topic: Multiclassed Multikit Builder Mod [experimental]

22 June 2019 - 10:26 PM

Having done some tinkering myself to fix the true class fighter bug, I need to know whether in the Character Record screen actually displays the correct kit names in the information section (not the title). The section I'm referring to is as below:
<Class I Name> : <Level>
Experience: <Experience>
Next Level: <Next Level>
<Class II Name> : <Level>
Experience: <Experience>
Next Level: <Next Level>
Does the Multikit Multiclass builder actually change this to reflect the correct names? If not, is there any way? I've tried using opcode 290, but that changes the name for both classes so instead of getting
Mage: Etc
Experience: Etc
Next Level: Etc
Swashbuckler: Etc
Experience: Etc
Next Level: Etc;
I get:
Swashbuckler: Etc
Experience: Etc
Next Level: Etc
Swashbuckler: Etc
Experience: Etc
Next Level: Etc
Thanks for your time!

What's the trueclass Fighter bug you're referring to? I don't think I've heard about that.
And the title issue on the record is an EE bug, I think the EE disallows for multi-classes having custom titles. I've never been able to get it to work. Maybe it could work with some UI patching, but I have absolutely no idea how that would be done.

Yeah, I mean the multikit itself runs fine. Giving them 8 Million XP just doesn't net any HLAs. And when you go the other option, selecting custom table, this code thing happens. Which also doesn't give any HLA to the multiclassed multikit characters.

Do you remember what symbolic name you picked for the kit? I don't have any other clues as for what could be causing this.

I've been trying to install this mod for the past couple of days. And i keep running in to the same error.
It's a bgee+sod+modmerge large mod install and every time i try and build a f/m/t kid, i get
ERROR: cannot convert __kit2_clasthac_entry or %__kit2_clasthac_entry% to an integer
ERROR: [clasthac.2da] -> [override] Patching Failed (COPY) (Not_found)
I've tried with various versions 27.8, 27.10, and 27.11

The kit is usually a base fighter/specialist mage/shadow dancer. 

You're using a mod added kit which I don't know how it modifies clasthac.2da, and it's that entry that's failing. I'll look into this anyway.

I'm having some trouble using this to create a kensai/wild mage/swashbuckler. Kensai/true class mage/swashbuckler works fine. It seems to be the wild mage that causes the problems.
My debug log can be found here. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

 Just from what I gather from the .debug, seems to me like your xpbonus.2da is borked, and WeiDU doesn't like it at all. Unless you still have that around I probably won't be able to fix this one.

Hi there guys, having some trouble with kensai/true mage/shadow dancer after a BigWorld Tactics install, you can find the debug here:

Log says 7c#ee_multikit.tph is missing, check if your anti-virus didn't eat it for breakfast, otherwise re-download the mod cause that file should be there.

Hi, is this still being supported? I am trying to get an ee megamod install running, ran into an error on this mod specifically. Here is the debug log.attachicon.gifSETUP-M7MULTIKIT.DEBUG
Hey! Thanks for your very promising work! I'm trying to get it installed but I'm running into an error of SPWI975.spl missing. Any idea how to get past that? Thanks in advance for any help, would love to try multiclassing OP kits

There's a scroll in your games (yes, both of you have the very same issue) that contains a reference to an inexistent spell, SPWI975 in this case. It must be a mod both of you installed.
Even if this is a mod-induced error, I'll add a workaround and throw a warning, since failing to install because of this is too tragic.

In Topic: Thalantyr Item Upgrade updated (again)

22 June 2019 - 09:25 PM

Finally fixed the dialogue bug in BG:EE, download is here as usual.

Possible bugs:


Thalantyr only uses "Zhurlong's Missing Boots" and not the other "Boots of Stealth/Worn Whispers" found in EET installs for crafting "Boots of the Thief: 'Fast Legs'" upgrade.

"Short Sword of Backstabbing/The Shadow's Blade +3" upgraded to "Sword of the Murderer" loses 1 THAC0 over the base sword.


If working as intended, please forgive.  :)

I am looking at the item on NearInfinity right now and see no THAC0 difference from the vanilla one. Tested in-game, same results. Check for compatibility issues with other mods.

Re: boots: on my test BG:EE install the pair of boots being used by Thalantyr is boots02, not boots02zh which are Zhurlong's.

In Topic: Thalantyr Item Upgrade updated (again)

04 March 2019 - 06:39 AM

I found a mod-breaking conflict that I think is due to the v2.5 changes -- fortunately the solution is extremely simple. It may be due to some other mod in my install that affects NPC dialogue, but the issue is new in the last 2 years.
Currently, Thalantyr's dialogue tree only gives you the "Rumors? Bah! There's no mage here that wishes to speak or be spoken of ... " state once. It used to appear every time you talk to Thalantyr. Thalantyr's Item Upgrade places its functionality within the "Rumors?" dialogue tree. The effect is that you get to ask Thal about making magic items exactly once, and never again.
Now, the "Rumors?" dialogue tree has a trigger that RumorTalkThalan=0. Once it triggers, it then creates the action:
And you never see it again.
Until the mod is updated, you can go into THALAN.dlg using Near Infinity and change two Actions (6 and 18 in my install) to:
That fixes it, but ensures that you get to play Thalantyr's coy little game every time you talk to him once more :P
I currently don't have the EE games installed, but I could easily fix this if you posted your game's THALAN.d file. Just run ``weidu thalan.dlg'' from a terminal while on the directory containing the chitin.key file, and WeiDU will produce said file. Thank you very much for the bug report btw.
Hello Crevs,
any chance for a ITEM Upgrade for Item revision?
Yes. It's on my plans already, but not in the near future. I won't give any ETA other than Soon™ right now, cause I've done nothing towards this (and this will most likely continue this way for a while).
I can`t install the mod :-( :
The installer do nor recognize my EET game

What can i do to install it?
Thank you! :-)
P.s: i have EET version  "v1.0 RC10 : 09 EN" installed
I believe I've just fixed this problem, although I'm not too certain about it. Sorry but my knowledge is rather outdated when it comes to modding to be honest, as I've gone too long without doing anything related to it, and as equally long without reading anything about it.
Here's the latest version unless someone created a set of patches for the mod that I'm not aware of.