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In Topic: Thalantyr Item Upgrade updated (again)

04 March 2019 - 06:39 AM

I found a mod-breaking conflict that I think is due to the v2.5 changes -- fortunately the solution is extremely simple. It may be due to some other mod in my install that affects NPC dialogue, but the issue is new in the last 2 years.
Currently, Thalantyr's dialogue tree only gives you the "Rumors? Bah! There's no mage here that wishes to speak or be spoken of ... " state once. It used to appear every time you talk to Thalantyr. Thalantyr's Item Upgrade places its functionality within the "Rumors?" dialogue tree. The effect is that you get to ask Thal about making magic items exactly once, and never again.
Now, the "Rumors?" dialogue tree has a trigger that RumorTalkThalan=0. Once it triggers, it then creates the action:
And you never see it again.
Until the mod is updated, you can go into THALAN.dlg using Near Infinity and change two Actions (6 and 18 in my install) to:
That fixes it, but ensures that you get to play Thalantyr's coy little game every time you talk to him once more :P
I currently don't have the EE games installed, but I could easily fix this if you posted your game's THALAN.d file. Just run ``weidu thalan.dlg'' from a terminal while on the directory containing the chitin.key file, and WeiDU will produce said file. Thank you very much for the bug report btw.
Hello Crevs,
any chance for a ITEM Upgrade for Item revision?
Yes. It's on my plans already, but not in the near future. I won't give any ETA other than Soon™ right now, cause I've done nothing towards this (and this will most likely continue this way for a while).
I can`t install the mod :-( :
The installer do nor recognize my EET game

What can i do to install it?
Thank you! :-)
P.s: i have EET version  "v1.0 RC10 : 09 EN" installed
I believe I've just fixed this problem, although I'm not too certain about it. Sorry but my knowledge is rather outdated when it comes to modding to be honest, as I've gone too long without doing anything related to it, and as equally long without reading anything about it.
Here's the latest version unless someone created a set of patches for the mod that I'm not aware of.