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In Topic: My ghost man dies in watchers keep final seal

16 May 2018 - 12:24 PM

Something went wrong...

I copied the FSSPIR1.CRE and called it GELSPI1.CRE so it ended up in override folder.

Then i Copied its sword(SW1H4.ITM) and Called it GELSPI1.ITM.

Then i modified both.

Then i exported them to a folder. There i renamed the creature into FSSPIR1.CRE.


Then i Copied FSSPIR1.CRE from folder to override in data/0789753525858538smt/overide. It said that it already existed... So i pressed change file option from windows. But the wierd part it did not exist there from before in NearInfinity. But when i look at my override folder it got looooooooooads of shit not shown in same folder in nearinfinity.... It somehow contains normal stuff too... Is that normal?


So for now i had to manually put the GELSPI1.ITM in the original creatures hand, and then modify the original creature HP to 500, AC's to -15, thaco to -30 and psy res to 99% xD Then it bloody worked, and went fast cause creatures died in 2-3 strikes instead of fighting for a century on that difficulty. The failed attempt it died already to the ghost xD


But, why does override "windows" folder contains all this stuff that does not exists in same folder in nearinfinity?

The mods i have that i don't have control over content is Weimer's items upgrade, and the tweak mod..

In Topic: My ghost man dies in watchers keep final seal

16 May 2018 - 08:21 AM

For console just hit CTRL+Pause and type C:SetGlobal("SpiritRoom","GLOBAL",12)  and enter etc.


FSSpir1 is your warrior creature and its unique. If you beef him up it won't have effects anywhere else in the game.


Thanks a lot :D

100% piercing, slashing, crushing resists

20D20 dmg


Should do the work then xD For quicker walktrue as well xD

Ill make a simple override file for FSSPIR1.CRE then or give him an unicue wep or smt xD

In Topic: My ghost man dies in watchers keep final seal

16 May 2018 - 06:10 AM

Creature may be FSMumm or FSMumm2


Maybe it helps to use console



That scene can't work in the Legacy mode because you can't influence your spirit fighter while enemies get all the extras. It's a bug you can't overcome without cheating.


Thanks for fast responce.

I don't really know how to use console. Maby you could help me?

I really don't want to change FSMumm or FSMumm2 as they are mummies in general and it would affect a bunch of other creatures.


I found a creature list on google. Found this: FSSPIR1 - Spirit Warrior. Looked like it could be this? Any1 know? Or any1 know if this is used any other place in the game? If so i could just change his dmg, then change it back after wards, or just use it as a temp overide file. I will check some after work this evening :) 

In Topic: Need help adding vampire female & male animation to bg1ee

04 January 2018 - 01:34 PM

7F12 and 7F22.INI exist in both my SOD and BG2EE.


BG2EE ini files:

Attached File  BE2EEvampireINI.rar   990bytes   24 downloads


BGSOD ini files:

Attached File  BGSODvampireINI.rar   1001bytes   23 downloads


Is there something not right? I have same problem with forexample Half-Dragon. Which only exists in my SoD version. Not BG2EE...

In Topic: Need help adding vampire female & male animation to bg1ee

04 November 2017 - 08:39 AM

<blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Avenger_teambg" data-cid="597827" data-time="1509314638"><p>
The .ini files 7f12.ini and 7f22.ini are supposed to be in all EE games, except PSTEE. Well, maybe also except some very old versions. </p></blockquote>

Thanks, ill try to locate them and copy over :-)