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My ghost man dies in watchers keep final seal

15 May 2018 - 01:55 PM



Playing on the hardest difficulti. Legacy of baal or smt its called, which means i cannot turn it down while playing and monsters deal psycho dmg and have psycho life/thaco and armor etc..


So im walking around in watcher keep final seal level with a ghost warrior, doing everything right(using walkthrough for that quest). So at the last place i meet a mummy, i use wand of missile on him and then spirit/ghost warrior continue to attack. Problem is that he dies... Because the mummy is stronger xD


How can i fix this? Can i mod him stronger? Immortal life or immune to psy dmg or smt? Any1 know his internal name? Of the creature..?


I was so ready to take on the imprisoned one this evening, but now i can give that up xD Maby i can mod some more dmg into his wand of missle or change the spell it cast into making mummy 1 lifed after cast?

Need help adding vampire female & male animation to bg1ee

07 October 2017 - 10:12 AM



Im having issue with some creatures who wont appear in bg1ee/sod.

Like vampire female and male.

Actually the other way around i have some issues to, like half dragon.


How can i do this correct? Is it because i by mistake deleted bg1ee and only play that part via sod?

I did copied all the picture/animation files from vampires into bg1ee/sod override folder. Still dont work :S Its invisible...

Is it possible to make a mod that shows creature resistanses

02 August 2017 - 08:19 AM

Does there exist, or is it possible to make a mod to show the creatures resistance. 

Forexample buy holding down a button + click on creature(or hover mouse above it) and then its shows like:


Slashing res:

Crushing res:

Pierce res:

Missle res:

Magic Res:


Magic Fire


Magic cold




Immunes: Fear, Hold  etc


Does this exist, or can be made easy? :) 

More stats like thaco, ac etc could be displayed as well.

Full profience points.... Also How to level 50?

10 June 2017 - 02:52 AM



Currently testing the d2nec kit.

At level 36 i got a problem. I have filled every slot possible with 1 point profience, so when i wanna level up i can't because no place to put the profiency point.


Im also wondering about the easiest way to make this kit able to level to level 50? Is there a general mod or smt? Looks like clab table etc is made for level 50 on this kit...


Now found a rather easy way. I removed one profiency point with ee keeper and then level'ed up.