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A New Medieval Map

27 January 2015 - 08:49 AM

Maybe I'll be a nostalgic, maybe I'll also be a purist, but I think that the BG1 map remains unsurpassed. If it were up to me, i would install BGT forcing it to not change in any way the original maps, but this is not possible. There remain two only options: either accept the BP-BGT default worldmap or... draw a new one by myself and put it in the Worlmap so that it may recognize it.

Now, given that I really don’t like the BP-BGT graphic style and i really want a general map in the sepia and old scroll style of the first BG, I need to know these three things:


1) in which files of the mod the map is and how to replace it.

2) where the landmark icons are put in and how to replace them with others of my creation. The new icons will be drawn to more correctly blend into the background and not to resemble foreign objects badly stuck on it.

3) how to eliminate that horrible red-flashing disco light effect that starts by moving the mouse cursor on the icons, and how to replace it with a more serious and discreet highlight by consistent colors.


The end use of the new map would be very personal, but if other people are interested in having a BG1-style map and the authors are available to integrate a new alternative map option into BP-BGT, we can discuss of making it a public domain.

Fewer... Shouts?

24 January 2015 - 09:26 AM

I quote from the BP Readme:


Fewer On-Screen Shouts :  BP adds a lot of enemy string heads, to make some of its choices clearer and to add in-game immersion. Some people don’t like it. This removes the bulk of them. A few might have slipped through the cracks, thus “fewer” instead of “no shouts”.


Can anyone give me a concrete example of how these shouts work?

Item Randomizer's Unequipping Items...

23 January 2015 - 12:11 PM

Item Randomizer is an interesting mod. It takes hundreds of game objects and places them randomly inside containers or in the monster's inventory, so as to make the loot always differentiated, unpredictable and in some cases surprising.

Among the various components of which the mod is made, there are those relating the "creatures unequipping". I quote from the readme:


" (Item Randomizer) does its best to equip creatures who receive random items with said item. This can result in beholders wearing armour or dragons wearing helms, or other strange things. The components listed below offer the player the choice of having all items unequipped from a specific group of creatures. Only creatures who are eligible for receiving random items are affected by these components. But they will unequip all droppable equipment from the creatures and not just items Item Randomiser has equipped them with."


Follows the list of the nine components, each of which relating to a specific type of creature to not equip, and these are:


- Beholders

- Demi-liches

- Dragons

- Elementals

- Fiends

- Golems

- Master Brains

- Slimes

- Troll


Now, it seems to me a very good thing (a dragon wearing helmets and armor, in addition to being creepy on the narrative ground, is probably unbeatable on the fighting ground...), but the BWP bears the inscription "skipping" next to each of these nine components. Why? Is there something I should know? Is there any problem to activate these nine components?


Spawn System Pain...

21 January 2015 - 11:23 AM

I'm desperate. I desire with all my heart a spawning system as similar to BG1's one as possible for my bgt installation, but I cannot find it. BGSpawn and TuTu\BGTweaks spawning systems ensure well assorted but level scaled monsters. BGT spawning system guarantees not scaled but very ill assorted monsters (goblins+specters+wolfs...). For the sake of realism, I NEED consistent and not scaled monsters, as it was in BG1 and would in a real world be. I NEED to be terrorized by creatures stronger than me, and that weaker creatures be TERRORIZED BY ME. I need consistency AND fixed strenght level monsters. I need the spawning system of BG1. Give it to me. Please. I need it. Please...