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Problem with Rukrakia area file

09 August 2018 - 03:36 AM

Split from Translations into English thread.



Yes, Rukrakia should be recruitable in SOA but I don't remember the details. Am not sure if it happens in a specific place or whatever (during a fight or what).
I don't really remember how I recruited her.

Yes. The log could could be helpful to understand what happened.

Glad that it worked!

So I started SoA but I run into a problem.
Namely when I tried to visit the "Black Forest" which is a new location from this mod the game crashed. And it always does when I go there.
Here is what appears in the crash window:
An Assertion failed in InfScreenWorldMap.cpp at line number 3069
Programmer says: Bad Area file, in are "RU6700" need entry point "ENTRANCE1"
It seems to be some map related problem since I've seen at least a couple of RU6700 files in the AREA folder of Rukrakia. I wonder if it is the mod fault, BGT WorldMap fault or something else. You might have experienced similar problems perhaps since I noticed that there was in BWP a patch named Nightfarer's new map Fix?
Here is the Weidu log btw: