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Phase Spider Kit

02 September 2015 - 01:43 PM

File Name: Phase Spider Kit
File Submitter: semiticgod
File Submitted: 02 Sep 2015
File Category: Miscellaneous Released Mods

The Phase Spider Kit is a very strange kit available for any base class. Essentially, the kit turns your character into a Phase Spider, which can cast Dimension Door at will. The Phase Spider kit comes with a variety of other bonuses (including a constant effect Improved Alacrity!), but also suffers some very severe drawbacks to balance it out (including an immunity to the casting speed bonuses of the Amulet of Power and Robe of Vecna).
The kit will not play like its parent class--it is very much a new class, with unique HLAs to boot. It's extremely mobile and very responsive, but fighters will have combat penalties, thieves will be less versatile, and spellcasters will have weaker spells. Currently, EE is not supported.
Because mages and sorcerers don't have the same kit files as normal classes, the only way to get a Phase Spider mage or sorcerer is to create a Phase Spider fighter (or another class besides a thief) and then Shadowkeeper the character to a mage or sorcerer. Phase Spider monks are supported, but due to engine limitations, they are coded as rangers. Otherwise, any class can select the Phase Spider kit as normal on character creation.
This is the first release of the kit. I have done extensive play-testing with the kit, but not with the most recent version. If you find any problems with the kit, please contact me at ced2168@columbia.edu.
Thanks go out to Musigny, who provided invaluable support in making this mod happen.

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