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18 December 2017 - 06:19 PM

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Ah man I got to really do another play-through of this and make another list of polish and to-does.


It has been a year or longer or so since I monkeyed around with the content herein. I really should finish up some of my works in progress related the Dark Side of the Sword Coast / Northern Tales of the Sword Coast. My memory forgets what I have worked on at times (like a squirrel who forgets where they buried their nuts :-P) and I am just going to have to dive in and see what else I can polish up.


I was in contact with Swit / Peter / K4thos for what feels like eons ago but I forget to the extent as where I was at or what I was doing; something about Non-Player Characters, New Items, New Areas and the Candlekeep Party; Osprey in particular keeps bouncing around in my head. Swit / Peter / K4thos liked what I was doing and there was something important about CúChoinneach and Polish people; either way I was granted permission to work on the project doing more of what I was doing but I cannot remember what I was planning 100%.


I think that I moved (again and again) in real life right around that time where I burnt out going crazy over.. 'something'? Unfortunately I cannot remember in full. Ah yeah there was something else about Isandir and cut content; Trent Oster and Mike Sass; although I talked to these people but I forget about what. Also there was something about 2020+ but I cannot remember everything though. There was a layer of chaos to this last part which I cannot place. Also there was something about Edmonton. Perhaps this is when Trent was gearing up for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition; I cannot know for a 100% certainty.


I was really up there with a million and one things on the go and it all of a sudden exploded in my face and then I was ushered away to where I was then working in great vigour upon my 3D tank game and of my AGABAL medieval fantasy world for a year or two then after. My recollection feels as if the whole memory of this time period is just a big shotgun blast of details all a-strewn upon a weltschmerz canvas. Similar to capsizing a box of jig-saw puzzle pieces asunder onto a tabletop to splash and flow across and cascade over the edge of table's circumference and onto the floor beneath..


I get this with so many projects, this 'amnesia' after a colossal burnout that it is almost like a restart or what ever until more or less ~a week or two later I regain parts of my memory trampled underfoot. A good thing about digital work is that it stays in one place and can er, 'remember' even one does not. Ah again so much to do and yet still so little time, and passionate people!


It feels odd working here, with Baldur's Gate. Like I missed a train or a bus years ago and I am still waiting for it arrive to take myself to where I dream yet I stand in a ghost town compared to else projects that I have worked on. World of Warcraft was a metropolis; World of Tanks was a council of united nations and a lot of translation via uncle google. Yet here, I have the most passion therein but it is all strangers and weird people who go bump in the night and a small handful of world weary people with a lot of talent. It all makes myself think if I am just staring into my future self working with these resurrected wonderous relics of whom work weary and tired of the world and with weight of their own ambition yoked upon their strife in life. With this passion and years of ambition induced insomnia; squeezing time from nothing; blood from a stone am I to be the Hercules to free Prometheus? Or am I cursed by my own will and unyielding drive in life to become Prometheus awaiting Hercules; stumbling, crawling, failing over and over racing towards a dream yet ultimately waiting for superman?


Perhaps it was my childhood in the formative years that gripped myself so or perhaps it was many things strum that were previously untouched yet when I say to people that I work on Baldur's Gate I get a great deal of 'what game?', 'huh?', 'oh you mean that shitty SJW game?' and a few 'ah yeah that game, its been ages'.  It troubles myself that there are so few creative people here and yet the world is so beautiful and grand; perhaps I just have rose tinted glasses and a limited perspective of life, blind to my own bias. Perhaps like reading books en mass, learning to actually sing and playing The Bard's Tale and King's Quest, playing these cerebral games too is fading away into obscurity.


It is just strange that everywhere I go I work with people who are almost or who are 'getting on' 40 or are 40+ and quite a lot of people who are retired. I work with tanks you see, old history type of things and I see all of these old photographs of people who came and went and I look at Baldur's Gate and even some of Classic World of Warcraft servers and I wonder what it was like back then. 'What ifs' and 'what could have beens' and yet I am to myself mysteriously steadfast beholdened to this ambition to make 'new old history'; medieval fantasy and altered history. Also I play electric guitar for I love Classic Rock and Roll and that is the same story yet with a different tune; older people in life and lost memories of a golden age gone by. It really makes myself think what I am doing at times, looking behind to move forward, studying the golden past to make a brighter future, living in a past that I never knew.

Looking for people to make new content with (B.G.1)

05 December 2017 - 09:31 PM

Hello, I am looking for some people to create new content with for the Baldur's Gate (2.0+).


I am finding the hardest part of modding is the lack of creative community interplay and the lack thereof that produces the byproduct: solitude. I have a few projects on the go (basically think Dark Side of the Sword Coast but more 'healthy' power-wise in terms of scope) although I have most of the talent and skill to pull off these ambitious projects with high quality standards preserved, it is just really boring working in a ghost town.


Bioware and Beamdog had / has a few friends at its core, Blizzard the same (always a busy place) although I love Baldur's Gate and I want to add another expansion to the original game it is just the lack of people to do this with is the hardest issue to overcome. Sure some things I cannot do but even then I can still make all I need in terms of content at the cost of some quality but the biggest thing is being alone in the creative process. Basically: It sucks. I started a few games in Unity, started YouTube videos and even Discord channels looking for people to work with but it was the same result every time; I could not find people to work together with.


I never really thought long and hard on this kind of issue but it seems that I am the type of person who is socially orientated and I feed off of people and a group enthusiasm. In school I had a great time working with people; I feed off of social energy. Yet here, alone in cyberspace behind a million masked eyes of avatars that you never really get to see or know; it just feels empty.


I would like to show up to a friend's house and do something creative but I never met anyone who did this kind of thing even though I moved from a bunch of towns and cities. I ran an airsoft club doing that, running around the neighborhood door to door and got people having fun, I was on student and community councils, a weight lifting club but now all of my older friends are gone, addicted to drugs and or were never into video game design in the first place. I really miss being more social but I have this passion for creative video games that ends up leaving myself alone drifting around in and out of cyberspace.


I have seen people in the past who worked together on community projects but now when I have my time to shine I cannot find anyone; I don't know why this is. Perhaps Baldur's Gate is dying. I never was very old when I first played Baldur's Gate. You know I got this passion to create more high quality content for the first Baldur's Gate but the biggest issue is being alone doing it.


I have eclipsed the quality of items produced by Beamdog and I have reached Bioware 1998 standards of item quality from nothing more than crappy MS paint skills and old team B.G. tools from the 2000's to start off with but still I am not happy. I am just a more socially creative type of person I suppose.


I am always trying to make high quality content for a player base and trying to make content worth playing but I cannot find anyone else who also does. I feel at this point even if I created one of the greatest additions of content to Baldur's Gate that I still would not be happy with myself; I just want to work with people at the end of the day. Akin to how Dark Side of the Sword Coast was created; by a collective community all adding bits and pieces together. Every great game was created by many hands all working together. It is like that old saying by a Spartan King (in some ways): The people are not blessed by the land, it is the land that is blessed by the people.


I hope that I was clear and concise in this message, hopefully doing away with the seeds of confusion that can spring up and grow from these kinds of text based communications. I have not had much success finding people to create high quality content together with in the past so I do not have my hopes set too high here; rather I am just doing something rather than nothing. These kinds of projects seem to be a bit too complex for whatever reason and without a shared passion people seem to peter out and fade away into the forgotten voids of cyberspace. I have 'gone down with the ship' with community projects so many times working on mods and games, my content, other people's content, as team leader, team lieutenant and team support that I cannot remember how many times it has been where I was the last person who 'went do with the ship'. I am Cursed to dream alone! Eh life, yet I press onward.

Cold Snap Spell for 2nd Edition.

05 December 2017 - 09:01 AM

Cold Snap

Druid / Ranger / Shaman Level 1, Mage / Sorcerer Level 2


The caster points at a spot within 100 ft and blueish gray light coalesces into a series of small spheres that bursts creating a flash freeze causing all creatures within a 20-ft-radius, 50-ft-high cylinder to take 1d3 points of cold damage at level one and +1d3 points of cold damage per every 4 levels of the caster up to a maximum of 4d3 points of cold damage at level 12. Also any target caught in the spell's radius is chilled must make a spell save or be slowed for 1 round and with an additional round per every 4 levels of the caster up to a maximum of 6 rounds at level 20. When cast by a level level 12 caster or higher an additional cumulative chill is inflicted up any target caught within the spell's radius and must make a second save verses spells or be slowed. This effect is cumulative with the first chill effect that can slow the target if it fails its initial spell save. [Note: chill movement rate 2, 'double chill' movement rate 1]




Hello! I am looking for help creating this spell for Baldur's Gate.



The Idea is to add more cold spells into the game given that there is a distinct lack thereof.


I found the Cold Snap spell but there was no 2nd Edition counter part (like many spells later on in the Baldur's Gate series). Cold Snap is from 3.5+ Edition Dungeons and Dragons and has a few versions.


Given that Baldur's Gate is a 2nd Edition game and spells can change over time I thought to bring a version that brought the best for all of the various versions of Cold Snap. I want to bring Cold Snap from 3.5 edition into a version after the Time of Troubles that is suiting to the power balance of early contemporary spells.


There are more cold type related spells for 2nd edition although Cold Snap look very interesting to add to Baldur's Gate. Another spell for area of effect damage akin to Fire Ball but with less damage and less area of effect and which also works like a lesser version of grease. A hybrid flexible role type of spell. It also gives druids a bonus. It seems perfect!


I was thinking of a Fire Ball icon shape with a snow flake for the 'ball' with Ice Storm 'ice shards' as the 'tail' for the icy projectile for the spell icon for Cold Snap.

Lucerne Hammer (New Weapon Type) need help with inventory avatar B.A.M

04 December 2017 - 10:37 AM


Hello! I am trying to get the above image to work for a new weapon type Lucerne Hammer (Halberd proficiency). Basically this is the missing Two-Handed Hammer.


I am lacking the scripting skill to pull this off, the character animation can be a Halberd for now (until the painstaking work of editing the halberd animation frame by frame into a Lucerne Hammer is completed x.x)


May someone more skilled than I with scripting / programming talents please pull this off? I have provided the inventory avatar art asset. This project keeps lingering on and I would like to finally have it be complete. I can create the item illustrations and item B.A.M.s and .ITM files and item descriptions for Default, +1, +1 Special, +2, +2 Special and +3 variants. Here is an example of my item B.A.M. art: https://withinamnesi...he-Lost-Odyssey


Bastard Sword +2 'Vindicator'



Two-Handed Sword +1/+2 'Osprey's Purple Two-Handed Sword'



Ring of Dispossession 'Ring of the Last Ruamathari Prince'







I also have the source books as well for the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition Lucerne Hammer. I just need some scripting / programming help from the community to pull this lingering project off. We can have a new (currently missing) item category; I just need a bit of help outside of my element that is all.

Looking for Voice Actors / Actresses for Baldur's Gate

04 December 2017 - 09:45 AM

Hello I am looking for Voice Actors and Voice Actresses for Baldur's Gate Non-Player Characters. I am after a high standard of quality to blend seamlessly to Bioware's work in the Original Baldur's Gate. We are far past the late 1990's so if you have confidence in your voice you will most likely do just fine; the problem is that I am looking for a wide array of voices for a bunch of characters.


So far I am looking to give proper voices and character to some underdeveloped Non-Player Characters in the Original Baldur's Gate; namely (the Candlekeep Party):


Attached File  3vt9x30lawrj.png   133.16K   75 downloads

- Osprey the Fighter / Diviner


Attached File  MAN2L.png   124.56K   84 downloads

- Canderous the Priest of Tyr


Attached File  mm87t5osy2lr.png   83.03K   78 downloads

- Mordaine the Abjurer / Thief


Attached File  GENDWRFL.png   135.25K   86 downloads

- Arkanis the Dwarven Defender


Attached File  q9vzbz4wa5ni.png   126.09K   81 downloads

- Deder the Fighter / Thief


Also there are a few more extras that either need their voices redone (some were recorded via a tin can attached via string to a potato) or they have no original voice at all; namely:

- Patrick Fentan

- Ozyldor Avalonaeire

- Dra'tan Kil'nerr

- Natasha Faenlon

- Stephan Ozsa'eltt

- White Vor'ghaxe

- Silke

- Additional cut and veteran Dark Side of the Sword Coast Non-Player Characters like Morik and Morik Quantoul, Jenna, Juoda Inirsis and Vihane Sodalane.


Here is a complete list of Non-Player Characters for the Original Baldur's Gate under construction:


Please ask questions and give feedback:).