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Megamodd try, got question

16 October 2019 - 12:30 PM

Hi there :)

I came back after few years for another Modventure, sadly discovering BWS is not much of a thing. 

I am aware of freshly arised ifninitymodding tool, although it doesn't seem to cover megamodification with its complicated 

orders of install. Sooo, I've got BWP. After some stuggels here and there, got it to move nicely, BUT....

it's not what I want. Either filters, selections or everything? Meh :< BWP yes, combines mods nicely, but doesnt seem to give me 

a choice of components, which is a big nono for me, as many mods I've chosen from, I've chose for 1-2 parts out of many.





How do I change components of my BWP installation (personalise it) ? I've seen individual.bat, it's black magic for me atm, maybe I could figure it out with an example?

should I skip BWP and try to install manually instead?