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In Topic: Not sure if this is a bug

13 June 2019 - 04:10 PM

You are both right... and wrong. Things are indeed somewhat confusing in this case as older versions claimed this:


 For the Romance to run, your PC must be female, and have an Intelligence of 14 or above. There is no racial restriction. Edwin will be found where you... ETC

in contrast with this:


 For the Romance to run, your PC must be female, and have an Intelligence of 14 or above. You must also be human, elf, half-elf, halfling or gnome. Edwin will be found...  


Don't know if Edwin always detested bearded dwarven lasses ( I guess he only tolerates his own beard ) or is it consequence of some unpleasant experiences so he changed his mind in recent versions of the mod. 

In Topic: Help with BiG World Project v18.1

10 June 2019 - 02:45 PM

You are welcome Tom, this component is obviously incompatible with BGT for some reason although it works in old vanilla  BG:TotSC. Don't know for TuTu. Hope that Leonardo see this and fix it somehow for new version. 

In Topic: Help with BiG World Project v18.1

09 June 2019 - 12:27 PM

Hi The Imp:


Thanks for the comments.  My game is almost going well.  Last night an area named Lighthouse crashed.  Tried several times and from several ways, but it crashes about 10 seconds after you enter the area.  Locks up the computer.  Since it is a original Baldur's Gate area, either my disc is bad or some mod altered the game improperly.  Tried reinstalling Baldur's Gate, but does not fix the area.  Easy to skip.  It is not required for the game.



Hi Tom,


did you perchance installed "enhanced, improved " or whatnot Lighthouse area from " Lure of the siren call " mod? It seems that component cause some trouble in the old BGT play. 

In Topic: BWPv18 released

16 April 2019 - 02:51 PM

Hi All:


My main character is a Paladin/Undead Hunter.  I am more than half into Baldur's Gate when I noticed he was changed.  He now is a Paladin/Fallen Undead Hunter.


Tried to fix him by donating large sums (2,000,000) of gold to a priest, but was told it was not enough to increase reputation.  Removed all equipment and nothing changed so I assume it was not caused by an item.  Exported him to the characters file and used Near Infinity to examine him.  I can read most Near Infinity stuff but am ignorant on how to use Near Infinity.  Found four sections: View,  Edit, Stats and Items/Spells.  In Flags in Edit, found ( Fallen Paladin (9)  Export allowed (11) ).  Clicked on flags and a list of them appeared.  Checked State Flags in Shadow Keeper.  I could could not match SK with NI.


I would appreciate any help about removing the Fallen Undead Hunter.  I prefer doing legally, but if that is too difficult I would use SK or NI.  I would also need instructions for NI.


Thanks for any help,



I seem to recall that if you successfully finish all paladin related quests given by the Order of the Radiant heart you will be restored as paladin. If you are past that point there is no legal option, you can either cheat with Shadow Keeper ( or some other utility program ), quit or stubbornly keep going  at great disadvantage. Wish there was a mod which address this issues, giving you some options for redemption or new opportunities to keep going as a fallen one. 

In Topic: BWPv18 released

13 January 2019 - 03:01 PM

Just because of curiosity, is Calin NPC mod included in the newest version of BWP ( and/or in BWS )?