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How to determine cause of random crashes in BG:TotSC

23 November 2018 - 05:03 AM

Hello, I doubt that I will receive much help about this matter, but you never know. I would like to know is there some way to find cause for random crashes to desktop which occur randomly when playing VANILLA ( old ) BG:TotSC. As far as I can see there is no Baldur.err file so I don't have a use of  Logging On=1 line I added to Baldur.ini ( configuration setting ) file. So far I've been lucky, only two crashes ( first an Nashkel carnival at night and now at FAI map ) while I was walking. This occurrence was much, much more frequent when I played old 3CD BG:TOS until I switched to newer GOG edition. 2 CDT in 109  ingame days is exceptional luck compared to my previous experiences. Anyway, there is no error message of any kind, game just freezes then windows pop up message of APPCRASH. I can't find much joy in playing one of my favorite games in constant fear of random crash,quick saving after every dialogue, spell learned, log entrance and battle ( which leads to immediate respawning of enemies in the area, among other things ) so every bit of help would be most welcome.  

Is anything on Faerun protects against poison damage?!

16 April 2018 - 05:05 PM

Well, every day you learn something new about this game. Releasing chaotic evil " young " green dragon ( that youngster is actually level 25 dragon ) from the caverns in Myth Drannor seemed like a bad idea in that moment despite the fact that I acquired item it was requested. So I sent bard Rihn protected by invisibility spell, with periapt of proof from poison  and protection from magic scroll to pick treasure under it's nose. Dragon incinerated her the moment she entered it's eyesight with it's breath attack. Two of my fighters which were hasted, protected by poison from scrolls of poison protection and under effects of heroism potion which were sent to retrieve her equipment barely stayed alive. Dragon uses his breath attack which bypasses protection from magic and poison scrolls every few seconds for damage around 60-80 on failed saving throw and 30-50 hp for successful one. Why protection from poison doesn't work against poison breath attack ( I seem to recall that protection from poison work against effect but not damage from it ) and how you can protect yourself from it? 

Multiple overlapping conflicting cutscenes in the Vault of ages

15 April 2018 - 05:51 AM

So I was finally talked to Pel'ja after I parked Narcissa, Aleigha and Fala'stra at the Outlook inn. That ancient elven mage was very chaty ( Ilesomeone). After I accepted suggested trio ( Althon, Vildamyr and Rihn ), summoned Candella and recruited Ilhara I told elven Pupetmaster that we are ready to depart to Myth Drannor. But to my surprise all of my party except Althon get stucked in upper left empty space limbo on the Vault of ages map while elven mage triggered another quest for Merchantius to explore some ancient Netherese castle. Then I got another list of NPC to form party again for that particular quest. I picked Rihn who was already in my party and then everything stopped. Whole party except that shady fallen paladin was imprisoned in the empty space. Fortunately after I selected Althon and talked with the mage I got another conspiratory dialog about Lords of Waterdeep and whatnot and only then my party got transported to Myth Drannor. I wander what would happen if I didn't pick up Althon this time, I would probably stayed helplessly stuck up. Can anybody please tell me what is this quest with de Amberville castle and what are conditions for its triggering? 

Mistmoor's priest of Selune Sky rock quest

14 April 2018 - 04:41 AM

This is all big hoax or more likely quest isn't implemented at all. But if that is the case why Brother Gus give it in the first place? 

Stuck in Piney Bluff after destroying Gauntlet

05 April 2018 - 09:57 AM

This is my first time to try alternate route and refusing to deal with Saltmarsh problems and lizardmen. Gauntlet is destroyed, Bergon is recruited and Icar delivered his speech of regrouping in Mistmoor. Problem is that neither Mistmoor nor Selgaunt are opened on Worldmap. I think that caravan leader named Enderson is supposed to transport you to one of those two places but I stumbled on unusual bug. If you talk to him when you first enter the inn as a part of Icar's quest and tell him that you will think about his offer for job, he has nothing to say after that. My question is for some legal solution to proceed with the game before I'm forced to tamper with Globals.