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ARP Review and Praise

02 October 2022 - 11:39 PM

The Extended Waukeen's Promenade cutscene alone is worth installing this. It links up the Shadow Thieves plot more explicitly with Irenicus and feels like it should always have been there. In fact, I could have sworn I had heard those lines before ("We know of your treachery Irenicus") - maybe they were removed by some early patch?


The small NPC additions blend in seamlessly. I can't say whether all of them showed up in my game, but I especially remember Firkraag's taunts and the additional dream cutscene. Turning the Slayer change HP boost into a real bonus is also essential to actually portray the temptation to give in to it everyone keeps talking about in gamistic terms. The monk disguise in Amkethran didn't seem to work for me, but that may have been a Wheels of Prophecy incompatibility.


Overall this mod doesn't seem to get many reviews, probably because people just lump it in with UB or don't know which changes are made by which restoration. Which is a shame, because you really should get more credit for uncovering and implementing these lost little touches.

Compatibility with Alternatives

01 October 2022 - 02:22 AM

Since Ninde is to be found in Bodhi's Lair, am I right to assume that she should be implicitly compatible with mods such as Alternatives, i.e. she will still be there even if Charname arrives there under other circumstances than Aran Linvail's quest?