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1PP in EE

28 May 2019 - 05:17 PM

Hi folks,


As part of my transitioning to EE, I would like to understand how exactly 1PP components are now incorporated in it. They are among my favourite mods and I really could not envision playing with ugly Planetars or BG2 Paperdolls after having grown used to 1PP's. ;) But as far as I understand, all 1PP components are incorporated in Vanilla EE now. There seems to be a lack of documentation of this though. Does it mean things like Female Dwarves, Thieves Galore, Flaming Swords, Improved Projectiles and Quarterstaves are all present by default in EE? Or will they have to be activated somehow? What about flexible Avatar & Armour switching? Basically, is there any content from this mod EE is still missing out on?


Thanks for clearing this up! I decided to put it in a new topic to make it immediately visible for other confused returnees such as myself.

Alternative Portrait

24 May 2019 - 08:16 AM

Isra's standard portrait is lovely, but doesn't fit all that well with the BG2 format, making her always stand out somewhat. If that has been bothering anyone

else here, there's this amazing portrait on DeviantArt which fits her character perfectly and more closely adheres to the BG2 standard or Enkida's portraits. I suppose it would make her father very happy to see hear wearing the emblem of the Red Knight after all... ;)