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In Topic: I think I like him! [Edit: So I made a soundset! Enjoy.]

17 January 2017 - 01:13 PM

Sorry, for the double post - I wasn't logged in.




The Imp, thank you for your most informative message.


Althoug, I did some tinkering and here's how it is. I recorded my soundset and saved the files as WAV using the names provided by Rhaella. Next step was to put them in the "override" folder of BG2EE... and that's it. After starting the game and meeting with Adrian for the first time the soundset just works. I would've attach it just as tatterdemalion did it, but I can't seem to find the right button to do it. Would anyone be interested, though? And now that I'm logged in I can.



In Topic: I think I like him! [Edit: So I made a soundset! Enjoy.]

10 January 2017 - 11:08 PM



I got here from the FAQ thread in which I posted (as a guest) a question about voice acting of Adrian. So just let me say that I think that Adrian is one of the most interesting NPC mods out there. Too bad he isn't voice acted, but surprisingly tatterdemalion made a great job recording himself. These 43 lines are just enough for Adrian to be enjoyably verbose. Thanks!


But this thing got me thinking and I am seriously planning to make my own recordings for my own use. I don't know will it be as good as tatterdemalions, but I want to try. Mostly because the more I listen to it the more I realize that IN MY MIND that character could've sound in a different manner.


So could I get a couple of hints? Recently I left the vanilla BG behind and bought the EE, so here are my questions:

1. how does one install such a soundset - copy it to the override folder?
2. is WAV suitable for the Enhanced Edition or should it be OGG?


Thank you, and great job Rhaella and tatterdemalion. Best regards.