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In Topic: [MOD] Clara, the Mistshadow (BG2EE)

25 July 2019 - 07:15 PM

Hey !


Yes, the mod has been on hold for several years now. I had a lot to do in my real life and could not continue it. (medical issues, pro issues, personnal issues)


Game Design & Dialogs are my field of expertise IRL (I'm a RPG scenarist and author) and I can work fairly fast on them, but development takes too long. I have to work on my own projects and earn money.


Plus, if I had to take this over, I'd have to re-learn everything from scratch. I don't have the courage.


HOWEVER, I am ready (and enthousiastic) to write the whole mod as planned, provided someone want to code it.


I just don't have time & energy for the coding part. But the character itself was pretty fun to write, so if you're interested, call me anytime.


Otherwise, I'm very sorry for the letdown. Pro stuff takes priority. :(



Ange ~


There are people working on Clara/Hexxat mod https://forums.beamd...nd-clara-mod/p1


Afaic, coding is not a problem for them but they do not plan fleshing out Clara right away. Would it be possible to combine 2 mods?


Thanks for thinking of us, but at the moment we've already fleshed out Clara in our writing, we've just had the coding be second priority to our Mazzy romance, so the coding is the limiting factor for us not the writing.

In Topic: Viconia Friendship Bug Reports

13 July 2019 - 08:01 PM

No idea if anyone still checks this, but I cannot get the Viconia on rest SoA dialogue to trigger. Maybe there's a problem with Vicond in BG2:EE?


I had to update the global manually using the cheat console and then since I installed the flirt pack after hers I could activate her dialogue with a flirt.