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An irritating noise

30 November 2017 - 08:29 AM

Hello. I'd like to report a problem with sound. After installing Fading Promises, the sound starts to stutter. Every time the party is moving into another area or when I'm loading saved game, a sound - maybe some kind of drum? - is heard right before the proper sound characteristic for particular location. It goes on and on, the more this sound repeats, the more I'm annoyed, to this extent that I must uninstall the mod. It happens even with the mod's hotfix installed.

May I ask for fixing this bug?



Ajoc Mod - There's no Loron

19 November 2017 - 11:44 AM

I've just installed Ajoc Minimod and had a chat with the ogre Ademoth. He told me about his friend seeking help in the Main Hall of the Government District. But when I arrived here, there was no new face (except these who were there already from the start: Corneil, Bylanna, Brega, clerks etc.). What is going on?


Mine installed mod list:


Almateria Restoration Project (all components)

Unfinished Business (all components)

BG2 Tweak Pack (Multiple Stronghold, change alignment of Jaheira and Korgan, dialogues stop time, NPC don't fight each other nor don't go away, female Edwina, silent "you must gather the party", removing XP limit, high level skill for tri-classes)

Minotaur and Lilarcor

Adalon's Blood

Keldorn's Romance (all components)


COM Encounters (only Encounters, without Shagbag's and Druid's modifications)

RezMod (only Masamune, without other modifications)

Expanded Thief Stronghold

Er'vonyrah The Sovereign's Song (with Chronicler's Story add)

Quest Pack (Galloomp Burglary, Potion's Quest, Intrigue in Copper Coronet, Besamen's Tragedy, Nazariel the Lich, Infernal Thievery, Miscellaneous with random encounters)

Dungeon Crawl

Mazzy the Paladin


Is there any conflict between these mods? Or is it connected with the fact I've visited the Council Hall already? Must I load game to the point before I visited it? Or must I start a new game?


I'll be very indebted if someone help me.

Expanded Thief Stronghold - names gone bad

16 August 2017 - 04:47 AM

For some time I'm experiencing strange changes in NPC characters created by mod (barmaid and the drunkards), also drinks served by Rattell are affected.

Barmaid Jancie is now "Ouch!"

One of drunkards is now "The darkest day in your life".

Also, the names of drinks are changed into qoutes out of context.

Only names of characters made originally by Bioware (Rattell, Jariel, Lathan and five thieves) seem to be intact.


It happens every time I reinstall BG2 for some reasons, it also hapened once when I had installed mod Fading Promises. (Fading Promises seem to taint also Ribald's quotes (change of the language or empty lines) and music in every location. But sorry for an offtop.)


My installed mods are:

1. Almateria's Restoration Project v8.2.8 (all components)

2. Unfinished Business v26 (all components)


3. BG2 Tweaks v16 (components:

-pause dialogues

-silent "you must gather you party before leaving"

-Jaheira's alignment is Neutral Good

-Korgan's alignment is Neutral Evil

-party members may whine about reputation, but don't leave

-party members don't fight each other

-multiple strongholds

-remove experience limit

-high-level abilities for tri-classes)

(My character is female fighter/thief/mage, so I want her to being able to achieve advanced abilities.)


4. Berelinde's Keldorn Romance v3 (all components)

(I don't want my Charname to be molested by Annoyman - I'm sick of being his psychotherapist. Besides, I'd always preferred rather mature "silver daddies" like Keldorn.)


5. RezMod v2.6 (component: Masamune for SoA & ToB)

6. Expanded Thief Stronghold v2.20

7. Minotaur and Lilarcor


(Earlier I also tried Quest Pack, COM Encounters and Tortured soul Quest, but for some reason I've uninstalled them.)


Everything was going fine until the quest for Jaheira, who was cursed by evil baron. Not only the language changed from my native into English, but also there was a problem after the end of quest (normally, when your quest is "completed", all of the "incomplete" part's notes vanish from your diary, and there was present BOTH incomplete and complete notes in my diary).


So I had to uninstall BG2. And after that, I found Jancie, drunkards and drinks' names changed into senseless quotes.

Even restoring earlier Override (I had it saved for a case like this) didn't help.


When/where I made a mistake?


And how I can fix it?


I would add my WeiDU.log, but it's in non-English language.

Quest beside romance (spoilers!)

30 July 2017 - 11:54 AM

Hi. I'm strongly tempted by Arnel's Nalia Romance because of some things:



1. Storyline's connection with guarded house in Temple District

2. Nalia may become Minsc's witch (I'm sick of Aerie's moaning)


I'm not interested in romance, but I'm interested in quests. So I have some questions:

- do I have to start a new game? Or just load the save before fighting Tor'gal? Or the save before meeting Nalia?

- is there also friendship path beside romance? and if, is it available only for male Bhaalspawn?

- if my Bhaalspawn is a woman (and cannot romance Nalia), would be quests still available?


Sorry for maybe stupid questions, but the readme contained in the file is very short and laconic.