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BWS randomly crashes after about a minute

16 August 2017 - 02:16 PM

So I posted about this issue at the end of the BWS thread on the Beamdog forums but I figured I'd probably get a faster response here.


Anyway, I'm trying to setup my first BWS installation for BGEE.  I'm on Win 7, UAC disabled, games are all in E:\Games and were started and have a save file, BWS is in E:\Program Files (though tried moving it to Games as well), my antivirus is completely off, and all games and BWS are set to English language.  However, every time I use BWS that application crashes after about a minute of use no matter what I'm doing.  It doesn't seem to make any log files either and there's no error messages, it just shuts down completely.


Any help figuring this out would be greatly appreciated, thank you.