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In Topic: installation order

01 May 2023 - 03:43 PM

Hi Noxou

Where do i install 1PP? Toward the beginning? the end? The middle? What about the different components? I have found contradictory informations on other mod readmes. Right now, i am suffering with BG2 Improved GUI. It states (and i am grateful to the mod author for stating things):


Install before mods: (components: Innate/Ability/Spell Description Screen on Right Click)

  • Item Revisions
  • Spell Revisions
  • Item Upgrade
  • BG1 Textpatch Revised
  • BG2 Textpatch Revised
  • Cursed Items Revision
  • Any other mod with item/spell text updates

Install after mods:

  • TobEx
  • BG2 Fixpack
  • TobEx AfterLife
  • Widescreen mod
  • TutuGUI
  • BG2 GUI in 1280x720
  • 1pp
  • Infinity Animations
  • BGT


I honestly fail to see how i can install BG2 Improved GUI after 1PP but before Spell Revisions, unless i install 1PP first thing. But this contradicts other informations i have seen that put 1PP much later.

I recommend read Watson's BiG World Project Manual to see how such dependies was solved, in short, you can install same mod few times but different components, so install "Innate/Ability/Spell Description Screen" early, then 1pp and other stuff, and remain BG2 Improved GUI's component at last

In Topic: Unique Casting Sounds for Player vs. Everyone Else

21 April 2023 - 05:39 AM

Hi Sebastian

Is it possible to mod the Baldur's Gate games, or more precisely BGT, so that the player can, say, use BG1 casting sounds while everyone else uses BG2 ones? or vice versa?

Currently possible to use bg1 and bg2 casting sounds at same game, but without player<->NPC differences

http://www.shsforums...2-improved-gui/ -> Restore BG1 Casting Sounds

In Topic: NearInfinity

15 April 2023 - 03:07 PM


Stil, the question remains: Would it be possible to add/select game via commandline?


I want to do universal .bat that it will be placed inside game directory and when launched, it would add current game if it wasn't added or select it (matching can be done by current path) if it already was added.

NI already select current directory as game base, just run java process from game directory

In Topic: NearInfinity

13 April 2023 - 11:47 AM

Bug with mass BCS export with localized comments
1) Russian BGT with forced charset=1251 (forced because autodetect mode fails with proper detection of this charset and select one of european/latin charset, BG2 is windows non-utf program, official MS charset for non-utf russian language for windows programs is 1251, for DOS-session is 866)
2) Script compiler-> Autogenerate BCS comments = ON
3) Display window and manual export of script source - OK, no issue, comments are 1251
4) Tools->Mass export->BCS->decompile scripts - Bug, all comments are ???????

In Topic: TobEx AfterLife

10 April 2023 - 01:22 AM

I've looked at your mod, other things also will not work:


@1254   = ~Takes <AMOUNT> <TYPE> damage from <DAMAGER> (<RESISTED> damage resisted)~
@1255   = ~Takes <AMOUNT> <TYPE> damage from <DAMAGER> (<RESISTED> damage bonus)~