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BG2 Impoved GUI

08 October 2020 - 03:39 PM

File Name: BG2 Impoved GUI
File Submitter: Insomniator
File Submitted: 09 Oct 2020
File Category: Miscellaneous Released Mods

BG2 Impoved GUI

1) Loot panel
2) Colorize icon of not memorized scrolls
3) Hide "Write magic" button for already known spells and for opposition schools
4) Show HitPoints on NPC/Party when pressed TAB key
5) THAC0 and Damage info on Inventory screen
6) Dark portraits on party when dragging not allowed items
7) Total Roll info on Character creation screen
Loot panel for BG2 add new buttons for pick up items from near corpses

Difference vs EE engine:
- Panel is not realy "panel", its extension of original container screen, it cannot be visible always on main screen, still need open any container around
- Panel has two modes:
 1) Classic (like EE)
 2) Grouping same items, one click to pickup some item type from all corpses
Configuration of loot panel: In file "TobEx_ini\TobExTweak.ini" you can change some options:
  •  UI:Loot Panel Item Grouping=1,  Enable grouping similar items to one button, or select same option in installer
  •  UI:Loot Panel Sorting Unidentified First=1,  Enable priority sorting, unidentified items will be always show first
  •  UI:Loot Panel Sorting Order=33, 34, 5, 14,  Set sorting order by priority numbers, numbers coded in table below (V1 ITM), for this example priority is Gold=>Gems=>Arrows=>Bullets=>All Other

 0    Miscellaneous
 1    Amulets and necklaces
 2    Armor
 3    Belts and girdles
 4    Boots
 5    Arrows
 6    Bracers and gauntlets
 7    Headgear
 8    Keys
 9    Potions
10    Rings
11    Scrolls
12    Shields
13    Food
14    Bullets
15    Bows
16    Daggers
17    Maces
18    Slings
19    Small swords
20    Large swords
21    Hammers
22    Morning stars
23    Flails
24    Darts
25    Axes
26    Quarterstaves
27    Crossbows
28    Hand-to-hand weapons
29    Spears
30    Halberds
31    Bolts
32    Cloaks and robes
33    Gold pieces
34    Gems
35    Wands
36    Containers
37    Books
38    Familiars
39    Tattoos
40    Lenses
41    Bucklers
42    Candles
43    Child bodies
44    Clubs
45    Female bodies
46    Keys (old)
47    Large shields
48    Male bodies
49    Medium shields
50    Notes
51    Rods
52    Skulls
53    Small shields
54    Spider bodies
55    Telescopes
56    Bottles
57    Greatswords
58    Bags
59    Furs and pelts
60    Leather armor
61    Studded leather
62    Chain mail
63    Splint mail
64    Plate mail
65    Full plate
66    Hide armor
67    Robes
68    Scale mail
69    Bastard swords
70    Scarves
71    Rations
72    Hats
73    Gloves
74    Eyeballs
75    Earrings
76    Teeth
77    Bracelets


Colorize icon add green border for scroll ready to memorize, you can change icon effect by replacing file STORTIN3.BAM to yours

Show HitPoints on NPC/Party when pressed TAB key:

THAC0 and Damage info on Inventory screen +
Dark portraits on party when dragging not allowed items:
Total Roll info on Character creation screen:

- BG2 ToB v2.5.26498
- Installed TobEx v26 or v28, installer will replace existing tobex.dll with custom version
- Compatible with Widescreen mod 3.07 and 1pp GUI additions , but Impoved GUI mod need install after

In folder "src" modified sources of TobEx v28, merge with original files

Ascension64 for TobEx and briliant reverse engineering work !
Wisp/The Bigg/Westley Weimer for WeiDU Script&Resource processor

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[Question] Is any InfinityEngine .PDB files was leaked/published ?

20 September 2020 - 07:16 AM

As we know "Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition (GOG version" from Beamdog was released with Torment.pdb file, this file very usefull for reverse engineering main executable. So my question is "Is any more InfinityEngine .PDB files was leaked/published/..., maybe Betas or something similar ?" p.s. probably my question not in right subforum, but i didnt find any proper subforum for general discussions

Show HP on NPC

20 December 2019 - 10:32 AM

File Name: Show HP on NPC
File Submitter: Insomniator
File Submitted: 20 Dec 2019
File Category: Miscellaneous Released Mods
Game: BG2 ToB v26498

By default pressing TAB key show HP on party members only, this tweak change main executable file to show HP on other NPC too.

Current available option for v1:
- Enemy
- Enemy + Ally/Summon/Charmed
- Enemy + Ally/Summon/Charmed + Party
- Enemy + Neutral
- Enemy + Neutral + Ally/Summon/Charmed
- All NPC + Party

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