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TobEx AfterLife

17 June 2021 - 09:42 AM

TobEx AfterLife

TobEx AfterLife is custom version of TobEx v26/v28 from BG2 Improved GUI project, but only TobEx options/fixes are enabled.

Codebase was changed to custom one, this is no more original TobEx v26 by Ascension64, use at your own risk.Share same C++ sources with "Improved GUI", source files available from main project.

Require original TobEx v26/v28, no other mod dependies or install order

Selectable fixes:
Disarm Trap Distance [Fix]
Add safe distance around trap to disarm, original code move char to centre of trap without any safe zones

Character Behind Polygon [Fix]
Make character behind big polygon (door/passes/...) selectable for mouse actions.
There is other types of objects like containers on ground, they are always unavailable if overlapped by polygon from LIST_FRONT list because these objects belong to LIST_MIDDLE or LIST_BACK lists

Continuous Battle Music [Fix]
Battle Music plays without reseting when GUI/Screen switched from main Game screen

Flickering Cursor Fix [Fix]
In fullscreen mode for unknow reason engine renders cursor two times - first on backbuffer, then on primary surface. Writing to primary surface is bad idea because this surface is what graphic chip shows currently on monitor. Fix remove writing to primary surface and keep only one way to render cursor - to backbuffer

Cpu Idle [Mod]
1) Graphic Render uses infinite CPU cycle to synchronize with AI part of game(AI synchronized with constant timer). Mod changes synchronization type to "events", events uses Windows API and don't load CPU
2) Timing in Movie player changed from CPU Cycles to sleep states
3) When switched from BG2 to other Application, put engine to sleep states

Over Target Visual Effect Fixes [Tweak]
Some spells/weapons/items use "Over target (unattached) Visual Effect", this type of effect has adavantage(bug ?) - it ignores timing, always play animation only one time. And has visual disadvantage - no tracking to target/owner, animation plays always at same point on area, even target/owner moved far from this point.
Tweak changes "Over target (unattached) Visual Effect" to be like "attached" version, e.g. move animation together with target/owner, also stop animation if owner is died/disappeared

Skip OpenGL Fullscreen Display Modes with Fixed Interpolation [Fix]
Since Windows XP, vendor's video driver can report same display mode tree times: 1) default mode,
2)centered in larger screen space, 3)stretched to fill larger screen space. In Intel/NVidia control panel default mode can be overrided to few selectable option - scale by display/scale by driver/...
BG2 engine don't expect same mode few times and always fetch first in line. Depending on video driver, it can be any of three modes, control panel in this case ignores user's preferences and rely directly on application request (Intel control panel has "Override Application Settings" to ignore application request, but this option not available for all possible scaling methods and doesn't work properly with OpenGL apps)
Fix skips centered/stretched modes and prefers mode without any interpolation

OpenGL VSync On [Tweak]
Enable OpenGL VSync by game itself, useful with Intel VGA latest drivers when in Graphics Control Panel VSYNC and TripleBuffering can be enabled always together and no way to enable VSync only (all Infinity Engines don't compatible with triple buffering)

Autoenabled fixes:
Wild Mage school NONE->Generalist [Fix]
By design any kit size is double word, but in some part of code kit handled as single word
Most mage kits fit to single word, except WILDMAGE.School detection procedure handle as single word, in result wild mage don't belong to any school.Wild mage after fix has same school as unkitted Mage/Sorcerer

Removed +2/-2 bonus "Unschooled weapon/item Effects versus Chars with any Kit" [Fix]
Add missed check for empty school of effects from weapon/item(they always have empty school). Original code always add bonus/penalty to any kitted chars against such effects

Allow equip armour items(Robes) to mages with BG1 type animation [Mod]
Unlock feature in Inventory screen, mainly useful together with InfinityAnimation mod

Restore "Minimal Level" field in .ITM [Fix]
Engine normaly handles only when Item level is higher than Char level and crash if lower.
Fix remove crash and allow full usage of this field

Download Link + Full Changelog

aTweaks and TobEx

20 May 2021 - 09:37 PM



aTweaks installer disable some TobEx's options:

// This file checks for TobEx and disables the Magic Resistance Mod Fix and Damage Fix options in TobExCore.ini if it is installed.
// Currently, the abovementioned option doesn't seem to work as intended

~Magic Resistance Mod Fix=0~
~Damage Fix=0~      
~Disintegrate Fix=0~
~Strength Mod=0~
~Correct Experience Reporting=0~ (obsolete, not exist in last TobEx)


Does anyone have any information about this bugs ?


DNT (Tomoyo and the Underground City)

09 April 2021 - 11:08 AM

File Name: DNT (Tomoyo and the Underground City)
File Submitter: Insomniator
File Submitted: 10 Apr 2021
File Category: Miscellaneous Released Mods

Re-upload to SHS due unavailable original link
orig link https://trow.cc/boar..._download&id=65

Click here to download this file


09 April 2021 - 11:04 AM

File Name: Rukrakia
File Submitter: Insomniator
File Submitted: 10 Apr 2021
File Category: Miscellaneous Released Mods

Re-upload to SHS due unavailable original link
Archive contain folder in Korean, it may show as "루크모드v.08"

Click here to download this file

YLItems pack

09 April 2021 - 10:51 AM

File Name: YLItems pack
File Submitter: Insomniator
File Submitted: 09 Apr 2021
File Category: Miscellaneous Released Mods

Re-upload to SHS due limited original link
Orig project page - https://trow.cc/boar...showtopic=10173

Click here to download this file