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[MOD] Barbarian Companion: Overpowered Edition

03 October 2021 - 11:18 AM

File Name: Barbarian Companion: Overpowered Edition
File Submitter: Gamemacik
File Submitted: 03 Oct 2021
File Category: BG:EE Mods

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition MOD: Barbarian Companion: Overpowered Edition 1.0

New companion Marcus can follow you as you familiar or as your party member, while is outside party as familiar gains exp for defeating enemies.
New items, bosses, challenges, secrets.

Q: I installed mod what now, how do i find new stuff from mod?
A: Wait on any map, bunny will find you.

New items: plasma weapons, magic runes, miscellaneous items and powerful Set Items!
Set items: Crom's Wrath (2 pieces), Immortal King (6 pieces)

Challenges: Completing challenge will unlock achievements, each achievement gives some bonus, extra boss or extra loot.

1. Challenge: Defeat Banshee Queen without dying!
2. Challenge: Defeat Ancient without taking damage!
3. Challenge: Defeat Immortal Champion within 10 seconds! (boss has around 800 HP good luck)

If you say that is crazy, that is not possible, of course it is possible and it is EASY! :D
Tested all challenges, if think the hardest one is first one, anyway it will take several attempts to complete challenge.

Items are very powerful, very useful for highest game difficulty.
There are several ways how to complete very hard challenges, share you tactic with us!


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Dragon brearth animation

17 July 2021 - 10:35 AM

So i tried to make some animations for dragonwhelps but, it looks like i do same mistake as before, i created 9 directions of acid dragon breath all of same length (256px).


Tell me your opinion is it good? I think the breath should be directed more to ground.

The red circle has radius 256 px (diameter 512px), it is like view from top.

The green circle is something like selection circles in the BG2 so height is 75% from horizontal diameter, so instead circle we have ellipse.


Should be the north part of dragon breath long as the blinking green arrow? I dont know it looks too short...



Dragonwhelp pack BAM animations

17 July 2021 - 07:31 AM

baby dragons BAM animations for further modding
Download: Dragonwhelp_pack_1-9_BAMs+sound.rar
Size: 125.3 MB




What type of animation is G24

09 July 2021 - 08:45 AM

Hello, [monster] animation_type=7000 has animation file ANIMG24 is that animation even used? What  sequence it is?


[NAME][G1][]      [9..17] [cycles 0..53] (9 angle views, 54 cycles)  SEQ_READY
[NAME][G1][1]      [0..8] [cycles 0..53] (9 angle views, 54 cycles)  SEQ_WALK   
[NAME][G1][2]  [18..26] [cycles 0..53] (9 angle views, 54 cycles)  SEQ_HEAD_TURN (Pause)
[NAME][G1][3]  [27..35] [cycles 0..53] (9 angle views, 54 cycles)  SEQ_DAMAGE (Hit)
[NAME][G1][4]  [36..44] [cycles 0..53] (9 angle views, 54 cycles)  SEQ_DIE, SEQ_SLEEP (SEQ_AWAKE used from this anim)
[NAME][G1][5]  [45..53] [cycles 0..53] (9 angle views, 54 cycles)  DEAD-Twitch (auto-follows after SEQ_DIE anim)

[NAME][G2][]        [0..8] [cycles 0..62] (9 angle views, 63 cycles)  SEQ_ATTACK_SLASH
[NAME][G2][1]    [9..17] [cycles 0..62] (9 angle views, 63 cycles)  SEQ_ATTACK_BACKSLASH  
[NAME][G2][2]  [18..26] [cycles 0..62] (9 angle views, 63 cycles)  SEQ_ATTACK_JAB
[NAME][G2][3]  [27..35] [cycles 0..62] (9 angle views, 63 cycles)  SEQ_SHOOT
[NAME][G2][4]  [36..44] [cycles 0..62] (9 angle views, 63 cycles)  ?????????????? <<<--------------------------
[NAME][G2][5]  [45..53] [cycles 0..62] (9 angle views, 63 cycles)  SEQ_CONJURE
[NAME][G2][6]  [54..63] [cycles 0..62] (9 angle views, 63 cycles)  SEQ_CAST

[MOD] Sub-Zero Companion

06 July 2021 - 05:53 AM

File Name: Sub-Zero Companion
File Submitter: Gamemacik
File Submitted: 06 Jul 2021
File Category: BG:EE Mods

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition: MOD: Sub-Zero Companion

Sub-Zero Companion

Sub-Zero is an assassin of the Lin Kuei clan, Kuai Liang commands the power of ice and cold. Unlike other members of his clan, he and his older brother, Bi-Han, were abducted as children by the Lin Kuei and trained in the techniques of assassination throughout their lives. Though his codename is Tundra, he has now assumed the mantle of Sub-Zero to honor his brother after Bi-Han's mysterious death. With the help of his fellow Lin Kuei Smoke, Sub-Zero tirelessly hunts the one who killed his brother.

Q: How do i find him.
A: Stay on any map except Dock (AR0300). Bunny will find you.

Q: I am already in TOB expansion i cant get to Dock.
A: Bunny has teleportation rune, it will transport your party to place and back!

A: My party is full.
Q: Sub-zero can follow you as your familiar.
When he follows you as your familiar he will get same level as main playable character.

Skills and Abilities

««« Martial Arts »»»
  (1)  Freezing Blow
  (2)  Footsweep
  (3)  Uppercut
  (4)  Ice Slide
  (5)  Defensive Stance
  (6)  Offensive Stance
  (7)  Vanish

««« Ice Arts »»»
  (1)  Ice Blast
  (2)  Glacial Spike
  (3)  Arctic Blast
  (4)  Deep Freeze
  (5)  Ground Ice
  (6)  Ice Prison
  (7)  Frozen Orb
  ( 8)  Unfreeze
  (9)  Ice Teleport
 (10)  Wounds Mending
 (11)  Freezing Aura
 (12)  Ice Igloo
 (13)  Arctic Globe
 (14)  Polar Shield
 (15)  Freezing Fog
 (16)  Ice Lake
 (17)  Ice Breath
 (18)  Ice Nova
 (19)  Icecalypse
 (20)  Ice Arsenal

Talents (LEVEL 15+)
  (1)  Ice Barrage
  (2)  Monkstabbing
     (2.1)  Assassination
     (2.2)  Avoid Death
     (2.3)  Greater Evasion
  (3)  Ice Mastery
     (3.1)  Summon Ice Golem
  (4)  +10 Extra Health

Passive: Arcana Regeneration

Items: Arcana Power Elixirs, Phone, Teleportation Rune, Flatty Cat :D

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