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In Topic: Using the ingame diary

06 April 2020 - 04:09 AM

Thank you for your answer! I'll make good use of it, since copy pasting was unwieldy and I also had the same problems that are mentioned and resolved here [G3: Add Map Notes crashing]


EDIT: I found what I was looking for.


Through Near Infinity, indeed under Saves> [NameOfSave]>BALDUR.GAM, in the tab "Edit" are the strings associated with user entries in the journal. They are named Journal entry X in the "Attribute" column; the associated values are accessible with the "View/Edit" button at the bottom.


The text itself is stored in Saves> [NameOfSave]>BALDUR.SAV. Using the "Decompress" button at the bottom gives access to the function "View/Edit" for the DEFAULT.TOT file. Another use of "View/Edit" opens the table associated to the string, permitting copy past of the entry's text to whatever word processor you want, from the second column of the "Text" line. If no change is intended, no need to recompress the save. Each attribute equals an input by the user, not a journal entry, so if entries have been revised or written in multiple occurrences, they'll be divided into so much lines.

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24 March 2020 - 05:31 AM

Bien sûr merci aussi au traducteur fr et à toute l'équipe de la couronne de cuivre, sur laquelle j'ai largement consulté les infos et les tutoriels d'Isaya! :clap:


I admit I'm on the verge of a new start on this install, so powerful was the recollection of Fenyald's adventure.

Would you think adding the v5.0 on top of the pile is feasible, as I kind of don't feel like redoing the whole install procedure, the details of which I have greatly forgotten?


Oh yes excellent! Thank you for the comparison with mafioso! It's exactly how I see the main gist of LE, without having thought of it as such until now. Of course there's further variations, but I like this base of definition.



EDIT: Nevermind, I wrecked the install with low-wisdom manipulations. V 5.0 it is; a perfect occasion for trying it.

In Topic: Bug & Typo Reports

18 March 2020 - 02:23 PM

Good day!


I want to thank you for your help, despite the time gap. Yeah, simply re-executing the setup gave the option to change to french, even after BWP.


For anyone who might use the information, I think the installation log could be interesting. As far as I observed, there is no incompatibility between those mods and Adrian (2018):





I admit to not having finished this game, but I went a fair way into everything and the romance was established with Adrian. I have had great moments with him, despite a couple unfortunate timings. An example:


Minsc, a faithful associate who settled as he does in the middle of wilderness, asked us (Charname, Jaheira, Adrian and Imoen) to meet him in the dilapidated ruins we conquered some months ago.


So arriving from Athkatla by a sunny midday, we began to walk the length of the still imposing colonnade of the choir, idly enjoying the rays of sunlight filtering between the pilasters. All at once, charname was taken with a sudden thought and immediately asked Jaheira without prelude "Did we leave the shadow stone in Athkatla?" But it was too late, as a dreadful and distant voice was heard:


-Are you blind? Mad? I will gut you and feast on your twitching entrails!


Our heroes were decidedly too relaxed by the peaceful setting, for only charname and Jaheira had begun to acknowledge the incoming threat, and Adrian, still looking the other way, was centered on other feelings:


-Fenyald, about what we said last night...





A great moment  :D


Joke aside, I liked the diverse interactions and their atmosphere, simple everyday stuffs or more complexe situations. It really gave me occasions to role play with varying prompts. It's never heavy-handed or omnipresent, but decently plentiful.


I have opted for the phaelin soundset after spending some time listening to both, as the're both good and consistant.

Having used the the phaelin one in-game, I found it blended well even with the french voices. Its tone didn't clash at all and I didn't need a time to adapt to hear both french and english. The soothing/slippery pitch gives a strong identity to the voice, without I suppose having pronounced distinctive english inflexions. I sincerely enjoyed to hear it accompanying the dialogues, as well as the music theme.


For some context, this game was centered around Fenyald, a magic user, lawful evil, necromancer if I remember correctly, who sacrificed to a number of gods, the ones with an emphasis on the lawful or of course magic part, but with a philosophical devotion to Gargauth; in the aspiration to use its teachings to manipulate efficiently the many powers charname interacts with, and with the ambition to not fall pray herself to the inevitable betrayals, to convince herself she'll keep control of the situation and manage to disengage from her doom.


I still don't know if this could have come to fruition, maybe, or maybe she was deluding herself.

As for her relationship with Adrian, it was as heartfelt as it could be with this way of thinking. Very weak, or surprisingly strong, since one gives all that it's ready to engage and only as much. She was sincere in her feelings, but it'ld be unrealistic to pretend knowing every future circumstances and swear unconditional fidelity to a beloved.

Lawful evil who value loyalty and acts faithfully mixed with no reluctance toward undistinctive treason, violence or egoism.


(Sidenote: I find interesting that the french translation of the alignement "lawful" carries different undertones -for me at least- as it's "loyal". It implies an other type of steadfastness than the blatant reference to "law".)


It was pleasant for me to revisit the good times I had, I wish you all as much pleasure in your BG and non-BG endeavors.