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Slightly Improved Ilyich and Adrian

06 April 2020 - 04:58 AM

Good day!
In the context of this mega-install:


everything appears to be compatible with Adrian v5.0 after some tests but the old mod Slightly Improved Ilyich v1.6 by Razfallow - razfallow@sigil.cz
Specifically, changes are made by SII to the duergar guarding Adrian. They are involved in a cutscene with a stone golem and it doesn't go well for them, so Adrian can't detect the death of his captors.
I circumvented the problem by deactivating some lines relating to Area 0603 (Irenicus dungeon's second floor) in the file SlightlyImprovedIlyich.tp2 of SII's folder as follows:




The lines deactivated are between the entries [COPY_EXISTING ~AR0603.are~ ~override~] and [WRITE_ASCII ("%actorOff%" + ("%#ofActor%" + 10) * 0x110 + 0x80) ~RZSIIT07~ [/p] BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES ] included.


Not the cleanest of solution but it seems to work despite some scripts interference.

Furthermore, SII isn't covered by the Big World Project, that's why the first component of SII alone got installed in the first positions.


Slightly Improved Ilyich can be found here : Forum Sigil cz - Mod - Slightly Improved Ilyich


I hope to have helped anyone who would like to try a similar install.


P.S.: intentional oddities in the install log are mainly the 3 first mods installed manually and the main component of Item revisions not being installed. More precisions in the invidual bat applied to this bwp mega-install: 


Using the ingame diary

24 March 2020 - 05:52 AM



I'm planning to scribe rp entries in the personal journal of original BG2, but I would like as well to transfer them out of the game, maybe with the help of NearInfinity or other.


Does someone know where or how they are stored? I haven't found a way to do it when looking around in the game's files.


Thank you for your help.