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In Topic: Various mod development questions of a first-timer

14 February 2019 - 08:03 PM

No, you did everything exactly as I did. Well I must say I know nothing about EE so perhaps, improbable as it may be, EE changes opcode 190 from cumulative to non-cumulative. However, let's first look at all options. If you use the link I gave you you'll learn that abilities of kensai are governed by clabfi04.2da. In my case (classic engine) attack speed improvement (opcode 190) is applied via spcl143.spl, which is listed in said clabfi04.2da as being applied at levels 1, 4 and 8 (and level 13 further which makes the whole progression inconsistent but whatever), that's why lvl10 kensai should have 3 instances of opcode 190 applied, and since it's the same spell applied 3 times it just can't have different numbers set to "amount" field. Does that implemented in the same way so far for EE?

Nope, in EE it is still spcl143.spl but opcode 190 definetely has become overriding as In EE spcl143.spl comprised of 190 opcodes for every 4th level and amount field is incremented for each consequent opcode (1:1, 4:2, 8:3, 12:4, 16:5...).

Well, it seems we found a small bug in speed factor progression for kensai in both engines. I mean the proper way should be to apply 190 should be: 4, 8, 12, 16.... 

In Topic: Various mod development questions of a first-timer

13 February 2019 - 07:50 PM

Hi, Creepin and thank you very much for the answers.

I see now that, as you stated, experimenting and testing should be my primary tools in understanding the cogs of IE. I will do more thoroughly next time.

a) & b) I've re-created kensai lvl12 chr -> cre, and for me amount in each case of opcode 190 set to 1. Also I only got 3 opcodes 190 which is correspondent with "for every 4 levels" description while you mention 4. Can it be that you did something wrong?

I re-created kensai too and I still get the same effects. Now that you mentioned, it is indeed weird that there are four opcodes 190. Probably I indeed do something wrongly.

My process of creating this kensai is: new single player game -> set up character -> game starts -> level up through console ("Give XP: 1000000") -> export -> open character in NI -> export as .cre. I have BG2EE. I've installed fixpack but resulted creature is the same. Is there some fault in this chain? 



Of course not, why would you?

It's just every humanoid creature in the game has all memorization info set, even when they can't cast spells at all. Well, I guess, it is some side effect copy-paste during original development. 



Engine provides these ingame: notice how when you join Yoshimo the engine says "Yoshimo - Special Snare: Yoshimo". That's because before that, as a creature, he didn't have those, which is consistent with your observation. See here to learn which abilities are applied and how, and you'll know what you had to apply/recreate for your creature.Sorry I forgot you're making an NPC, not an enemy creature. You won't be needing that for an NPC, the game will sort it itself.

No no, the link is you provided is useful, as I'm dealing with non-party creatures right now.

In Topic: Various mod development questions of a first-timer

13 February 2019 - 03:21 AM

You'd better publish all these questions here: https://forums.beamd...ions-thread/p40

There are really talented people inside that topic that may help you.



Ok, I will publish them there too.